Corbett Buys Home In 15th District; Stark Moving To Bay Area?; Swalwell Worried; Khanna Watches

CONGRESS | State Sen. Ellen Corbett’s interest in running Congress in 2014 has one big problem: she does not live in the 15th Congressional District. But, that has since been rectified.

Alameda County records show Corbett, termed out of the State Senate in two years, is preparing in earnest to take a shot at Congressman-elect Eric Swalwell’s seat.


In late July, according to county records, Corbett received deed to a property in downtown Hayward. The three-bedroom, one bath modest home was purchased last July 23 for $281,500. Corbett also owns a home in San Leandro. The Hayward property is well within the boundaries of the 15th District.

Corbett’s move to the so-called “Heart of the Bay” is a clear indication she will take on Swalwell for the seat he just won last month by upsetting 40-year incumbent Rep. Pete Stark.

In fact, Alameda County Democrats, largely disgruntled over Swalwell’s internecine uprising from the Tri Valley, are beginning to coalesce around Corbett’s candidacy. Swalwell, still weeks from taking the oath of office on Jan. 3, 2013, may be already feeling the pressure.

An Associated Press article published Wednesday highlighting some state lawmakers taking a last-minute advantage of rules allowing them to repair government-issued automobiles last year before having the option to purchase them outright. Corbett was one of the legislators mentioned in the article.


According to the AP, Corbett accepted a 55-point tune up for her Toyota Prius along with minor repairs costing taxpayers $827. In response, Swalwell tweeted Wednesday evening, “Lawmakers deserve no better treatment than anyone else. When you’re elected, the public should be serviced, not your car.”

The political maneuvering to challenge Swalwell does not end there. Rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Stark moving back to the Bay Area. This week, Stark’s wife, Deborah Stark told The Citizen moving back to the Bay Area is an attractive option, but they will wait for their oldest child to graduate from high school next spring and are exploring school options for their twin son and daughter.

The possible return of the Starks raises a host of interesting possibilities. Many East Bay political insiders long assumed Deborah Stark would be the heir apparent to the Stark legacy in Congress. However, some point to the perception Rep. Stark favors former Obama Commerce Department official Ro Khanna in 2014. But there is more backroom dealing going on.

According to sources, Corbett and Khanna met over two weeks ago to discuss their potentially intertwined destinies. It is believed party leaders indicated they would support Corbett’s run against Swalwell in two years, while offering Khanna a shot at unseating long-time South Bay Rep. Mike Honda.

Such a deal may not sound palatable to Khanna who would need to expend his $1 million war chest against a popular incumbent. Honda, though, could be susceptible for some of the same reasons that befell the entrenched Stark this year. Khanna’s connections to Silicon Valley money and wealthy Indo Americans, along with the gravitas that comes with working in the Obama administration, makes him a formidable opponent in any district.

31 thoughts on “Corbett Buys Home In 15th District; Stark Moving To Bay Area?; Swalwell Worried; Khanna Watches

  1. When I'm bored, I like to read the comments on this blog for entertainment. The stupidity and ignorance of the majority of people who post here never cease to amaze me. Please keep spewing useless drivel. Great for laughs!


  2. individual who stated one does not needto live in a congressional district is correct-corbett actually need not move to run-she could run, win and then move-2014 building up to be quite interesting-swalweel does not have deep roots to the democratic party, ellen does and along with her labor support she will be quite formandable-be careful eric, your time may be short lived.good luck to all-thought honda to retire in 2014 and open the seat for khanna-pray tells-


  3. If 2:45 wants to use vitriolic and discriminatory language then I suggest that he, she or it post their rants elsewhere.

    Next time those remarks. along with the other empty words, will be removed by the administrator of this forum. NO SUCH LANGUAGE WILL BE TOLERATED!


  4. By MW:

    This is the real “MW.”

    Over the last few weeks in regard to some of the articles that have appeared in, someone else has been periodically pretending to be me, and such as for instance in the post of earlier today, December 11, 2012, 12:22 PM.

    However the fake MW when he starts his posts with a “By MW” has been neglecting to a put a colon after the MW.

    In other words his posts when he has been pretending to be me have stated with only a “By MW” – and while mine have started with “By MW:”

    Very truly yours,

    The real, first, and original MW

    P.S. However I assume Mr. (or possibly Miss) Copycat will now adjust his or her openings in his or her attempts of pretending to be me.

