San Leandro Council Candidate’s Online Comments Rile City’s Asian Population

ELECTION ’12//SAN LEANDRO DIST 4 | A San Leandro city council candidate is running the risk of alienating the city’s largest demographic, after online comments Aug. 14, since removed, riled Asian American community leaders who now question the candidate’s trustworthiness as a potential city leader.

During the final days of the Summer Olympics, District 4 council candidate Chris Crow posted and responded to a published report quoting Chinese officials who questioned the fairness of its athletes competing against American athletes because of their alleged larger head and chest sizes.

“The Chinese have said they should NOT have to compete with Americans at the Olympics because Americans apparently have bigger heads and broader chests,” Crow wrote on Facebook. “So I suppose they really were cheating in 2008 when they took home more Gold medals than the USA or they are the sorest losers in the world.”

The posting quickly came to attention of several Asian American community leaders who say they were outraged by the assertion Chinese lacked integrity and good sportsmanship. They also questioned whether Crow’s candor revealed discriminatory tendencies.

“When someone coughs up something like that, the heart and mind is discriminating,” said San Leandro resident Ed Collaco.

Another San Leandro resident, Derrick Gee, said he found the comments offensive and states the article Crow references in the Facebook posting includes no suggestion of cheating or bad sportsmanship on the part of Chinese athletes. “I can only believe that these ideas come from his racial despisement of Chinese as an ethnicity,” he said. “For one to be so bold to post on Facebook tells me that he has no fear to show his racist heart.”

Chris Crow

In an email last week, Crow claimed the outrage concerning his posting was concocted by Benny Lee, one of his District 4 opponents this fall, and is unclear how they could be interpreted as racist. “I am disappointed that Benny Lee is seemingly trying to bait me. I would like this campaign to be about the issues. If anyone other than Benny and his supporters are bothered by what I said, I hope they’d come to me and share their views–but as I was making light of the ridiculous statements by the Communist Party mouthpiece in the linked news story I am not sure how that could be interpreted to be anti-Chinese or racist,” Crow said.

As far as representing the Chinese Community, my pledge to them is the same pledge I make to /all/ San Leandro residents. I will look at issues carefully, I will reach out and solicit input from all segments of the San Leandro community, I will analyze all proposals in detail and I will always keep in mind our shared goals of making San Leandro a great place to live for all San Leandrans. I cherish that San Leandro is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and I want to see us be a model of a multicultural yet united community.”

Hendy Wijaya, one of the most vocal members of the Asian American community in San Leandro, says Crow should withdraw from the council race because of the original comment and response from Crow, which he found lacking remorse. “He is accusing every Chinese in the world of being cheaters,” said Wijaya. “If you want to be a city councilman, you should be a person who represents everyone, but this guy is discriminating against the people he wants to vote for him.”

The race in District 4 is shaping up as a potentially lively debate between Lee, the president of the Heron Bay Homeowners Association, Crow and newcomers Darlene Daevu and Justin Hutchison. Even before Crow’s comments this month, his opponents were already ramping up attacks questioning his abrupt move to District 4 earlier this year, despite making strong signals he would run in District 2 against Councilwoman Ursula Reed. However, following a very public rebuke by Reed, who dropped him from the city’s planning commission, Crow moved to District 4 where an open seat is for the offering. Hutchison, who is a lifelong resident of District 4, has already raised the campaign issue, alleging his opponent is a political opportunist without “morals.”

Nevertheless, Crow’s comments risk alienating nearly one-third of the electorate this November. San Leandro’s Asian American population grew to 29.7 percent, according to the 2010 Census, and the city as a whole, maintains one of the most equally diverse cities in the entire nation. However, San Leandro’s City Council has failed to keep up with its changing demographics. Despite a Latino and Asian demographic that encompasses a majority of the population, neither is represented on the current seven-member council.

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  1. At 9:56pm
    By the way, no worry, things go bad, Marga can play pretend wannabe “LAWYER”



    Do you trust Crow to run medical marijuana dispensaries in San Leandro.
    Undertable transactions are welcome, no credit cards please. supplies to underground usages – sure, thank you – cash only. Let's pretend affiliated with hospitals, SL will never find out even though I post stupidly on Facebook.


