HAYWARD | The Hayward School Board chose its former Chief Financial Officer Stanley Dobbs as the district’s finalist for superintendent this Saturday. He would replace Dr. Donald Evans who announced his departure from the district last month to become Berkeley’s new superintendent.

The vote came down to a 4-1, with board member Dr.Luis Reynoso the lone vote against Dobbs. Dobbs is known for his knowledge on the district’s finances and has received strong support from community members in the past for his financial know-how. Enough support in fact to garner votes from board members John Taylor, Lisa Brunner and Annette Walker. However, Board President, William McGee, hadn’t expressed any favoritism towards Dobbs recently, but voted with the majority.

“One of the reasons I voted for Dobbs was because of what he has done in Hayward and even though there are all these things out there about comments he made in San Diego and making incorrect statements to the press we have to put our differences aside,” said McGee. “We need student achievement and cohesive organization as our first priority.”

Reynoso’s vote came as little surprise. He previously expressed a lack of confidence in Dobbs since he left the district after only spending 19 months with the district before leaving to the San Diego school district for the same job.

In San Diego, Dobbs found himself in a swell of controversy over comments he made about high teachers’ salaries that proved to be incorrect. Reynoso said Dobbs didn’t bring any real change to the district during his time with Hayward.

Dobbs’s comments in San Diego got him in hot water with the teacher’s union. In San Diego school teachers average about $92,000 a year in salary and benefits but Dobbs falsely said they made $92,000-a-year plus $20,000 in benefits. He also said that the school district had excess employees and that an increase in class sizes did not adversely affect students.

However, in Hayward, Dobbs has strong support among leaders in the teacher’s union. Mercedes Faraj, Hayward Education Association president, expressed strong support and confidence in Dobbs abilities last month at a school board meeting.

The board will have to approve a contract for Dobbs at a later date to confirm him as the new superintendent of Hayward. He will step in after Evans begins his position as Berkeley’s new superintendent in Berkeley on July 1.