Eden Healthcare District Approves Short-Term Sudsidy For San Leandro Hospital

SAVE SAN LEANDRO HOSPITAL | A commitment by the Eden Township Healthcare District to help subsidize the short-term operations of San Leandro Hospital was unanimously approved this week even as the facility’s future remains in serious doubt following the transfer of title to property from the District to Sutter Health just three weeks ago.

The plan approved by Eden Township Board of Directors Wednesday offers a projected $779,000 over two years in general funds to a potential multi-entity subsidy to run San Leandro Hospital in its current model as a general acute care hospital with emergency room services. The proposal is based upon the District’s projected cash flow for fiscal years 2013 and 2014 and would entail it contribute approximately $261,000 the first year starting in June 2013, followed by roughly $518,000 in 2014.

No specific deal, though, from either the Alameda County Medical Center–believed to be in line to operate the hospital–the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, or the City of San Leandro is publicly known. After Wednesday’s meeting, ACMC Chief Operating Officer Bill Manns said he could not comment on whether or not any proposed plan includes Sutter leasing the hospital, which it official gained title Sept. 28, to ACMC.

Manns also denied the specificity of any plan being for only two years, as referenced by the District board. Any plans to operate San Leandro Hospital in its current form, said Manns, must include an annual subsidy between $2 million-$4 million and require other government entities to provide assistance, in addition to the District’s pledge. The multi-million dollar subsidy figure has been generally accepted as fact over the years by most public officials.

However, comments made Wednesday cast doubt over whether any short-term deal to rescue San Leandro Hospital is more of the same obfuscation from some county officials and Sutter. When Manns was asked by Eden Township Director Rajendra Ratnesar about the efficacy of a long-discussed “hybrid model” at the hospital, including general care, emergency room services and rehab services, he said the plan was not financially feasible, according to their modeling. “Part of the challenge with that requires building out approximately 12,000 square feet and the capital costs associated with that are fairly significant,” said Manns. “And so it reaches a lot longer to reach your break-even point.” To include acute rehab at San Leandro Hospital, Manns said, would require the initial subsidy to be higher.

The comments run counter to Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan’s encouragement to feature the hybrid model in an effort to save the hospital. “We strongly encourage Sutter to approve and provide financial support for this option, or to provide another feasible option to keep the hospital open,” said Steven Jones, Chan’s district director, referencing the hybrid model. “We reject proposals by Sutter to transform San Leandro Hospital into a rehabilitation-only facility, as this does not fit the needs of our San Leandro community.”

Mike Brannan, a representative for the California Nurses Association, encouraged the District to participate in the plan to subsidize operations at San Leandro and said of ACMC,“If that’s their commitment, I think we need to take them at their word.” Sutter’s continued presence in the future of the hospital still hovers over any deal, said Brannan. “The problem, of course, is once again, Sutter Health,” he said. “They have been the problem with the good-faith efforts this board and many others in the community have had through the last years for keeping the hospital open.” Brannan also called for a commitment longer than two years from ACMC and added there is skepticism any proposed deal between ACMC and Sutter even exists. “It is my understanding there is no firm commitment from Sutter Health to turn the facility over to ACMC, or to turn it over without some serious strings attached,” said Brannan.

However, while the future of the hospital still remains in serious doubt, there is now worry about the Eden Township Healthcare District’s prognosis for surviving as a government body following its defeat in state court to Sutter over title of San Leandro Hospital. The resolution of damages arising from the Sutter lawsuit also ties the District’s hands in furthering their financial support for any plan to keep the hospital’s doors open. “I can state, in my opinion, this board is in a Catch-22,” said District Board of Directors Chair Carole Rogers, “We don’t know what our resources can be if the lawsuit were to come to a conclusion.”

17 thoughts on “Eden Healthcare District Approves Short-Term Sudsidy For San Leandro Hospital

  1. I read that the District filed a malpractice suit against Craig Canizzo and his law firm. Anyone have more information?


  2. Well Tony thanks for the very nice response, but let me ask you about the changes, well when I grew up here in SL, we had a Dodge plant, a Caterpillar plant, Friedens calculator plant, Kelloggs plant, several can production plant, a paper bag facility, need I go on because I can, and back then I was not to afraid to walk down the street, and when I did I wasnt the one who had to walk in the gutter when a group of young punks came from the opposite direction, no SL is nowhere near what it was, my sister and just about all of my friends from school have left for other cities, and I will admit that you were not the only mayor responsible for it but when you did have and did nothing about it as when the hospital closure was going full tilt and I spoke with you personally in front of the city hall during a demostration and meeting inside and you told me it wasnt a city issue, well I lost all of my respect and confidence in you and your kind, we werent talking about another city but the city of which you were the mayor and you tell me its not your business, well sir I am sorry. and as for my information, well I, not you who attended the majority of meetings and demostrations so my information comes from the front lines, where I was in the fight and will continue to fight. and as for the dismissal of the attorney as you stated it was a 3-2 vote and as you of all people must know we do live in a democracy, and we must go along with the majority vote, so while you might not agree with the way the board handled things, it is cleary obvious that the main concern was to keep the hospital open for the residents of the city of SL as well as our neighbors to the north, south and east of us. So if only we had more help from our local uninformed citizens as well as some of our elected officials, the fight could have been somewhat different than now, but as long as there is the will to fight for the hospital, I for one will continue the fight, and if it is really you sending these emails, at least you have the guts to put your name. JOHN KALAFATICH ( PAPA JOHN )


