Armas, Heredia Will Not Seek Re-Election

ELECTION ’12//HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | The central figures in the tawdry affair erupting at the Hayward school board over the past two weeks, will not seek re-election in the fall.

The 5 p.m. deadline for candidates to complete filing for the Nov. 6 ballot came and went Friday without paper work from either Jesus Armas or Maribel Heredia. An alleged affair between the two school board members featuring salacious text messages has been the talk of the school district since the revelation was reported July 25 in The Citizen.

Since both incumbents failed to meet the requirement, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters has extended the deadline to Wednesday, Aug. 15, but not for Armas or Heredia.

Maribel Heredia, Jesus Armas

School board member Luis Reynoso, however, will appear on the ballot as one of six candidates vying for three open seats. Elections in Hayward are at-large contests with the top three vote-getters joining the five-member board at years end.

Other candidates to qualify for the ballot include former city council candidate Sara Lamnin, Heather Reyes, John Taylor, Annette Walker and Wandra Williams.

The decisions by Armas and Heredia not to seek re-election may allow the often polarized board a chance to regroup in the next year. Armas, a former Hayward city manager and school board member since his appointment in 2010, had pulled papers for his seat late last month, but failed to complete the filing. Heredia, a board member since 2008, was believed to be eyeing re-election before reports of an improper relationship between her and Armas, the board’s president, were published last month. Heredia, in fact, never pulled papers with the registrar’s office.

During last Wednesday’s shortened special meeting, Armas gave no sign he would be opting out of re-election. However, there were rumors throughout the day suggesting Heredia was poised to resign from the board. That did not happen, although the rumors were heightened when she arrived 15 minutes for the ultimately truncated 20-minute special meeting abruptly adjourned by members William McGee and Reynoso. Both objected to recommendations given to staff July 25 being omitted from the agenda packet during the past hearing. The notes made specific references to the Armas/Heredia affair.

67 thoughts on “Armas, Heredia Will Not Seek Re-Election

  1. The sleaze couple has been spotted in romantic walks at Fairview elementary.
    Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas were walking TOGETHER through Fairview elementary room by room. Their physical distance to each other was very telling. I just don't know why they don't just announce to the district that they are in love. All the parents and teachers were talking of how weird that these two sleazy people show up to a school dedication. Thank you Lisa Brunner for not supporting the investigation. I hope you are recalled soon Lisa Brunner. I say recall Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Brunner.


  2. Assistant Principal at HUSD,

    In any school district to get rid of corruption that in itself is polarizing.

    On one side you have nothing but corruption and on the other you have people working towards improving and making things better because of transparency and integrity.

    The fight for good is very polarizing since evil will be identified and eliminated.

    Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee please continue to be polarizing towards getting rid of corruption. Any more polarizing candidates coming up that want to get rid of evil will get my vote.

    To embrace evil is not good but to identify good and bad people is what polarizing requires. We need to get rid of nasty people like Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Brunner.

    I never realized how much of an ass and racist Lisa Bruner can be and how corrupt she is.

    Lisa has shown her true colors and besides being a racist, low intelligence, she has sided with Jesus Armas now. Yuk. Bad show Lisa. I saw you on Chanel 15 and am very dismayed.

    Recall time baby is right! Let us all polarize ourselves towards a district clean-up by recalling Lisa Brunner, making sure Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia resign, and by electing candidates that want to polarize corruption.


  3. Greetings,

    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia.

    Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member

    It is the responsibility and privilege of Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) Board of Trustees to promote the education of Hayward's children to the highest standard possible. We are demanding Maribel Heredia resign immediately due to her dereliction of duty and unbecoming behavior for an elected official.

    Maribel Heredia has failed to fulfill her duties in a manner that is transparent, forthright, and shows goodwill to students, parents, teachers, classified staff and administrators.

    Ms. Heredia has an ongoing problem with her commitment to attend meetings; she is frequently tardy and leaves early.

    According to a story published in on July 26, 2012, Ms. Heredia admitted under oath that she does not read board materials, but depends on the judgment of another, unnamed HUSD currently elected board member to make decisions on how to vote. This is collusion and creates a myriad of possible conflicts of interest.

    Ms. Heredia, is a subject of an article, published July 25, 2012, that exposed a scandalous illicit affair with fellow HUSD board member, Jesus Armas. Both have families. This behavior demonstrates poor ethical judgment.