    But if I find out who has been pretending to be me, I will then tell every department store and credit card company that I or my wife get bills from to instead send the bills to him. In fact I also have a property tax bill due in a few months, so if he wants to pretend to be me he is welcome to also pay that to.


  5. MW. you've already proven beyond reasonable doubt you're a nut job that got your due for your erratic behavior. so stop posting. fag 🙂


  6. By MW

    Sour grapes, sonny. You're the same stooge who trolled for Stark and didn't think that the people would rebel and throw the bum out. Well, news flash–we did! Probably the same person who thought the world was going to explode and that Hayashi would win the election. News flash–she came in third.

    Fact is that Swalwell was elected because it's a new district. Didn't get there with the union whores or the Democratic party bosses. Corbett is nothing to brag about, and Khanjob has shopped around for a congressional seat for years now. First in San Mateo County and now in Alameda County. Next stop: Santa Clara County=three time loser.

    Eric will do just fine. Life goes on. Get used to it.


  7. swalwell is already in deep shit with some of the folks he hired. rumor on the hill is he picked one of the most useless pieces of shit to be his chief of staff because none of the other candidates wanted to have anything to do with swalwell. the big tell is going to be what committee he gets on.

    my question to the folks that supported him continues to be, what exactly is it that eric is going to do? his votes will be the same as Stark – because if he votes out of caucus once it just gives them the excuse they'll be looking for in the next couple months when khanna and corbett announce.

    as far as raising $1M for a congressional race to cover his ass in 2014. If that's all he can raise, he's in trouble. He's a pro-business, prosecutor that sent more people of color to jail than the california delegation combined. he's going to lose the republican votes and 60% of the DTS voters he had last time. My guess is he doesn't even make it out of the primary and the real shitshow happens in the general.


  8. His next move is to be what Stark wasn't–an outstanding congressman.

    They said the same about Jerry McNerney. Need a further update?


  9. so what is eric's next move? seeing as he can't raise the money – nor compete in what looks like it's going to be a bloodbath? My guess is they'll be writing stories about his rapid ascent and just as rapid descent. Thank god he can't come back to the tri-valley to run for anything for another 4 years…


  10. 9:50 AM, just remember this, when you don't “pick sides” in a fight, you will have no on there in your corner when you happen to find yourself in a jam. Ellen Corbett will find that out soon enough. She has a local reputation for being a useless coward, who never lifts a finger for anyone.

    Just because she's a cowardly self-centered, do-nothing fraud, doesn't mean she has a head start on anyone.

    I share your frustrations with Ro Khanna. He's had the chance to be on the winning side, and he chooses wrong every time.

    Ro: you went with John Dutra Jr, over other progressive candidates. Are you nuts? You went with Natarajan, another selfish politician who talks out of both sides of her mouth. You lost there too. Now you're aligning yourself with Yogi Chugh for the Fremont Appointment? 3 strikes and you're out.

    Remember this: birds of a feather flock together. You know exactly what kind of reputation Chugh has, in every camp in the Tri-City area.

    Are you sure you want to be associated with posers like Chugh? There's a reason why he's been spinning his wheels for 15 years.

    Figure it out.


  11. Ro duh HO Khanna, or Con-Job. Ellen is a whore herself. These two are only out for themselves.


    So far he's not beholden to the union whores or Democratic party sluts.


  12. Ro Khanna is the bigge opportunist I have ever seen. He will say anything or do anything to get into congress.
    I have seen this first hand. He has stockpiled money by misinforming people that he was running in 2012. He was the biggest loser in the November 2012 election – Swalwell won, Cook-Kallio lost, Anu lost, and others he supported lost. He's already made people mad by picking sides. At least we can trust Ellen Corbett. Ro is all about Ro.


  13. Excuse me? You guys are sick!
    What do you naysayers claim about our only hardworking Senator Ellen in our District? I was a volunteer for her first term as mayor of San Leandro. Please look at her record since that time! she was elected leader of senate pro tem because of her bravery and did not take on the status quo in Sacramento. I am not a staffer, just loyal to Senator Ellen, and would it be wonderful to have a braveheart in DC? Take on other house members!


  14. Hey all you retards, Ellen HAD to move to Hayward because San Leandro is no longer in her district. This washed up hag will sit around Sacramento, wasting time, gaining weight and whining.


  15. If Corbet can afford to buy a second home, she can afford to pay to fix her car. What a waste of taxpayers money.
    Cutting perks is a good way to help save money! Shame on Corbet, she knows better!!
    Need my car serviced, Ellen can you help me?


