Some Hayward School Board Members Advocating For Large Supe Contract

Stan “Data” Dobbs has strong support
from Hayward school board members
John Taylor and Lisa Brunner.

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD | The contract likely approved Wednesday evening by the Hayward school board for appointed interim superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs may equal or exceed that of his vastly more experienced predecessor, while questions arise over his community support.

Dobbs, who has neither previous experience as a school superintendent nor any hours in the classroom during in his career, may be in line for a contract between $205,000 and $240,000. Dr. Donald Evans, who was recently was named superintendent for the Berkeley Unified School District, earned nearly $230,000 and with far more experience than Dobbs.

News of the exorbitant contract discussed by the school board in closed session is the latest in a long line of peculiar circumstances surrounding various school board members and a zealous push by others in the Hayward community, including the teachers union to install Dobbs as its next superintendent despite his limited credentials.

Strong anti-union comments made by Dobbs to a San Diego news site last February rankled teacher so much that some created an online petition calling for his removal, but was followed conversely, by almost diametrically opposed appreciation for Dobbs by union brass in Hayward.

Dobbs’ own stint at Hayward Unified ended last November after just less than two years and his apparent return just six months later has reportedly signaled no cause for concern by school board members, although not all, including Dobbs, were entirely sold on his initial candidacy. Dobbs’ reportedly attempt last Friday to drop out of consideration, has also raised few questions for his desire to seek their open superintendent’s position. The Citizen has learned Dobbs was reluctant to apply for the position from the beginning for unknown reasons.

According to sources in the community, school board members William McGee and Annette Walker initially opposed Dobbs over, among other reasons, unspecified poor behavior with colleagues while previously heading the district’s business department. School board member Dr. Luis Reynoso, the lone no votes during Dobbs’ appointment June 8, has reportedly always been against Dobbs’ candidacy, and not surprising since both routinely clashed during school board meetings.

However, sometime between his Dobbs’ candidacy, first revealed publicly by the teachers’ union Web site and the June vote, McGee and Walker switched their vote. McGee, the board’s president, is up for re-election next year and Walker was elected last November, in large part due to the decision of two incumbent board members to not seek re-election following a protracted sex scandal last summer.

Board members John Taylor and Lisa Brunner, however, have been unwavering in their support of Dobbs, sources say. Taylor, in fact, is viewed as the point man in enticing Dobbs to return to the East Bay.

In a short interview with Taylor following Tuesday’s two-hour meeting over Dobbs’ superintendent contract, his comments suggested having very recent contact with the candidate, for which he is currently negotiating a contract. Such conduct can represent specific ethical violations for elected officials and pose a significant breach of the public’s trust and treasury, if found true.

Taylor and Brunner, in turn, were heard to advocate offering Dobbs a contract in the neighborhood of $240,000. Such an amount is in excess of what Evans received just 18 months ago. In addition, there is a growing consensus among Dobbs’ detractors the real impetus for his unwavering support among some groups in Hayward is for Dobbs to lead a likely campaign next year for a large bond measure for the district’s infrastructure.

Although, the city’s residents have looked kindly recently for taxing itself for school construction, the most underperforming in Alameda County may seek a bond similar to Measure I passed in 2008 and the Measure G parcel tax approved in 2010. However, it could be more difficult this time around after such borrowing was assailed recently by critics, such as Hayward resident and State Treasurer Bill Lockyer for being a long-term drain on municipal treasuries.

The $21 million in risky capital improvement bonds issued by Hayward Unified in 2010 will cost residents $131 million over the next three decades. Lockyer called for an investigation last March into the use of such underwriting methods often used by districts, like Hayward, with pressing reconstruction needs, but little short-term capital.

All of this has left critics to suspect the candidacy of Dobbs, an expert in finance, falls directly on the nexus of many mutually beneficial interests, including the teachers union, powerful local development and real estate groups and school board members seeking for support for re-election and with Dobbs as the point man.

Shane Bond contributed reporting to this story

19 thoughts on “Some Hayward School Board Members Advocating For Large Supe Contract

  1. 10:31 its all about exposure. It is not boring to me is just like the news I watch to know what is happening. I come here to be kept up to date on local political activity. If Ebcitizen did not do the story on this Dobbs then I would have never know how incompetent he really is with out any credentials and how incompetent really the HUSD board is that is promoting him. I personally like it when Ebcitizen exposes these crooked incompetent politicians because no newspaper is doing it. Good job Ebcitizen


  2. What's the point of this blog? Whistle blowing? It's all been said a million times over and over. Nothing new here. Boring…


  3. 2:51 I've just to say that I agree that I was watching the same board meeting and that MCGee is like a little brat. If you have a diferent opinion on that board they shut you down but you know that Hayward does the same thing to different opinions too so MCGee is like the Hayward mob. Hayward is ruled by the ignorant mob of unions and other special interests cause you forget how those on that board were put in by unions and chamber of commerce. Lisa Dumber Bruner , John Dumb Taylor these 2 just sound like my pet miniature pig when she is mad. They make no sense to make when they talk, go figure. Someone please shut them up or give them speech therapy lessons.

    A word to MCGee — yo yo never cross your friends that help you


  4. This is probably the hardest thing that I have in a very long time. To publish what the President of the HUSD Board of Education resorted to to at 12:55am today. However it is very important that this community know what the character of our elected officials is. It is important that actions like the one I a posting do not become the norm from our elected officials. It is important for me to “blow the whistle” on William McGee.

    I am 68 years old, and until 12:55am this morning I have a been a strong supporter and what I thought was a personal friend to William McGee. He has asked for my assistance, in both his professional life and in his quest for political office, in the past and I have willingly given it.

