Lockyer Endorses Quirk For Assembly

ELECTION ’12 | ASSEMBLY 20Nov. 22, 2011 | Bill Lockyer’s blessing was probably a foregone conclusion for Bill Quirk’s run for the assembly. Nonetheless, Quirk announced state treasurer’s endorsement Tuesday night in an email to supporters.

“I’ve worked with many local and state leaders and Bill Quirk stands out amongst them,” said Lockyer. “I proudly endorse him and will work hard to make sure he is elected.”

With the sudden demise of Assembywoman Mary Hayashi, the endorsement of Lockyer became the big get among candidates hoping to win her redrawn district.

Quirk, though, had a leg up on his opponents. The two-time Hayward councilman served as the campaign treasurer for Nadia Lockyer’s campaign during her successful run last year for county supervisor.

The addition of Lockyer’s support adds to an already impressive collection of influential endorsements from the Hayward area. They include former Senate Pro Tem Don Perata, Fremont Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski and former assembly members Alberto Torrico, John Dutra, Johan Klehs and Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney.

Quirk is competing for the new 20th District, which includes Hayward, Union City, northern Fremont and surrounding unincorporated areas of Alameda County, along with Jennifer Ong, Union City Mayor Mark Green and Adnan Shahab.

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