Valle Shows Fundraising Strength, But Still Outraised By Hayashi

ELECTION ’12//ALAMEDA COUNTY SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and appointed Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle are nearly neck and neck in fundraising for the District 2 supervisorial seat, according to recently released campaign finance reports. Hayashi barely scraped past Valle with the help of a transfer of funds from her own large assembly campaign war chest.

Valle raised a total of $152,959 and Hayashi with $158,017 but Valle expended significantly more than Hayashi ending with a cash balance of $63,048 compared to Hayashi’s $121,991.

As expected, Valle showed strong labor support during his appointment period. He received large donations from numerous labor PACs and Hayashi, whose history in the assembly dealt largely with health, received significant donations from PACs in health, physician and orthopedic associations.

Furthermore, Hayashi transferred $20,000 from her 2010 “Democrat for Assembly” committee containing $465,526 in past contributions. Hayashi also has a third account, “Mary Hayashi Assembly 2010 Officeholder Account,” that raised $20,700 this past financial period but expended $14,421; the ending cash balance is $40,928.

Hayashi’s supervisor account has far fewer donators than Valle but she made up the difference in addition to her large fund transfer with a few very large donations. Four large contributors, mainly PACs, gave Hayashi $10,000 to $20,000. GTECH, a gaming tech company for state lotteries and Personal Insurance Federation of CA Agents & Employees PAC gave $20,000 over all. Other contributors, capping at $10,000, include California Dental PAC and Farmers Group.

Hayashi’s pull in the health industry has further attracted other donors that although dip below $10,000, range from $1,000 to $5,000. Donors include The Doctors Company PAC, California Pharmacists PAC and The Dentists Insurance Company. Colleagues in the Assembly, such as Jose Solorio, Ricardo Lara and Fiona Ma donated significant sums of cash ranging from $1,000 to $2,500.

In the past few months Valle has witnessed vast support from labor, the Democratic Party and its affiliates gathering at the wings of his campaign. It was a stark transition from Hayashi to a new candidate that was relatively unknown in the East Bay prior to his appointment this past spring. Large swaths of local politicos have donated small sums of money but enough to help catch up with Hayashi’s financially impressive “Hayashi for Supervisor” account. Valle has said before that they hope to raise enough money to close the gap with Hayashi’s half a million dollar treasure trove kept in her officeholder account but with less than four weeks away it’s starting to look unlikely.

Local politicians such as Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney, Hayward CouncilmemberS Marvin Peixoto and Mark Salinas, and former San Leandro Mayor Sheila Young donated funds to Valle. Labor PACs such as Operating Engineers Local 3, District 20 PAC and International Assignment of Firefighters, Local 55 gave significant, but timid, sums of money ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. One of the largest donations was from Potential Industries Inc., a recycling company and Service Employees Union Local 1021, that dished out $20,000 each to Valle.

Furthermore, Tom Silva, of Eden Realty who’s been active in the local political scene for quite some time donated $1,000 to both Valle and Hayashi. John Dutra of Dutra Enterprises donated $500 and former CEO of St. Rose, Michael Mahoney donated $250.

Union City Mayor Mark Green, however, did not fair so well in attracting donors to his campaign for supervisor. Green reported just $7,074 in cash in hand, based on $6,975 in donations. He also loaned his campaign an additional $5,846. Republican Mark Turnquist did not file a fundraising report for the third quarter.

The financial reports show a definitive difference in campaign fundraising. Hayashi has opted for her legislative health experience to garner large donations from health PACs and her time in politics at the state level to pull donations from noteworthy politicians in Assembly. Valle on the other hand has shown strength in pulling smaller donations but from large amounts of donors in a hardscrabble fundraising campaign to out beat Hayashi who has been at battle over her guilty plea of stealing $2,450 in apparel from a high-end retailer in San Francisco. Valle’s financial records show strong financial backing, but his strategy thus far in this race has been to avoid publicly denouncing Hayashi’s indiscretion at recent candidate forums.

Instead Valle has been more forward with The Citizen in one-on-one conversations and spoke of forthcoming mailers that will speak more openly about Hayashi’s crime. Hayashi on the other hand has been more aggressive with recently attacking Valle’s raise in executive pay at Tri-CED in 2009 and his connections to St. Rose Hospital as its finances dwindled over the past few years.

HAYASHI..$158,017..$43,418..$121,991….$    0
….$152,959..$92,528..$ 63,048….$4,848

GREEN….$  6,975..$ 5,846..$  7,074….$5,945

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  1. Well, Valle has more $$ to buy votes with his county seal swag bags. I just wouldn't go around saying that's in the bag yet! Couldn't resist that one!!


  2. Valle the wrong choice from day one. A zombie would have done better with $5 bucks in the campaign. You could give Valle $1,000,000,00,000. 00 for his campaign and he would still lose to Hayashi.

