Ice Cream Social(ism)

San Leandro mayoral candidate Sara Mestas speaks to her supporters Friday in front of Loard’s Ice Cream in The Greenhouse. She emphasized city government helping people is not “socialism” as some conservatives have intimated and criticized city employees making over $200,000-a-year–a pointed reference to City Manager Stephen Hollister. Mestas told supporters who received a free scoop of ice cream, she believes the city needs to create incentives for new businesses and new home ownership. 

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4 replies

  1. At least she's getting out there.


  2. The problem is the city only “helps” city employees, unions, campaign contributors and those already receiving government assistance in the form of Section 8 housing and welfare. The city doesn't help children attending public schools, small business owners, or the taxpayors of San Leandro or anyone trying to make San Leandro better.

    Frank Lynn


  3. I think it was a brilliant move on Santos' part to get this dame to run in order to split the female vote. Remember all those stupid old ladies who only voted for Linda Perry because she's Portuguese? Those are the same airheads that will split their vote, thereby handing Santos victory.


  4. Frank, did the Council “help” the City employees with Union representation when they extracted income and benefit takeaways this year, for the second consecutive contract? Does it help the local economy when hundreds of public servants have less disposable income to spend at our local businesses? Does it help San Leandro citizens to lose services?

    Does it “help” us understand what is going on with the governance of San Leandro when you misrepresent the facts?


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