Send in your Census

With questionnaires due April 1 to the U.S. Census, 52 percent of the househoulds nationwide have completed their forms. Statewide, California is below average at 49 percent, along with Alameda County. The City of San Leandro, though, has one of the higher participation rates in the Bay Area at 53 percent. The Marina Faire neighborhood near the San Leandro Marina tops the city at 60 percent. San Leandro’s bigger neighbors to the south, Hayward, conversely are lagging behind at 47 percent. The national average last time around in 2000, garned nearly three-quarters of all households. Below is a color-coded map of San Leandro and Hayward’s participation rates, according to the U.S. Census.

4 thoughts on “Send in your Census

  1. It's easy, it's mostly about race…which makes no sense, but ok…just do it. Obey the Constitution…so politicians don't have to.

    It was neat answering that I'm White, Hispanic, Native American and (other: American)…I can only officially do it every ten years. How our money is spent depends on it!

    Still not sure why race matters. Not even sure why so much money has to be spent on something like this.


  2. The Constitution requires that people in our country participate in the census. Please complete the census send it in; a few questions, a few minutes and it's done.


  3. Even though it's the law, I would guess a lot of people in San Leandro don't believe it's worth. When the commercial for doing it it implies more hospitals will be built in regions with more people; San Leandreans know that's B.S.–can't even keep just one small hospital open in a town with 80,000; when town's a fraction of that size in the midwest have hospitals.


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