Graphic Nadia Lockyer Sex Tapes Posted Online


May 11, 2012 | The year of sex, drugs and shoplifting in East Bay politics just got even more titillating Friday night after sex videos of former Alameda County supervisor Nadia Lockyer were posting online.

Both short videos uploaded to YouTube Friday evening are believed to have been posted by Lockyer’s former boyfriend Steve Chikhani. He alluded to the videos in an article Friday in the San Jose Mercury News after Lockyer sought a restraining order against him.

One video, sarcastically titled, “Nadia Lockyer trying to get my vote,” shows the disgraced former county supervisors sashaying into the room in a black lingerie, garter and stockings. She then begins removing some clothing. The video is shot from the point of view of Chikhani, whose voice is heard on the video.

The second, far more explicit video, shows Lockyer masturbating on a bed in front of Chikhani, whose voice is heard, but face is not seen. Again, a humorous line is attached in the video’s description saying, “Here’s the former Alameda County Supervisor giving herself a little tax relief.”

It is not known when the video was shot or whether it is the offending clips reportedly sent earlier this year to State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Nadia’s husband.

NOTE: Both videos were taken down by YouTube over the weekend.

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  1. I wanted to comment, I saw the original videos, before they got pulled from YouTube. I wished so much I'd had a video grabbing program, not that they were erotic, they were gross if you ask me, something so obviously unhealthy about her, but I wanted to make sure they were not taken down before it was proved. And not to embarrass her for being sexual, for the impairment it showed. Sad \\\ok what's happened now — NOTHING. Lockyer is still in power, and despite him being a very powerful official in the most prominent state — it's all been dropped. All the major papers really never covered it much.
    I think the BF did have something bigger, but got paid off for it.
    And say what you will about Bill, he sure knows how to make deals — the Gov of South Carolina has an affair and the whole world hears about it. This was a lot bigger and it never got big press, then was dropped entirely.


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  4. The original videos have been pulled from the internet and will most likely never be seen or heard from again.


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  1. Nadia Lockyer, in disturbing social media post, accuses Bill Lockyer of rape

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