    We believe that Ms. Heredia was obligated to disclose her new relationship (that is widely thought to have started over a year ago) with fellow board member, Jesus Armas to the community at large. In that time, Ms. Heredia has voted on hundreds of agenda items that greatly affect and influence the quality of education in our community and working conditions of HUSD employees.

    The community believes that Ms. Heredia has failed in her duties as an elected Trustee for HUSD. Therefore, we demand her immediate resignation.



    Parent ***


  4. Friends,

    The following petition has been created: Hayward Unified School District Trustee, Maribel Heredia: Immediate Resignation of Maribel Heredia, HUSD Board Member, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

    We are trying to collect 250 signatures, and we could really use your help.

    To read more about what we're trying to do and to sign our petition, click here:

    It'll just take a minute!

    Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

    Concerned Parents of Hayward Schools


  5. Okay, Folks. Here’s the latest regarding tomorrow night’s HUSD Board of Education meeting. The audio system is, miraculously, not working properly at City Hall so the board meeting may not be televised. How convenient! This does not happen when the Hayward City Council has their meetings, but it does for HUSD board meetings? This is too convenient for me to accept without question. Is it possible that once again Armas is using his connections at City Hall to hide the Vote of No-Confidence discussion from the rest of us? I think we will all need to attend the meeting tomorrow night to hear the discussion for ourselves. I’m going! What about you?


  6. After reading the responses of 12:47 and 8:00, doing some additional research, then re-reading the other comments in this forum, I have come to the realization that I have been the one who has been out of line. What I perceived as rants were actually intellegent people venting years of built up anger and frustration over a failed education system. The only idiot ranting was me. To those I offended and insulted, I appologize. I am not a coward, but maybe being called a twit might have been appropiate after all. So, with tail tucked between my legs I will slink over to the sidelines and just keep my trap shut until such a time I can bring something constructive to this forum. Earlier I wrote it's better to be quiet and have people think you're stupid instead of opening your mouth and proving them right. Maybe I should have looked in the mirror as I wrote that and I could have avoided this embarrassment. In the mean time, keep up the good fight.

    The twit


  7. Brainless coward twit of 10:25 if only you see butting heads then you do not know anything of what is going on in Hayward. Do you know why they butt heads? Do you ever read the agenda or really listen to the meeting.

    You are too caught up on the board smiling and taking pretty picture while rubber stamping.

    We need to get rid of notions like yours and that is why education is failing. I do not want anymore rubber stampers. If Dr. Reynoso needs to call Armas on his illegalities to do it then he is the only one because people cowardly twits like you are like a disease in this area that never help against corruption.

    Do not worry you are in good company cowardly twit with most people that want the smiley goody boards.
    You sound like you are part of the corruption. You must be related to Armas or Heredia.


  8. 12:47 Nice response. I will try to heed my own advise. Now, to try and clarify my comments. On the Power Play remark; Dr. Reynoso and Mr. Armas onstantly butt heads and it shows. I also know its a two way street regarding the sniping and name calling.Is it time to change the status qou? Maybe, but what is Dr. Reynoso's agenda?
    Is it to make changes where the students benefit, or just a different version of the SOS.
    I have been around politics long enough to have witnessed the former but delivery of the latter several times over, even from people I thought were sincere and trustworthy.
    I am encouraged by the good Dr., I'm just not quite ready to annoint him for for saint-hood just yet like most everyone else in this forum seems to have done (levity, not sarcasim)
    I spent the bulk of my formative years in the Hayward School System so I know how good it can be. But as a tax payer, when a bond measure or tax increase comes up,
    I want to know if it's really going to help the kids or am I just throwing good money after bad. All I read in this forum are rants and calls for Armas and Heridia immediate resignations. Who would you replace them with? How about endorsements for any of the current candidates? People should be using this forum to discuss who would best serve the students but I see none of that, only more shots. This frustrates me as well because without any game plan, there's a good chance these same rants will show up next year. Only the names will have changed. So please enlighten me, I would love to hear the history and reasoning for your positions, llicit love affair aside.


  9. HUSD has long been a culture of CORRUPTION, from the corrupt, incompetent school board (currently Armas, Heredia, and Brunner). . .

    . . . to the corrupt (previous Duran-Becnel-Armas (wife) regime), incompetent (current Superintendent) Administration . . .

    . . . to the corrupt, powerful HEA, which goes out of its way to keep incompetent/useless teachers employed while allowing newer, competent, energized teachers to be let out the door due to outmoded seniority rules.

