Hayashi Votes Often, But Who’s Pushing The Button?


A pensive Mary Hayashi sits in the assembly in a
well-known photo from the San Francisco Chronicle

A look by the Sacramento Bee this week into the voting records of members of the State Legislature brought with it news of a surprisingly punctual and engaged local lawmaker when it comes to registering votes in the assembly.

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi missed or abstained on only 49 votes during last year’s session, according to the Bee, amounting to just one percent. Only two other legislators were better—Democrats Mike Feuer, Mike Gatto and Jim Beall. But, wait! We’re talking about Mary Hayashi here. Is there more to this profilic rate of voting?

You might remember back in 2008 the odd circumstances of “ghost voting” by Hayashi. The San Francisco Chronicle’s John Diaz described alternating green and red yea or no votes flashing on the assembly board under Hayashi’s name. Nobody knew who was pressing the button from her desk.

Might this be the reason for her near-perfect attendance when it comes to registering her vote? It could also account for routine absence around her district. I have been on the beat here for nearly two years and I have only seen her three times. Now we know where she is.


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