  16. Steve, there's one thing you forgot to mention in your write up. Ellen Corbett has pretty much the same problem that Stark had: she hasn't done shit for anyone. She's never stuck her neck out. In fact, unless she needs something, you never hear from her. She has no sense of loyalty, no backbone, and no courage. And she never lifts a finger to help anyone.

    If you're hearing that the “Party” is going to support her over Swalwell, then you must be talking to a handful of incompetent, disgruntled shit-disturbers. (Who, by the way, couldn't put a winning campaign together even though they had every fucking resource at their disposal). Trust me, I don't think Swalwell feels any “pressure” on that one.

    Even if Corbett gets Labor and the Party (which is unlikely), you've seen first hand that Swalwell can win without those two forces.

    Corbett really has some nerve. She's making a complete fool of herself. The same goes for any local elected (or Party Leader) that follows her lead.

    Why not give Swalwell a shot? He hasn't even been sworn in yet.

    And Khanna is too smart to take on Honda. If he runs in CD17, it will be because Honda takes an appointment with the Administration.

    Food for thought.


  17. It's hard to compare Honda to Stark. Honda has only been in Congress for 12 years vs Stark's 40. He did serve for decades in SC Supes and Assembly which means he knows his district better. What has Khanna done for any Bay Area district except write a book?? Should have stayed in commerce dept.


  18. The notion that House Democrats are going to support Corbett over an incumbent is nonsense. Corbett needs that rumor to have any hope of raising money – but it's not true. She called around before 2012 election seeking support from House Democrats to run against Stark and got no where.

    She bought this house in July thinking Stark would win and retire in 2014 – which she would run in 2014 for an open seat. Her Kharma hit a brick wall!


  19. By MW:

    So the Starks are supposedly moving back to the Bay area.

    But I thought they already lived in the Bay area – in other words in that San Lorenzo house, and in fact for at least the last twenty five years or so, that no one has ever seen them at.


  20. While I may be cheekily insinuating Deborah Stark might run. She is not even contemplating it, as far as I know. However, the notion she was Stark's heir apparent had long been gossiped about around here. Just adding context.


  21. This will not be precisely a Nadia and Bill situation, but not much different. If Deborah intends to run she will be constantly compared to Nadia (not flattering) and her husband (not flattering either). I guess they believe this Congressional District is their political dynasty to rule. Like 7:58, I hope Deborah does not have intentions to run.


  22. As far as I know, California law does not require residency in a Congressional district. It's certainly a political problem, but not a legal barrier.


  23. 8:40… Thank God, we'll finally have a series of competitive races for congress.
    Exactly what many of us were pushing for.
    Too bad that the mainstream East Bay old time Democrats were aghast at the prospect we would actually have a real election.

    I'm a Democrat. I live in the East Bay, and have had ONE competitive election in my entire voting life prior to 2012. I turned 21 in 1971 when 21 was the voting age. My first election 1972…
    Then that was it for 40 years, no more competition while the insiders fawned over Pete like some prince.
    Many of us were sick and tired of that.
    So those that think we're fearful of a open election are quite wrong. I want every election to be a battle of ideas instead of some going through the motions slam dunk.
    I want a 3 ring circus.. Swalwell, Corbett, and Khanna. Bring it on. Could be great.
    Remember, its top two.


  24. The thought of Deborah Stark coming back here to run for “Pete's” seat just plain stinks.

    I'm sure she is a wonderful woman, but this idea that you are due a position because of your husband makes this voter angry. I'm sure she wouldn't blow up like Naida, but the concept is still sick.
    BTW, how much money is Pete still sitting on from his current campaign funds?
    Not that he couldn't throw in a million without suffering.

    Swalwell, Corbett, or even Khanna, before Starks wife.
    But I'm sure there are lots of muddle-headed we-love Pete types out there who would instantly rally to her cause.
    Heck, if

    Wonder what her position would be on her kids getting Social Security payments if she were elected?

    Like I said, this voter thinks a Stark candidacy in 2014 stinks.
    What next, a Mary Hayashi rehabilitation project?


  25. Swalwell EARNED his job. He's here to stay. Get used to it.

    As for Khan-job, er Khanna, he continues to shop around to game a seat. Tried in San Mateo County=loser. Is out of the mix in Alameda County=loser. Santa Clara County next? LOSER!


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