    The District's low test scores, shoddy education, and dismal school site faciities are the collective result of this long-standing culture of corruption in HUSD.

    Reynoso and McGee are trying to shine the light on this corruption, and yet get mocked by posters in this forum.

    Our children deserve better than we are currently giving them.

    We need a sea change here, a disinfection!!

    Out with the ingrained purveyors of this culture of corruption, esp. Armas, Heredia, and Brunner.

    They should all resign immediately, and if Brunner doesn't, then I hope that she is successfully recalled.


  10. Yep 1:26 is a coward twit I agree too. No solutions only complaining about our complaining. With a baffoon agenda.


  11. 8:00AM. Finally!, someone with something to offer. Good. So you think calling me a twit and a coward is not personal? I would beg to differ. But if what I wrote got your attention and we can discuss in a civilized manner, then I'll take the hit. For the record,
    I have read about the injustice to Dr. Reynoso and he was indeed treated unfairly.
    But this does not excuse him from his behavior at the meetings ( yes I've been there).
    This is what I meant by his ideas are good but his methods have a lot to be desired.
    I applaud the investigation into the affair and it's effect on board decisions.
    If any substantiated criminal or ethical violations have occurred, then that information needs to be turned over to the proper authorities and the parties prosecuted and held accountable for their actions. But name calling (chewy armpits,etc.), sexual innuendos, rumors and heresay just cheapens this whole forum. I read people talking the talk but they don't want to walk the walk. If you want to recall someone, don't just offer to sign the petition, go the registrars office, pick up the forms and stand out there to have them signed. If the forms are already out there, then be the one out there asking others to sign. Be a part of the solution.

    Oh, and by the way, yes I have many years of volunteer work. I have set on boards and committees. I have spent thousands of hours volunteering for the benefit of our children so I've been there


  12. 6:36 and 7:05:

    Rather than attack those that post on this forum, contribute to the discussion by bringing some facts regarding the divisiveness on the school board and some reasoning behind what you think is causing Reynoso to initiate a “power play” (using your words). It's not enough to say he has an agenda. Everyone has an agenda otherwise why would they choose to participate. The question is how well do the agendas of the board members match those of the parents and students of Hayward that rely on the schools for their education and future. What is viewed as a petty power play by one may be seen as an example of courage and integrity in the fight to do what's right by others. Dig deeper – what do the parties gain with the status quo versus changing? Who is fighting for the status quo and who is fighting for changes? Demonstrate the type of spirited and civil discussion you've been hoping for and I'm sure others will join in. Just don't misunderstand frustration over many years of trying to change a corrupt system as mere mudslinging. And certainly don't use the very education system we're trying to change as a way to insult those who do post – you don't do yourself any favors when you throw out the baby with the bath water. Demonstrate how an intelligent, civil post should be done. The vast majority of those that are posting want to make change by merely pointing out the hypocrisy and corruption of some of the present board members. Add to that conversation, please.


  13. Hey 7:05 I am not a baffoon. Chill the only calling people names at the personal level is you. These people, me included think that Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia are corrupt.

    If you need convincing then you need to go back to the failed blog from the daily rag. Many people here have done plenty of research before you came along. If you disagree just show up at board meetings and support them.

    No one is making fun of your style of writing or your education like you are.

    A bit m. moorish…yes..I know..more than what you think I
    Have you done any volunteer work hor HUSD or spoken at HUSD meetings…lol

    How are the signs coming comrades? My sign for the meeting will read in humor impeach Armas and Heredia.


  14. So I'm a coward and a twit because I don't agree with the way this soap opera is being played out. What a bunch of baffoons. Who writes your material, your elementary child? No wait, you must also have a HUSD education. Why don't you take your high school diploma and 2nd grade education and just go away. Come back when you folks have something significant to add to the conversation instead of just blabbing about corruption and “what you heard” . It's better to stay silent and have people think your stupid than opening your mouth and proving them right.
    Bring something to the table!!


  15. WOW!! the coward twit in 6:36..
    Yep always plenty of cowards around. That twit sounds like the one coming from a failed blog I know that one.

    I say Reynoso and McGee keep using what ever you need to do cause the corruption is too much and is the only way to be sure we know what is going on. Talk out of turn, cry from a tree, interrupt, yell ,scream, interrupt, whisper, sign language, just do not be quite cause we need to know to get the corruption out of our schools.

