Lockyer’s Restraining Order Hearing Against Ex-Lover Passes Without Resolution

NADIA LOCKYER | Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer’s court date seeking a restraining order against her former lover Steve Chikhani came and went a second time last week. No future court date has been scheduled.

Chikhani told The Citizen this week he has yet to be served with court papers concerning Lockyer’s allegations that he repeatedly contacted her home and her young son. Lockyer also alleged associates of Chikhani, one named “Tiny,” had previously threatened her. The past hearing was scheduled for June 14 after being rescheduled last month.

In an email, Chikhani said he is in the dark pertaining to the Lockyer’s latest legal moves. However, he received an unidentified phone call from a person he later discerned was an investigator for the Lockyers. “He said Nadia was suppose to give him ideas of where I hang out, where I shop, what stores I like, friends, locations and bars I go to, but she couldn’t give clear answers and seemed to be hesitant or not helpful,” Chikhani said of the phone conversation.

In the meantime, Chikhani says he wants to be left alone and endeavors to have nothing to do with the Lockyers.

9 thoughts on “Lockyer’s Restraining Order Hearing Against Ex-Lover Passes Without Resolution

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  2. Come on already! She's resigned and stepped down!!! She had more sense than Hayashi!!

    No one is perfect. I suspect if we followed each of you around with a camera for several months, interviewed all of your family members at Thanksgiving dinner, or dug deep into your family's history, we might be able to dig up more than a few embarrassing issues that YOU would not want to be aired out in public.

    Elected officials are humans too. I understand we hold them to a higher standard, as we should, but they too will make mistakes. They have flaws. The decent ones will admit those mistakes, and take responsibility for their actions. If those mistakes are irreparable, they will withdraw from public service, like Nadia Lockyer did.

    The insidious ones will raise millions of dollars, blame their actions on a fictional tumor, and hope no one will pay attention or remember, like Mary Hayashi is doing.

    Please, people, please – let Nadia and her family focus on their personal situation. There is a little boy involved here.

    Nadia has resigned and stepped down.


  3. Victim- That implies someone, or something caused her troubles.
    I suppose that could be true, but if so, who or what is the source?


  4. Just as a female in this conversation, does anyone have any sympathy for the victim, Nadia? Put aside her role as a Supervisor. Does anyone need this garbage based on unsubstiated information? Just let it rest and let her and her family heal.


  5. By MW:

    Since the Lockyers are bigshots, also politically connected, and also the more the truth comes out, the more embarrassing this will be to the Lockyers, their friends and associates, local government, and also the legal profession in general, therefore my suggestion is that any judge handling this matter should pretend to believe any lies, garbage, and nonsense, and no matter how absurd and farfetched, the Lockyers and their attorneys present, and even regardless of whether or not Chikhani was even actually served with the papers and allegations he is supposed to respond to.

    So that way the Lockyers and their lawyers can trump something up so as to intimidate, and hopefully also silence, Chikhani.

    Very sarcastically yours,


    P.S. If one of the local judges is willing to trump something up and be a good stooge and puppet on a string for the Lockyers, and as part of the Lockyers' efforts to intimidate and silence Chikhani, since Bill Lockyer himself is very politically connected and powerful, and he also I am sure has close ties with other power brokers, and such as for instance Willie Brown, John Burton, Jerry Brown, Feinstein, Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer, etc, so therefore a cooperative judge can be later rewarded, and just by “coincidence,” of course, with an appointment to a higher court.

    In fact, ask Bill Lockyer about the San Francisco judges who helped keep the truth from coming out in regard to the largest fire SF has had in decades. That fire, and which was almost certainly caused by ownership arranged arson, occurred in a building whose primary owner had extremely close ties with most of the Bay area's highest ranking politicians, and including Bill Lockyer, and occurred just as CAL OSHA was about to go in and do a followup and more thorough investigation into the building's many asbestos violations.

    That fire also occurred at 3AM, in other words the standard time for organized crime arranged arson fires in office buildings.

    (NOTE: When I mentioned the interesting timing of that fire to Bill Lockyer when I caught him for a few minutes at a public meeting, he said to me, “I don't want to talk about it.” However I intend to keep on talking about it, and until everyone knows that 3AM is the standard time for organized crime arranged arson fires in office buildings.)


  6. Nadia has very effectively done herself in while making Chikhani appear the victim of her and her husband's stupid political spin games…which failed badly!!

    I would say Chikhani was likely the party telling the truth from day one…while little if anything the Lockyer's said was based in fact.

    The beat goes on in ALCO…who's next to join the list…


  7. Where is the California Bar Association in this matter? Nadia is a lawyer whom has repeatedly abused the legal process and her position for a self serving agenda. Her lic. should be revoked and fines accessed!


  8. Since Lockyer once described herself as an advocate for battered women and such, I wonder how many woman who truly needed a resraining order from a violent man got pushed down the docket so she could waste court's and taxpayer money with a frivolous claim?


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