Guillen Describes Previously Unknown Bisexuality As ‘Two Spirit’

May 8, 2012 | Assembly candidate Abel Guillen said he dates both men and women and described his bisexuality as being “two spirit” after receiving advice in the 1990s from Native American tribal elders, according to the Bay Area Reporter.

“Bi doesn’t define who I am,” Guillen told the LGBT newspaper. “Two Spirit defines who I am at the core.” He also will join the LGBT California Legislative Caucus, he said, if elected next November.

News of the caucuses endorsement of Guillen’s campaign for the 18th Assembly District was relatively quiet, according to the paper’s blog. While trumpeting a endorsement from the San Francisco Bay Guardian late last week in a press release, news of the LGBT endorsement was merely added to the campaign’s web site without fanfare.

San Francisco State Sen. Mark Leno, even acknowledged he was only recently aware of Guillen’s sexuality. In addition, few political operatives in the East Bay say they knew about it, even though, the Bay Area Reporter says it was reported last January.

Guillen is in a race that includes fellow Democrats Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta and AC Transit board member Joel Young and Republican Rhonda Weber. The 18th District covers most of Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro.