The Amazing Shrinking Mayor Emerges Just In Time For Re-Election


SAN LEANDRO | Now you see him, now you don’t. San Leandro’s rotund Mayor Stephen Cassidy is looking noticeably svelte in just the past few weeks. Is the puffy, pink-faced mayor on a crash diet or has he gone the route of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and undergone a procedure to shed the pounds just in time for the beginning of his re-election campaign next year?

Cassidy, right, Thursday with
State Sen. Ellen Corbett.

In the graphic above, Cassidy’s transformation is noticeable. The photo on the left was taken last Mar. 28 at a special council meeting discussing the possibility of medical cannabis dispensaries in San Leandro. The photo on right, however, was taken yesterday, just over two months later, at the grand opening of the Zero Net Energy Center.

Cassidy’s typically pink hue is gone and his face and chin are clearly thinner than any time since he came on the political scene over four years ago. He also doesn’t fill out his suit like he once did.

The change in physique is not only thing apparent about Cassidy. He could also be signing like Patti LaBelle and her famous weight loss anthem, “Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo I’ve Got A New Attitude!”

During the past few City Council meetings, the normally arrogant Cassidy known throughout the East Bay for his consistent attacks on public employees and rude exchanges with fellow council members, has become something of a sweetheart in both the tenor of his voice and demeanor.

In fact, during Thursday’s event featuring Gov. Jerry Brown, one speaker praised the energy neutral building and lauded the state’s progressive politics and labor movement. The large crowd applauded the sentiments behind the remark, but Cassidy sat noticeably still for a moment before mustering just two begrudging claps in support of labor.

Cassidy sits in a dunk tank in 2010.

A similar, but far less dramatic transformation occurred during Cassidy’s 2010 run for mayor. Normally nattily-dressed with a wild and curly poof of hair on his balding head, it became clear to Cassidy’s campaign team, this version of the candidate would not strike an attractive pose to voters. In short time, Cassidy rolled to the upset ranked-choice victory over Tony Santos always in suit and tie and short, clipped hair.

Cassidy wouldn’t be the only “Biggest Loser” in the East Bay, though. Alameda Councilwoman Lena Tam has also undergone as dramatic physical change of late. However, not in such a short period of time as Cassidy.

If anything, Cassidy’s extreme weight loss can, at least, be view as good leadership. San Leandro wasn’t named the fattest city in Alameda County for nothing.

30 thoughts on “The Amazing Shrinking Mayor Emerges Just In Time For Re-Election

  1. Cassidy looks old, stress will do that. He still looks like Larry Fine just much older.


  2. The question is did Cassidy use city paid medical benefits to pay for his weight loss procedures? If he can then I think city workers should too.


  3. Back to the Tea Party for you who tries to dominate this blog with your conservative views! This means you 2:08


  4. Son or daughter who bandies about the term 'bully,' you have rocks in your head and little self-worth. Do us all a favor and cease and desist once and for all.

    Back to Berkeley with you!


  5. Hey people can we stay on topic? This is supposed to be about the ever changing Mayor.


  6. Anon above: You're a BULLY! Are you so inept that you can't try and say something without putting people down or calling them names. Then picking on a child is the definition of an Ultimate Bully. Bullies usually have very low self esteem, so they feel the need to pick on people. Get some help please.


  7. Kid, you've got rocks in your head. Need to grow up and join the real world. You wouldn't know who a bully was if he/she punched you right in the nose.

    On a newsworthy note: folks, our cries have been answered. That pompous stooge Bill HO Lockyer is retiring for good. Obviously the polling went lousy for him and he saw the writing on the wall. He and his whore tropy-wife [now a lead balloon] he thrust on us briefly as county supervisor, now they can go off into the sunset and leave us the hell alone. Nothing but a disaster. That's what we'll remember about the Ho Lockyers. That kid of theirs, who was born retarded, hopefully now will get the attention he deserves. Neither parent has been accommodating to his needs. Hopefully he won't suffer due to their political whims anymore.


  8. Still trying to bully people by calling them names like whores (sexist), and trolls. Obviously you are a male. Does this win you many arguments? People will just ignore your points, if you had any!


  9. Obviously the person above is a troll for the entrenched constituencies. Need to get your head examined.


  10. You've got your marbles mixed up. I read the comments and I don't perceive any 'bullying.'

    On the contrary, the writer did a damn good job of taking on all of the special interests.

    If that's bullying, then I say bring it on! Power back to the people!!


  11. Anon 12:05-you and Cassidy have one thing in common. You both like to try and bully people-it never works.


  12. The unions, political bosses, developers, chambers of commerce, lobbyist whores, and other entrenched special interests all need to go straight to hell.

    Then just maybe we can have some real, honest outcomes for our communities. Nothing generalized about that.


  13. Cassidy hates unions because he's never worked a day in his life. He's a lawyer who sits on his ass all day shuffling papers and billing hours while eating lunch.


  14. Well, if unions are “special interests,” they're special interests which have been getting their ass kicked and power reduced for a long time now, to the detriment of their members, all middle-class people, many of whom are neighbors of most readers of this blog.

    It's noticeable that the bankers and investment firms, large corporations and oil companies, and the mega-wealthy are special interests which have gotten richer and increased their power in recent years. It's also noticeable that the anti-Union stooge who fouls the memory of Sam Gompers doesn't complain much about those interests' increasing wealth and power in recent years.

    I don't know who this anonymous commenter think he's fooling. By his statements, he isn't advancing the cause of working people- he's hurting us.


  15. Unions are special interests. Long gone are the days of Samuel Gompers–look him up–and advocacy of the common man, and later, woman. Today's east bay union bosses are out for themselves, along with the developer and chamber of commerce whores. They can all go to blazes.


  16. About time he lost weight since he couldn't walk into the council chambers w/o sweating bullets


  17. Anon 4:50–What do you have against unions, and do you really think it helps to put down people, swear, insult and and use a sexist term? Some might say you are just a bully yourself! Oh yeah.


  18. Steve Cassidy is an outstanding mayor. Big improvement over the soft soapers of the recent past.

    He don't take shit and puts union whores in their place! Oh yeah!!


  19. We'll see if he can resist labor's big 4th of July BBQ's. They have some damn fine chicken, Cassidy.


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