    We look up to your courage and don't pay attention to coward twits like 6:36.


  16. 6:36 is another one of the coward twits always blaming the change necessary to end corruption and always throwing mud.
    WE say Go Reynoso and Will kick as all the way.
    Having McGee and Reynoso control the board is a very good idea!!


  17. Heridia and Aarmas remind me of Edwards and his bimbo, and Bill & Monica! Happy to see them go. Hayward school board needs a change so that Will and Luis can continue to fight for the children


  18. wow! I had hoped to find a spirited and civilized discussion regarding the shannigins of the school board. Instead I find a bunch of mud slinging and name calling. It's a disgrace to the citizens and students of Hayward. Evidently the system has been fractured for a long time and it appears the majority of the people responding on this blog must be a product of this education (or lack there of). Seems everyone wants to throw crap but don't want to address the true issue, THIS IS A POWER PLAY and Mr. Reynoso and Mr. Mcgee are tired of being on the short end of a 3-2 vote.
    Mr. Reynoso wants to be the big fish in the pond and will stoop to any level to acheive that goal. He has his own agenda. He may be have some good ideas but his methods have alot to be desired There is a reason why he was froced to resign (or be fired) and now wants control of the school board. Review the qualifications and goals of all the people seeking positions on the board, and when you vote in November, elect the ones who will take this district forward.


  19. HUSD Board of Education Meeting
    Wednesday, August 22, 2012
    Open Session 6:30pm
    Meeting at Hayward City Hall
    777 B Street
    Hayward 94541
    Council Chamber Room – 2nd Floor

    It's not enough to write in these blogs. We must take a stand and attend school board meetings. It's not necessary to speak. Your presence will speak for itself. Be there or be square!


  20. 11:20, I agree with you, I am one of the people who spoke out when I discovered I was working in a corrupt district (Hayward). I refused to go along to get along as a result I am without a job. And if I list Hayward as a reference, God only knows who picks up the phone and what they will say about me. Others are being portrayed as “CRAZY, “Disgruntled ,” and having poor work performance. If the state doesn't stop this runaway train, who will? Many have sacrificed all trying to protect students and alert parents. Where do we go from here. The damage is done and continues to be done.


  21. I agree that liaison among colleagues is a tricky business, but the real “screwing” is still going on on the dais. People have brought out some good points here about illegal activity that they have witnessed or heard report of. The outrage needs to start whenever you hear about these things. Show up at council meetings and call them out. Go to the BOS and tell them what you think of items coming up for vote. When they see the community taking more interest they will stop with the backroom dealing. Do not tolerate closed sessions being used as a way to circumvent public involvement. That is a clear indicator of corruption. You should see how they slap each other on the back for being clever enough to carry off these illegal meetings, duping the public. If we demand that they act legally on the dais, they will be less likely to think that the public is so stupid that they will overlook bad behavior off of it.


  22. Lisa talks forbthe teachers. she can't make a decision on her own. she has the mind capacity of a mouse. she is seen coming out of the teachers office or working on her 1st high school diploma from Hayward high. ooops, I mean 2nd.


  23. Yes please tell us-Lisa has negotiate with teacher's unions and that has to be a violation of some sort


  24. Armas leave the schools alone and focus on your family. I can't believe this. now you're going after tour son's friend?? What does your son think of you cheating on your wife? What about your daughter. Jesus man get out of dodge. skulk away. hopefully this boy doesn't lookup to you! Hope your son doesn't lookup to you.


  25. Anna May is very ghetto just like Maribel Heredia and Lisa Bruner, and Heather Reyes

    I wonder if all of them have done Jesus Armas.

    My opinion from watching:

    Ana May has the attention span of a poodle and will soon have a breakdown because no one respects her.

    Maribel Heredia will soon sleep with Pete Bufete showing him those crotchless panties. (poor Bufete will lose his virginity to a pig)

    Hether Reyes is just as stupid as Anna, Maribel, and Lisa. ( I heard her before and she is a Lisa Dubmer clone)


  26. to 9:52, that is why Reynoso is hated so much. The political machine does not own him. It is easier to criticize the enemy of the machine than to find out why the machine is threatened by some one like Reynoso.

    Keep going Reynoso!


