Could Prola Be Snubbed Again For Vice Mayor?

By Steven Tavares

Once upon a time the appointment of a new vice mayor was often about who’s turn is it next? A year ago, the election of Ursula Reed was steeped in campaign backstabbing.

Former mayor Tony Santos vowed to block the re-appointment of his then-mayoral opponent—Councilwoman Joyce Starosciak. He succeeded, but ultimately failed in getting a trusted supporter the job.

Although Councilman Jim Prola appeared likely to gain the city’s equivalent to vice president, a motion put forth by Councilman Michael Gregory was thwarted by Starosciak supporters, namely Councilwoman Diana Souza and Reed.

In a strange turn of events, Reed came away with the title. Monday night, the San Leandro City Council could name a new vice mayor, but could Prola’s appointment be stymied again by politics held over from last November’s election?

The District 6 representative again appears likely the favorite to become the next vice mayor, but his convergent views with Mayor Stephen Cassidy might again shuffle support on the council. Cassidy, though, has tepid support among council members, but appears to have gained less pushback recently from his former colleague on the school board, Councilwoman Pauline Cutter and the current vice mayor, Reed.

What could be the alternatives? One could be re-upping Reed for another year, choosing Gregory or to a lesser extent, Souza. Starosciak has held the position and Cutter has been on the job only four months. The extra work of vice mayor (if there is any?) shouldn’t faze Prola. He already goes to all the meetings and honestly how can you deny a guy who truly loves attending mosquito abatement hearings?

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