  3. JK, the problem with you is you totally ignore the facts and further distort others views-I personally don't care if you believe me or not-Let me disagree with you on one subject and that is San Leandro is not deteriorating; it is still the same it has been since 1872-on the hospital, my views have not changed since Adler got me inivolved in 2007-the parties need to work together to keep the facility open; the question always has been simple-“how?” the suggested view floating around now is the same one pushed by Craig Cannizzo, district's attorney in 2009-the majority on the board, by 3-2 vote, ignored their attorney, fired him and filed lawsuit for which it lost. I did not lose the suit the board did, and Carole Rogers led a losing battle-all being ignored and whether any of us likes it or not, Sutter hold the to what happens at the hospital and so far it has not made any announcements on the subject and until they do, none of us will know the facilities faith-tony santos


  4. Well here we go again starting with our past mayor all of this rhetoric and no one with any care for who will be affected if the hospital should close. and the vocabulary of many just shows their ignorance the words used come from gutter mouth types who know nothing of the situation other than what they hear from people like TS who is still one of the sorriest examples of a mayor we have ever known so I say to TS if anyone should apologize for anything it is YOU for where you have led the city during your tenure, I grew up in San Leandro and have watched it deteriorate into what used to be the worst parts of Oakland. So for all of you that want the hospital to close just think of all the people that will be affected if the hospital should close, we as a people are all in the same boat while here in this world and we should think of others and not just ourselves, so dont hope for pain, suffering and despair for your fellow humans, instead think of what you can do to try and help them, there is no better feeling in life than to know that you have helped someone else other than yourself, so I know some of you will never listen to reason but lets all try and its not really that hard to be your brothers keeper all you have to do is try. So here we are again cursing each other out and seeing fault in each other when we should be trying to help one another. So for me I will always stand for keeping the hospital open and seeing that others can get the medical care the people of San Leandro need. So until the final bell tolls, lets keep the Hospital open. Again not afraid to sign my name.
    John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )


  5. You have a better chance of survival if you go to San Leandro Hospital Emergency Room than if you go to Eden. Just ask your ambulance driver


  6. Cassidy was doing such a great job on the school board that he tried to get his kids into Assumption Church's parochial school. They were turned down. Assumption smarter than the voters of San Leandro


  7. Cassidy didn't do shit on the school board and now they are bringing their same crap to the council ridiculous! Sl schools are the joke of the east bay playin catch up when this douche and Morgan Mack truck were in power since the mid 2000's…


  8. Anyone remember Hudson Bay? We have two airports aligning the bay. If we have a crash, what rescue plan is there in force with a silted up bay at about 12 inches deep? An airplane with 300 passengers needing emergency care? And one fewer emergency room in San Leandro?


  9. 25 yrs for the marina , who hire a developer and not a consultant?? Hey douchebag no landfill into the bay everyone knows that,the marina is so far from even started…..the hospital has a better chance of survival now that it ever had in the last 3 yrs.

    And YEA MF when everyone uses their real name then I'll use mine… And voila!


  10. Once again a chickenshit who hides behind anonymous to rail against the ex mayor.

    Hey clown, wheres your hero Cassidy who was going to save the hospital, oh yeah he can't do anything so he doesn't mention saving the hospital since dummies like you voted for him.

    How's Cassidy's plan for the Marina? Oh yeah BCDC just vetoed that yesterday.

    Why don't yoy grow some balls and use your name?

    Probably because an 80 yr old ex mayor could still kick your sorry chickenshit scaredy cat ass


  11. GORE invented the internet
    Reed brought the fiber Loop into SL – and a traffic light – and raised the roof…
    I'm still the mayor santos claims : …after a few minutes the two of us coined the phrase “hybrid.”

    What a group of clowns your sorry ass town has LOL

    this message was approved by ts – tony – anthony —Mahalo
    not !!


  12. carole should have thought about her statement in December '09-all before the districk's ill timed law suit-now the board is attempting to do what it could have done in 2009-to date rogers and her colleagues who supported the litigation have come to grips with their loss-i told carole she owes all of us an apology-she is yet to do so-now there is talk of the hybrid- any one know where term from? well here it is: one weekend it dawned on me that the hospital could not move forward as just a county hospital; it needed some private money to operate-on the following monday, I called Dr. Ratnesar-i asked him can the hospital be operated by both the county and private doctors-after a few minutes the two of us coined the phrase “hybrid.” since then everyone has adopted the term, but still all in limbo-but it does appear all headed back to the situation in 2009 when the whole matter could have been settled– tony


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