  27. Small world is our town. Heather Reyes who is now running for the board was treasurer for Greg Jones and Ms. Walker was Jones' and May's hand pick to run against Armas the last time. Sarah Lamlin is connected to the political machine on the City Council…Is there no one but Reynoso who will not be beholden to some group????????? Thank God he is a lone wolf, dependent upon no one except the average citizen of Hayward.


  28. 8:56 greg and anna had people brainwashed. they are incompetent. greg didnt even run the city that well and quiet as kept was doing a horrible job. anna was the worse council member created. she said nothing of substance and when she did speak it didnt make sense.

    8:56 is probably heather reyes lisa brunner or annete walker posting. i dont think greg and anna would post. maybe they would they are losers right?

    actually it probably is heather reyes. just found out she was greg jones treasurer for his council election.


  29. Wait what 8:39?

    Gheto? Do you even know the women? YOu don't even know what gheto is you idiot.

    No he didn't do a good job on Greg and Anna because there was nothing to report. Stop saying stupid things people. Funny no one answers my arguments. If Greg and Anna are so bad then why did they win their elections in such big ways? You people are stupid.


  30. Anna May is very ghetto just like Maribel Heredia and Lisa Brunner.

    I wonder if all of them have done Jesus Armas


  31. 8:37

    You are stupid, did you go to college? What Dumbass U?

    Anna May speaks very well, and even still college has nothing to do with that. Your and idiot. Go to college you dumbass.


  32. HUSD is a CORRUPT operation . . . corrupt, incompetent Administration, corrupt, incompetent School Board, and EXTREMELY corrupt but powerful Teachers' Union.

    It is any wonder that our kids are losing out!!!


  33. I think what we have heard so far in the various articles and following blogs is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep digging, Mr. Tavares. We have just skimmed the surface so far. Keep digging and maybe, just maybe, you can turn over your findings to the grand jury. Thank you for helping to clean up Hayward and sending dirty politicians on their way out of our town.


  34. You have to wonder why Armas was so strongly in favor of selling off “surplus” HUSD property? Grapevine says he has his hands involved with the old Mervyn's HQ building deal as well as lots of extra work due to the infamous mini-loop.

    A little too cozy with the developers, eh Armas?


  35. You did a good job in Anna May and Greg Jones along with Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia, as a bonus you go to expose in the meetings how stupid Lisa Brunner really is. I say keep on reporting. Your reporting brought Jeus Armpits and Maribel Hardon down. Way down baby!

    Good Job Tavares.
    Can you tell us if Anna May, Maribel Heredia, and Lisa Bruner ever went to college?

    I don't think they ever graduated from high school. They sound very stupid when they speak.


  36. Well, I don't know about all of you, but I am supporting NONE of the incumbants.

    Staven Tavares sir, I would like to see and article about the non-incumbants running in the election.

    What do all of you think about the non-incumbants?



  37. I'm 3:33

    Oh nice Tavaris, did I strike a nerve? Okay so maybe underwater basket weaving is to tough for you. So watching paint dry it is for you.

    Om nothing like Brunner, shes a dumbass. I have this thing called dylexia. But I don't expect any of you to under stand what that is.

    Pklease Tavares, for the sake of all of our IQ's please! Go away!


  38. Found it! Misappropriation of Grant Money, I always knew Chien Wu Fernandez, Donna Becnel, Kathryn Benson, Jeanie Duarte- Armas and Janice Duran were dirty. I can't believe my eyes. Write a grant “saying” you want to help students and then rob the students blind, while buying administrators top of the line IPADs. What is really going on in Hayward? Another Grand Jury Investigation needs to happen before these crooks move to the next district!


  39. 3:33 PM

    The Alameda County Reg. of Voters pdf actually has Armas and Heredia on the top of the list but shows their candidate status as “Incomplete Filing” which means they may have pulled the papers but they didn't actually finish submitting the final paperwork to be included on the Nov. ballot.

    As far as I've been able to tell, Tavares has actually been correct on nearly every fact he's reported on in the last year. And, just the fact that he's covering this story just shows up all the other media sources covering Hayward.


  40. Oh Tavares you prove yet again what a dumbass you are and how bad of a reporter you are.

    Take look at the Alameada County Reg. of Voters website, scroll down to the HUSD candidate protion and low and behold… The firs two names filed are Armas and Heredia. You are such a dumbass Tavares.

    People, this should make us all wonder about the reporting of Steven Tavares. he can't even correctly report on a simple filing story.

    Geto out of reportign Tavares, your too stupid. I keep telling you to take underwater basket weaving. Something you might be good at, or maybe watching paint dry…?


