Citizen Farias Puts Up His Dukes For Hayward City Council

Ralph Farias

April 10, 2012 | When Ralph Farias, Jr. ran for the city council in 2010 he finished a distant fourth among six candidates with nine percent of the vote. Undaunted, the first-time candidate, a Republican, is back for another try. He has already ruffled the feathers of local Hayward leaders, too. At a forum two weeks ago, he personally called out Mayor Mike Sweeney for the sad state of empty storefronts downtown and mocked his challenger Councilman Francisco Zermeno with the incumbent’s signature catchphrase, “Hayward On!”

There is also an undercard to the congressional main event held by the League of Women Voters Tuesday night. The at-large June election holds four spots open on the council. Three incumbents are running along with a former city manager and member of the planning commission. Among the challengers Farias is likely the most outspoken and rambunctious candidate for any office in the entire East Bay.

Although brash and entertaining, Farias has shown discipline in continually hammering away at Hayward’s growing economic disparities and lack of new businesses coming to the area. His histrionics, though, are also hard to ignore. Along with a host of conservatives last week urging the planning commission to approve Walmart moving to an empty space on Whipple Road, Farias spoke on the retailer giant’s behalf.

Instead of standing in line with other speakers, Farias stood at the back of the City Hall chambers. He bounced back and forth on his toes like a prize fighter awaiting introduction to the ring. When the commision’s chairperson called his name, he trotted down the aisle until he reached the lectern. Once there he hoped once and vigorously shook his head side to side before speaking–shaking the cobwebs fee while awaiting his trainers to hoist a spit bucket to his head and slather Vaseline on his temples.

“I think this guy watches too much wrestling,” a union member there to oppose Walmart turned and said.

You can’t fault Farias for his enthusiasm, but nothing personifies his gumption than a campaign flyer he put out recently featuring a large photo of Farias mugging the camera in a pork pie hat along with a shot of himself, hands on his hips, peering steadfast into the future. “You ever seen Citizen Kane?” said Farias. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

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10 replies

  1. This guy is embarrassing.


  2. Nice campaign flyer. Hope he didn't pay for that….




  4. If this guy fights for jobs while Mendahl, Zermeno, and other feeble candidates don't then more power to Farias..we need more guys like him. I don't care if Farias shows me a passport picture for his flyer just get jobs for Hayward.


  5. Job opportunity would be a plus! I would like to see this aspiring wrestlers credentials though….I knew him in high school and he was a disruptive attention seeker. I see not much has changed. Education at it's finest….


  6. I needed a good laugh this morning.


  7. Has anyone read the commentary on his facebook? He's actually bragged about homicides at our stadium. Judging by his grammar I don't think he's too bright but I do find this circus act highly entertaining at public debates! Can't wait to see the next one!


  8. WOW… all the love. This is Getting good. Yes Education at its best. Its all about passion and enthusiasm. What do the other candidates have to offer? Boring speeches? NO JOBS! Empty Business fronts!


  9. Personally, I think it's in the bag for Zermano. Most of them have the education & business background the city needs (excluding Farias). Mr. Farias did not raise any money during his campaign 2 years ago….not a good start. Bufete is young and seems passionate but that's not enough to win. Best of luck to all.


  10. If this guy couldn't raise any money for his campaign 2 years ago, where is this candidate's financing coming from? As voters, we demand a full campaign finance report from him!


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