    I can see hayashi saying..”…just wait until I get there and give the sups a piece of my mind…he he he..”


  3. 8:05, again with the “swag-bags”. How come you left out the massive write-in campaign for Apodaca this time?
    Still waiting for anyone, even Hayashi, to devote one line in her mailers to “Swag-bag-gate”.

    And folks, this election is ONLY about Valle and Hayashi. Green has turned out to be the Harold Stassen of Alameda County. Raised $7,000 and won't even contribute any significant amount to his own campaign.
    Indicates even he knows he is a weak #3 when ballots are counted in 3 weeks.
    A vote for Green is a waste vote.
    Face it, like them or not, its Valle or Hayashi.
    You elect Mary and you're stuck with her for the next dozen years and beyond in one office or another.


  4. Green for Pres…lol


  5. Wuz up, ya'll! Chris Miley checkin' in.

    So we think we got this one in the bag, no pun intended. Really don't think the shoplifter's goin' to be goin' after my man Rich. This election is goin' be a sleeper for supervisor. Fact is that we got some raises shortly after Rich got the appointment. When he gets back in we'll be gettin' some more. Know the old expression: Show me duh $$!

    Tellin' ya, thanks on behalf of all the Lockyer, I mean Valle staff. We're here to serve you! If I wasn't hangin' on this gig, don't know what I'd be doing. Not a day goes by that I don't thank pop for putting the screws to Wilma Chan. Hey, without her, Apodaca would have been named, and she would have cleaned house as soon as she got in. Pop said she wouldn't have been his puppet. Luck of the draw, I guess. Strong-arming don't hurt neither.

    Remember my man Rich Valle when you go to vote. Hey, I need him in office more then you do!


  6. Save us shoplifter Hayashi. You're our only hope!


  7. Very interesting and even more telling that $aint Rich of St. Rose had a 'Links' section on his election web site for the longest time that always read 'coming soon.' Today it has been miraculously replaced with a 'Quotes' tab that is full of fluff by his puppet-handlers. Veeeeeery interesting, indeed!

    I suppose that old Rich couldn't identify any 'relevant' links that would accessorize his campaign web site as well as a bunch of trumped-up fluff.

    Hell, the first link he could have provided would have been where to get your official swag bag, county seal and all, paid for by taxpayers and going toward a campaign.

    Campaign motto: “If you liked the shoplifter, then you'll love me. Watch me spend county $$$ on my own election, thanks to you, the poor suckers of District 2!”

    Go figure. Only ethical choice: CLEAN MARK GREEN!


  8. Richard Valle's wife works at Tri Ced too. How much does she make? I believe she was in charge of the accounting. Is that still her position?


  9. By MW:

    I doubt Mary “The Total Joke” Hayashi could have raised much more than five or ten cents if she was not married to a prominent and powerful person, specifically a judge. However since she is, a lot of people, and including people who eventually might have cases go before her husband, have shown her a lot more respect than she deserves, and somewhat similarly to the fact that when Nadia Lockyer ran for Supervisor, a lot of people who privately already knew she was a joke gave her money and support out of respect and/or fear of Bill Lockyer, her husband.


  10. “Swag-bag-gate”?

    There'll be a massive write-in vote for Apodaca?

    Supervisor Chan is Supervisor Miley's puppet?

    There's even more complete baloney on this comments thread than most threads on this blog- and that's saying something!


  11. What is swag bag 'gate?'

    I haven't read anything about any 'massive write-in for Apodaca' or anyone else.

    Chris Miley makes a reference that 'Apodaca would not have been Nate Miley's puppet' as opposed to Valle. Nothing mentioning Chan being Mile's puppet.

    You need to LEARN TO READ before casting aspersions and denigrating other posters'comments simply because you don't agree with them.


  12. 2:40,

    We're all perfectly capable of reading comments, even those not in all caps. Each of these silly claims are mentioned in earlier threads from this post.

    My reading comprehension is so great, I can even tell that the “Chris Miley” post is clearly signaled as satire, albeit poorly executed satire.


  13. No satire here, dunce. As Bill Clinton said, “It is what it is!” It's too bad that YOU don't know how to read, but then again you know nothing about elections, as you have illustrated all too frequently.

    I read Chris Miley's comments, which are absolutely spot on. Get ready for anyone other than your whore $aint Rich of St. Rose to be declared the victor. He's going down, and it's all due to his misuse of the office that he strong-armed away from Apodaca.

    Once again, those of us who have ethics will be casting our votes for Ana Apodaca, Gail Steele, Mark Green or anyone else with honesty, integrity and ethics. And do get over your extremely morbid fascination with Hayashi.

    Yes, ma'am, we can see the light of day while you continue to prostitute yourself for an asterisk placeholder who is going nowhere fast. Just a few weeks left, and soon you will be retired, too!


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