  3. Two sorest losers in the world

    Pretend Lawyer – no need for bar exam, cause I'm untouchable behind the computer

    Clueless of how many countries in the World – retake elementary social studies or borrow a library card take a good look of “WORLD MAP”
    World is a whole, USA and China are parts of the World. dingdong


  4. From another perspective, Benny Lee has a braveheart protecting San Leandro communities from loser Crow.


  5. Kick loser Crow off race track take bribe money from windmill dude against your own SL folks

    what's the cut for Crow from medical marijuana dispensaries

    In between jobs meeting underground dealers and taking bribe $$$


  6. Someone name Thomas Clake made a comment to San Leandro Patch article on Crow's controvesy offensive statement

    Thomas Clarke
    7:22 pm on Thursday, August 30, 2012

    Marga: I am saddened to see a stallwart of the Democratic Party supporting a loser like Chris Crow, just because you too are highly opposed to Benny Lee and the South East Asian minority-majority in San Leandro. Pretty soon they will in point of fact own the Democratic and Republican parties, by virtue of their positions in support of the electorate. There are not many agnostic, Argentinian, Socialist failed to past the bar women to vote for you. In point of fact, Chris Crow is not the candidate for female progressives like you. He is representative of the old San Leandro. Let him go down to defeat.

    Mike: You should be tooting the horn for all those who seek to bring back the old San Leandro of cronyism, ethnic enclaves and special interests to be honored by the scions of those special interests. Of course that age of Santos and Maltester before is gone. Let us hope that the South East Asians rise to take over their district.

    Fran: Go back to quoting Cranmer.

    Get out and vote. Make sure everyone does and many times.






  8. 3:44, less caps please, but I do appreciate your effort to make a contribution, even if I disagree with your view.

    One reason why candidates often draw the heightened attention is because they are precieved as leading. If Chris Crow had no chance to win, then he wouldn't be getting all this attention from this apparent group of aligned individuals. They must think he is the chief rival of the person they favor.
    That is clear from the fairly orchestrated response campaign we've seen here.

    In that sense, you compliment Mr. Crow, as the one to beat.


  9. As a life long Oaklander I could care less about SL politics. I don't know any of these people running, but have friends who live in that City that do. This Crow guy should just keep his mouth shut and stop blogging so damn much on every site or story that pops up. Run a campaign not ur foul mouth. And who is this Dillman theater guy? Heard nothing but worst things about him. Makes Crow look like a saint. Is this the best SL has to offer? I know Oak is screwed up but didn't expect SL to be running a close second. Good Luck SL citizens.


  10. Christ is #1 and Marga #2 drawing heavy attentions for their BAD mouth odors.

    The winners in this title.


  11. Another bad breath from crow in SL patch article, Crow crying victimized “someone snapshot my harmless comment” why bother you much of your belief morally right on your post.


  12. Pro USA, take money from windmill guy against SL folks, Pro.. mmh still pro… my boy pic can pro me everywhere…thick skin you are


  13. Negative statements about any culture, nation, or race is unbecoming of a elected official.


  14. “negative statements about any—nation— is unbecoming of a elected official”

    Perhaps one of the most absurd statements I've ever heard. I see, let us not say anything negative about North Korea, or going back a few years, about East Germany, or a bit further back, about WW2 Germany or Japan.

    BTW, you don't think mentioning anything about the negative aspects of certain cultures is acceptable.
    How about the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia?
    Now don't say anything negative about that.

    You've drunk the Kool-Aid of modern local thinking, extrapolating the East Bay values, assuming your style of “diversity” is practiced everywhere, or that ALL side's practices are equally valuable.
    I'll pass that on to women in rural Afghanistan.
    Remember now, respect their cultural norms. Wearing “bee-keeper” outfits is part of their ways.


  15. 1122 your right I think it's totally okay to have unemployed carpet bagging innapropriate comment making city council members. I mean someone who ran from an incumbent must surely be strong enough to represent. Look the comments were not racist, but they are definately distasteful. That being said I don't think crow should be burned at the stake, he apologized on his patch and that was enough for me.


  16. Crow your and idiot and closet racist! As a resident of SL I have done my research on u and your buddy. Both of u have made insensitive racial comments towards Asian and African Americans. The nerve of either of u to run for anything. What disgraces!


  17. Mr/Ms 12:01

    OK, we want to believe you. Crow has made “insensitive radial comments towards Asians and African Americans”

    Seems I missed the ones about African Americans.

    But you clearly know precisely what they were, or you would NOT have made your post.