    During last night's Board of Education meeting I observed what I perceived to be less than professional conduct from Mr. McGee, the President of the Board. In an effort to make him aware of how his behavior might be seen by the viewing audience; and to give him some words of wisdom to consider, I sent a text message to his personal cell phone. This message was sent at approximately 9:30pm.

    At 12:55am I was awakened from a sound sleep by my phone alerting me to a message. Fearing that something might be wrong with one of my children or grandchildren, I checked the message. To my surprise it was a less than polite message from Mr. McGee. In my half awake state I attempted to respond. What followed was a series of text messages filled with accusations and assumptions that became more and more rude, lasting for another 10-15 minutes. I was so shocked, upset and dismayed that my so-called friend would wake me at 12:55 to “put me in my place” I could not go back to sleep…not good for an old person.

    I am anything but a whiner and can hold my own with almost anyone, and I thought long and hard about posting this information. However, I believe that the community needs to know how low the President of the Board of Education is willing to stoop to attack the messenger rather than to look inward at the message that was being delivered.


  5. I am a product of the Hayward Adult school. I was at the meeting yesterday oh what a mess we have. Mr Taylor the certificate for Mr. Stan Dobs you waived I have a similar one. Can you hire me?

    I have a GED and an accounting certificate from Heald and a project management certificate from Chabot College. I am currently working for Facebook and manage about 200 professionals and my department budget is always balanced (I think Dr. Reynoso would like that in a candidate).Had I known that my education and experience would have qualified me better than what this circus board selected as a superintendent then I would have applied. I would have taken a lot less money to be your top dog.


  6. 1:09 sickens you? You should be outraged. Embellished ? Prove it. Even a wall clock that's broken is right two times a day. Show me written proof not flapping gums. The truth hurts, everybody can't be wrong, separate the truth from fiction, but please get to the truth. Transparency


  7. By MW:

    In regard to Dobbs' compensation package, even more important than the yearly salary the board is agreeing to pay him is whether his contract, and just like that of most of the bigshots, will contain huge severance payments and going away presents if he is fired, quits, or for virtually any reason leaves early.

    In fact a lot of the bigshots have such huge severance payments promised in their contracts in case they should leave early, and for virtually any reason leave early, and including for being fired, that frankly it is often very strongly in their financial to get fired, and so that they can then go on to another job and at which they will also be very well compensated.


  8. Any of us could have applied for the position, we have no credential and no experience teaching. I would have taken much less than 229 thousand dollars.


  9. 9:01 I don't think he should have been hired to begin with. However everyone seems to do whatever the hell they want anyway. So to answer your question, based on his experience hell yes he needs to fire himself. But we all know that's not happening.


  10. this board needs to go away for bringing this carpetbagger back.
    no credentials
    no experience
    no knowledge

    just like hayward that nobody cares about the kids


  11. In my opinion, the crooks that have been bilking the district for years are afraid that Dobbs the man on top, who is not one of the good ole boys, has seen the districts financial records and knows exactly who is stealing what and how long they've been doing it and is now coming back as the man with the power he didn't hold before and can now fire every one of your asses if not have each of you arrested for embezzlement. Let's wait to see how long it takes for the good ole boys to lynch him, set him up for stealing the money or have some woman say he raped her which is usually what they do. These people will lie to the grand jury to keep their corruption going. Let's see who get's fired first?


  12. It's no longer politics between the board members. By making it personal, they are not acting in the best interest of the school district.

    Again, why are they so supportive of Dobbs? No credentials or school site experience?? And he wants to be paid much more than he's worth! Find someone that's actually qualified and competent, not a BSer!


  13. I have been watching this board meeting and I am so disgusted with the conduct and behavior of Ms. Brunner, Mr. Taylor and Mr. McGee. They act like the bullies we say we don't want in our district schools. Just because they dislike Dr. Reynoso, doesn't mean that they should demean him, call him a liar or in any other way put his opinions or commentary down. Time for them to GROW UP.


  14. Hayward has not had a proper person in years. Now it's a problem when Dobbs is coming back? HUSD crooks are afraid that Dobbs is going to expose the corruption .
    Lety Salinas- 1 year as principal then boom $159,000 a year
    Chien Wu Fernandez- Never been a teacher or site administrator $159,000
    Billy Martin-150,000- no degree and the school buildings look like crap
    Kathryn Benson-No Degree not even an AA but she was allowed to train administrators act like she was the Superintendant and is being paid $170,000


  15. Thank you Steven and Shane for hearing our plea to expose this fiasco for what it is; a group of ignorant, self-impressed, wanta-be politicos known as the Board of Trustees of Hayward Unified School District.


  16. WOW! Where does one begin? HUSD's top leadership, the Board of Trustees are acting in a reckless manner and are gambling with the welfare of 20,000+ students..For what??

    it matters not one bit that this Mr. Dobbs might be able to bring money into HUSD; without the proper person leading this district as superintendent the money will just go down the drain where all the other money has gone, and our children will still be suffering academically.

    With Trustees like John Taylor, working as Mr. Dobbs' shill, how can anyone trust the decisions made by the board of education? Clearly Mr. Taylor does not understand ethical conduct or professional behaviors. Clearly he doesn't understand his fiduciary duty to the voters who elected him or to the students he represents. Clearly he didn't take a course on upholding the public trust. Makes one wonder, what will John Taylor gain from the appointment of Stan “Data” Dobbs?

    How can Mr. McGee and Dr. Walker really stand before the community and say that hiring a person with absolutely no educational experience, no classroom experience, no site administrator experience is the best thing for students? What in God's name are they thinking? How can they look in the mirror and not feel shame?

    Quite frankly, I thought McGee, Taylor, Walker and Brunner cared about kids…WELL THEY DON'T!


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