  41. RE: August 12, 2012 10:14 AM and the Grand Jury.

    I heard a rumor that Armas has a female insider on the Grand Jury process that's kept him from being investigated and brought to trial while he was City Manager. Thought I remembered stories about D. Rodriguez tipping him off so he could get the case thrown thru his contact. Fits his profile. Hope Tavares looks deeper into the Armas corruption trail.


  42. Is not just Armas . It is Armas and his cronies which I am sure is Mayor Sweeney and the entire city council and the developers in the area.
    Is one big corrupt ring.


  43. OMG, Armas. You quoted Richard Nixon in your good bye above (8/11/2012 5:02). He was the ultimate crook. Thank you for clarifying yourself, Crook Armas.


  44. Heredia was on the BOE when the board was over-paid for years. Perhaps she should write a check and return all the stolen funds from our children and give the money back to Hayward students. Please. We need a Grand Jury investigation now.


  45. Heredia is such a fake! She must resign now before her dirty laundry brings more embarrassment to her children.


  46. A Grand Jury investigation should fit the bill. At the next HUSD board meeting Armas and Heredia should be given the choice to resign or the continuing force of the community requesting a Grand Jury investigation.


  47. We need to recall Armas and Heredia right now. Don't wait until after the election their integrity is shot.


  48. 2:20 am.
    I saw people by Lucky's at Harder collecting signatures a few days ago for recall of Lisa Brunner and I did not sign it because I could not believe what she did.

    I saw the video finally and I can see why people are ticked off. In the video she comes down on Reynoso for reporting 2 board members in conflict of interest having an affair. I agree with Reynoso and I think most honest people do.

    Lisa gave a lame comment that we need to only talk about the kids. I agree she needs to be recalled for not maintaining her own house which is the board.

    So where can I sign the recall for Lisa Brunner? I went back today and they were not there at Lucky's collecting signatures.


  49. Monica Ruiz
    3:21m I think the diff here is where you have 2 board members sittign on the board at the same time casting votes. BIG DIFF.

    Nothing but corruption by Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia.

    Now if Jesus left or Heredia left I do not think anyone would care if one remained behind.


  50. I ask the question: if not good enough for armas/heredia, how about morgan mack rose in sl? left her husband and two kids for a fellow who left his wife and two kids and now she is running for city council-i guess her antics qualifies her to sit on the council??does it???tony santos


  51. They must resign. Now without having to run for re-election, both can do whatever they want. They have free reign to raid the district's cupboards for themselves and their cronies.


  52. 6:41, yes the board needs to investigate if any money was made of the kids. It is all abut the kids. So now lets see how much Maribele Heredia and Jesus Armas have benefited from being on the board.
    Yes we have a right to know.

    I do not know why they have not resigned yet. Their illicit affair is a conflict of interest?

    Shame on Armas and Heredia you guys are sickos taking advantage of the kids and making money of them while you are on the board. Yep you sure know how to take care of the kids. lol


  53. The decision not to run for re-election does not end this matter. Both Armas and Heredia need to resign their seats immediately.

    Their decision(s) should not put an end to investigating what has really happened since Armas was appointed in 2010. His attempts to manipulate board decisions regarding property issues should not be ignored. He has profited as a consultant or has the potential to profit from sale of surplus property. Both of them have an unusual relationship with the million dollar legal firm that advises the district and that needs to be looked into also.

    Jesus Armas has never done anything for altruistic reasons, he always makes sure that he can benefit in some way from anything he does. They both used the sutdents of HUSD to further their own ambitions.


  54. Citizens of Hayward and my fellow Americans, I have chosen not to run for another term as a member of the HUSD. My decision is made with a heavy heart because I know I did the right thing for all the right reasons. I now need to focus on my family and my health. It was very demanding serving on the Board but it has taken a toll on my health. I leave with a heavy heart.
    Jesus Armas.PS you won't have me to kick around any more. I am not a crook.


  55. I am happy to see them go.Maybe now the board can get back to the business of helping the children. No more drama,that is good for the children.


  56. Too bad for Tavares. He could have sold t-shirts saying “NO ArMAS”. I wear XL. My dog wears Medium.


  57. By MW:

    Oh rats. That means if I want to observe some clowns in action, now I will have to buy a ticket from Barnum & Bailey and also travel all the way to San Francisco next time the circus is in town.


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