    So sir, MR/MS 12:01 poster. I'm asking you right NOW, please give me ONE single comment that Mr. Crow has made about African Americans that is “insensitive”.

    We all await for even just ONE example. Surely you have several, but please, just give us ONE example

    Waiting for your reply. Oh yes, give us your source for the comment and date and location.
    We know you wouldn't make such heated racial charge if you couldn't back it up.


  18. U seem to forget the word ” buddy” Mr. Crow and u should know who that is. Crow already gave his example towards Asian's. Enough said. His “buddy” against those deputies/ officers who arrested him. The source for that is an arrest report! I'm doing research on all these candidates as well as u should before u vote for them. U seem to purposely leave the other candidate out of your post. Ur obviously a supporter of both. I'm sure either of them can give u the information u desire. Stay opened minded!


  19. Mr 1:46… So using the word “buddy” is Mr. Crow's “insensitive” racial remark about African Americans?

    Please tell the readers here you are joking.

    So, you suggest that in some police report, from some date, or some year, in some city, that Mr. Crow is accused of using the word “buddy” in some manner that is insensitive to African Americans?

    Is that about right. Those are your charges of “racism”?

    Of course everyone here agrees, “buddy” is a contemptable term. They refer to it as the “b” word, so terrible it can't be used in polite company.

    “Buddy”…. How could he, after all these years.
    Has he learned nothing after all the years of struggle to scour that terrible word from our language.

    I guess it all part of that old “buddy system” that used to pervade our culture.

    Thank God “buddy” is no longer acceptable.
    Good for you to bring these awful crimes of Mr. Crow into public light.

    “Buddy”… Oh yeah, now I understand all the vitriol against Mr. Crow.
    He certainly deserves it, using that caustic term in the year 2012.


  20. Investigation in process M*rga rear on fire


  21. readers read as said U(Crow)and your buddy


  22. Buddy meaning Dillman!! Do I need to force feed u! As in his buddy or friend! Stop playing games with the readers!


  23. CHRIST, you shamed your given name, because your thinking and behavior are UNCHRISTIAN like !



  24. Ms 2:06 aka Campaign Manager,
    U begged for proof or a response and u got it. Now your quiet. Guess u need extra time to twist the truth and blame other people like Crow. U cut and pasted only segments of what I said. Like I said you are a supporter of both! All of u are a joke. Crow,Dillman and yourself! Hope that makes it clear!


  25. Campaign manager will be making a statement as soon as she is finished eating


  26. Did you send it directly to her? I would love to see or hear the other racist comments without her copy pasting them with edits..329 please show us


  27. @ 4:02 I didn't send her anything. She knows what I'm referring to. I live in the district where Crow's “buddy” Dillman is running. I read a police report several months ago in which he made racial remarks towards two African American officers a year ago. He was recently convicted of several crimes against those officers. Crow came running to his defense as usual and blamed everyone. Now Crow makes insensitive remarks and blames everyone. There seems to be a pattern here.


  28. Oh I see…definately a pattern… birds of a feather flock together


  29. Thank you for sharing! 4:37


  30. Campaign Manager aka play lawyer still eating


  31. Yes Thank You 4:37!! Both the SGT and DET. were african american, I can only imagine whats in that PD report, oh wait its completely accessible. So Crow makes comments against asians and Dillman against African it.


  32. Crytal clear, SL citizens must united prevent these two characters running our city's future.


  33. Go to the “love child” SL Patch who allows these phonies to take over the blogs and say what they want against anyone. The facts of that case must be right because he was convicted. Crow has people on their believing he knows all the facts and wasn't there. Looks like his buddy and buddies family was trying to get rich quick. He's suing for 15 mill. Go figure. Guess business is not so good at that theater. Maybe he trying to get some of that money. I saw the story recently online and knew somethin was fishy. Don't understand why that reporter never did a follow up story like he promised. Completely a one sided story. Reed is getting my support as of now.


  34. Crow blame others of the fact he indeed wrote offensive comment and himself do no wrong, then his campaign manager wrote an anticle in SL Patch stated professional politician like herself has a “no tell the truth” rule, another article on EBC reveals Crow took bribe from businessman possible buy city council approval for a wind turbine project current still pending review by the zoning board.

    Will do some reseach on Dillman. Thanks 5:31


  35. Does anyone know why Crow was fired by Reed, jump ship from D2 to D4


  36. 6:02, something is definately fishy with these two. Seems as if Dillman is involved in other suits with other business owners. Wow! These two are up to no good. Gather your facts and u will see what my friends have been saying about this Dillman guy for years. I wonder if the DA's office can provide information about the trial? The jury seems to not have believed his story.


