California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer speaking, Apr. 13, at the Democratic Party
State Convention in Sacramento. PHOTO/Shane Bond

CADEM CONVENTION | No moment emphasized the general smugness of California Democrats this weekend than a Top 10 list delivered by State Treasurer Bill Lockyer that skewered the downtrodden state Republican Party. Afterwards, Democratic Party Chairman John Burton drolly teased Lockyer, saying, “He also prided himself on being a policy wonk. Below is Lockyer’s Top 10 reasons “Why saving the GOP will be a lot harder than they think.”:

10. Gucci loafers clash with tin foil hats.
9. The GOP bench appears to be carved out of balsam wood.
8. The new GOP plan to focus on nuts and bolts means nominate nuts and watch the voters bolt.
7. The GOP platform committee is being sued for copyright infringement by Leviticus.
6. Lately the GOP legislative caucus has been held in the Capitol elevator.
5. Some of the GOP elites may want to offer immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Tea Partyers want to offer one to Barack Obama.
4. The recent GOP autopsy on the ultimate cause of Republican woes can’t decide between foot-in-the-mouth disease or head up ass syndrome
3. GOP elephant is too large to hide behind the Koch Brothers’ front groups.
2. Mitt Romney is in La Jolla and still writing his inauguration speech.
1. Women still have the vote.


  1. I'm declined-to-state and so is my wife. We will both be voting for him because we admire his service to our State


  2. This democrat not voting for him any more. He needs to go with Nadia to rehab. Was told he married Nadia cause he was going to run for Gov. and he was trying with her help, to get the latino vote, but Arnold scared him off. He may have been good once, but he has changed! He's old and been around 4ever.Time for you to take your head out of his ass!


  3. Lockyer wins easy in a Statewide race because when he was Attorney General he did a lot for consumers and the middle class. He has tremendous name recognition and will get Republican, Democrat and Declined to State votes. The only people who might vote for his opponent are the extreme Tea Party who are going extinct. Pull your head out of your ass and you might see the world as it really is! Like it or not, he'll win by double digits. LOL


  4. Lockyer along with his fellow cronies are whats wrong with this country. The same people these progressive fools purport to support will be the first ones to do away with them once these useful idiots have served their purpose.


  5. Lockyer should know all about having ones head up someones ass. That's where his head has been for sometime now. Look at your wife Nadia and all the problems YOU have caused Bill. I once was proud to be a democrate, but not anymore. Like Stark and Hayashi your done Bill! GO AWAY BILL FAR AWAY!


  6. “Who cares what he thinks? He needs to retire from politics and focus on his drug addict wife and son.”

    He cares what he thinks. Caring for the addict wife and son would put him and his ego out of the spotlight. Posted elsewhere on EBC was a comment about Gavin Newson's biography being titled “Me, Myself and I”. Well, the same applies to Lockyer.


  7. Who cares what he thinks? He needs to retire from politics and focus on his drug addict wife and son.


  8. By MW:

    So Bill Lockyer, and who is married to an extreme drug addict, an extreme mental retard, and a joker who has periodically accused him of supplying her with illegal drugs, is insulting other people. That's a good one.

    In fact, I have noticed that an unusually high percentage of the most extreme alcoholics are also married to alcoholics. And that is not surprising, since it is hard to believe that very many non-alcoholics would put up for very long with someone who was an extreme alcoholic.

    Similarly, I seriously doubt that very many non-drug addicts would put up for very long with a spouse who was an extreme drug addict.

    And still furthermore, quite a number of years before Bill even got involved with Nadia, he already had a well deserved reputation as being extremely erratic, regularly flying off the handle, shooting first and without asking questions or even bothering to look, and in general being a regular nutcase.


  9. Bill Lockyer. Talk about someone for whom one could make a mocking Top Ten List.

    Though I am a lifelong Democrat, nothing could be more scary than the “group think” that the party could cook up with nothing to restrain them.

    Example, they are falling all over themselves so quickly to endorse much needed Immigration Reform that it looks like they'd be more than happy to pass something with essentially no workplace enforcement over the next 10 years.

    Leaving lower skilled and less educated Californians to fend for themselves in every category of employment that future undocumented arrivals choose to seek work in.

    What do you say the 25% unemployed males in East Oakland who have essentially been replaced in the work force? Blame Bush?
    Seems the local Democratic party leaders have thrown them overboard in favor of political imperitives.

    Say anything out of the “group think” agenda and you'll be branded as non-progressive.
    Tell that to the East Bay construction worker who formerly found work in building residential housing.

    Carpenters, masons, painters, roofers and so forth.
    They have been replaced at wages and benefits less than similar worker were making way back in the 70's and early 80's.
    (if you aren't working on a government paid for project, where wages are enforced, then you are essentially working for poverty wages.)

    Check out the NPR story, and wonder why no local media will do similar journalism about our area.


    Now ask yourself. After “reform” is passed, and it should be, will there be anything in the bill that will protect East Bay construction workers from the next wave of undocumented workers being employed at poverty wages?

    There is NO call locally or nationally from Democratic party leaders for there to be effective worksite enforcement AFTER a reform bill is passed.
    And I don't see anyone in the state Democratic party who dare endorses measures such as E-Verify for future regulation of newly arrived undocumented workers. In short, nothing will change. Employers will do what they always do.
    Hire new cheaper labor. Why not when there are no teeth in the reform bill being considered.
    Certainly no California Democrats are calling for effective enforcement.
    If you think otherwise, show me something in the news. Anything from any Democratic leaders.

    That is what I mean by a scary “group think” in California Democratic party leadership.
    They have essentially left the lower educated and lower skilled working class out of any future protections from employers undercutting then once again.

    There are other similar issue where it seems its not PC to mention any such alternatives.
    Group Think. Happens on both sides.


  10. I'll vote for Betty Yee or the Man in the Moon before I ever support this pimp who whored his 'trophy wife' on Alameda County and caused such a fiasco that we're now stuck with Dick Valley.

    Liz Figueroa; Gail Steele; where are you?

    Never before has one chump caused such calamity on a county as Liaryer!


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