Armas’ Connections Becoming a Political Football

Opponents of Hayward School Trustee Jesus Armas appear to be circling in the distance over the belief the former city manager and recently-appointed board member is reaping the benefits of nepotism.

As Eric Kurhi reported in the Daily Review last week, the fractured Hayward Board of Trustees broke out in some parliamentary fisticuffs more reminiscent of Thailand than B Street. Outgoing Board President Paul Frumkin summoned the police to escort School Trustee Luis Reynoso from the city hall chambers after the two exchanged angry words on the dais. At issue is Reynoso’s argument that Armas, who is running for the re-election, is running afoul of state laws against nepotism. His wife works for the school district and, according to the Review, his two children were employed as tutors this summer. School district lawyers say Armas is not in violation of the law since his appointment came long after his wife’s employment, but the seeds of the legal argument against Armas has been coalescing.

Thursday’s verbal altercation appeared to make clear an odd exchange just a day before by a Hayward resident during the public comment period of Tuesday’s city council meeting . The speaker posed a question to City Manager Fran David regarding the city’s rules against nepotism; without reference to Armas. After confusion as to whether the speaker could follow-up with a question to David’s answer, she said the city took the issue “very seriously” and monitored all situations as they arose. Seemingly content with the answer against nepotism, the speaker returned to his seat. The next night the issue blew up at the school district.

Armas’ time as city manager is typically regarded as a success by many in Hayward and his influence in many arenas around city government is well-known. After his appointment last March, Armas is seeking to retain the two-year seat on the board against Lawrence Fitzpatrick and Annette Walker.

8 thoughts on “Armas’ Connections Becoming a Political Football

  1. Corruption and Armas go hand in hand but the newspapers will not investigate any corruptions. The newspapers of today are not newspapers anymore.


  2. Ask those who know Hayward city government about the cover-up that Armas was part of as it related to the police department, etc. while he was city manager. Craig Calhoun was the police chief at the time and there was a big blow-up about the cover-up. Why isn't anybody talking about this?


  3. Jesus Armas is drunk with power from his term as Hayward City Manager….the problem for Hayward is that the the power elite that controls Hayward politics, and gets out the vote is squarely in his corrupt corner. When there are low turnout elections, candidates like Armas have a big advantage. To me, Jesus Armas represents everything that is wrong about government and public policy/service. As a community, we would be much better off without him in any political office.


  4. Armas was at the community forum at Chabot earlier tonight and managed to insult the school, the students and the organizers of the forum. Didn't exactly help my opinion of him.


  5. I agree with both comments and add that Nadia Lockyer also benefits from nepotism. She's an empty suit. Armas is a jive talker.


  6. A vote against Jesus Armas is a vote against dishonesty in Hayward government.

    He's a blood sucking leech of a double dipper.


  7. Much to your credit, The East Bay Citizen keeps on top of stories like this, but without a real newspaper in Hayward anymore (no, The Daily Review does not count like that now), Armas and his underhanded dealing go unnoticed by all except the enaged.


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