  37. As far as going from district 2 to district 4, Crow knew it was going to be a far easier race. He is going against Lee, Hutchison and Daevu all of which have no previous experience. He basically just jumped to the easier race for someone with his political connections.


  38. Seems like lots of very skilled communicators here.
    To anyone not totally involved in this arcane San Leandro drama, you'd have to be some code expert to make heads or tails of what these folks are writing, or the message they want to convey.
    I guess for them its all “inside baseball”. Too bad 98% of the voters couldn't figure it out even if they read every post.

    Talk about NOT being ready for prime time. They don't seem to be ready for a 101 course in basic writing.

    Takes them 5 or 10 posts to even allow the reader to figure out what the insensitive “buddy” remark is all about.
    What a joke. No need to ever fear these rubes are going to take over San Leandro politics.
    Not until they master a entry level course in basic communication.


  39. 6:50pm

    No wonder Crow and his progressive manager belittling other opponents with arrogant attitude all over SL

    Crow support Marga's written abusive bullying comments by liking them on facebook that shows his lack of maturity and how he may treat San Leandrans


  40. Read SL Patch articles Chris Crow has over half dozens of his big ideas, controversy statement, point fingering, big time hero etc.

    One topic he has not covered so far, contribution from Halus to his campaign, requesting Chris Crow make a statement on this topic.

    We are the voters have the rights to understanding the reasons you pro Halus and being spokeman of such, waiting for your debate and article on this issue.


  41. 1.08AM

    Didn't know spelling check was a requirement for people to understand the post. It shows your elitism and stereotyping towards Chinese and others. Crow and his people need to justify their attitudes towards many in this way.


  42. Here are some facts. City Council Candidates Chris Crow and Darlene Daevu support the proposed Halus Wind Turbine Project in San Leandro. Wind turbines are known to:

    1) Cause illness in nearby residents such has migraines, nausea, insomnia, and stress related disorders (strokes,etc.)
    2) Fail from the blades (length of rail road cars, spinning at 90-95 mph at blade tips) or turbine shattering or exploding sending shrapnel debris flying in all directions
    3) Drop property values by 10 to 30%
    4) Kill predatory birds (hawks and eagles) that help keep control of the rodent population.

    The City of San Leandro has tried to rubber stamp this project through the approval process; the City of San Leandro has not even required an environmental impact report to assess the negative impacts of this wind turbine project on the community.

    If this project was proposed in a more affluent area such as Danville or Blackhawk, do you think their City officials would try to force this down the communities' throat? Would their City officials NOT require an environmental impact report from the owner of the proposed Wind Turbine? The answer is NO. Show the San Leandro City officials that we care about our community and are intelligent enough to know you must fully assess the impacts of a project of this magnitude and consequence on the community. All San Leandro Residents should demand that the City of San Leandro require an Environmental Impact Report on the proposed Halus Wind Turbine Project.

    Regarding the City Council Candidates Chris Crow and Darlene Daevu, why have they not reached out to the residents they hope to represent and listen to their concerns? They have shown no interest in listening to the residents, and Chris Crow in particular, has only shown interest in accepting campaign contributions from a project (Halus Wind Turbine) that threatens the health, safety, and environment of San Leandro.


  43. Hell no Danville or Pleasanton would ever approve this!


  44. Update Chris Crow is moving to Pleasanton!


  45. ***Readers*** see September 2, 2012 1:08 AM

    Chris Crow and his people, again, made insensitive comment specifically at the Chinese


  46. It appears here that about half the posts are being made by “agent provocateurs” trying to stoke the fires of hate and insecurity.

    Witness 1:08 PM responding to 1:08 AM

    Probably the same guy doing both.


  47. Anyone who supports Crow and Dillman and shares their veiws are racist!!! Crow doesn't like Asian's and we know how Dillman feels about African American cops! No wonder they are friends. This would explain why their running in separate districts. Take your clan mentality and windmills elsewhere! We don't want it here in SL


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  49. 325 is clearly a joke post making fun of grammar used by Asian Americans, probably chris crow or dillman. either one of them should reinvest that time into either the gym or getting their criminal records sealed


  50. At 1:37pm

    Probably your post at 1:08am and 1:08pm, how obvious you point out the obvious


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