AC Transit Board Of Directors Censures Joel Young

AC TRANSIT | The AC Transit Board of Directors voted 5-0 last night to censure board member Joel Young for violating board policies concerning its code of ethics and improperly using district property for personal gain. Board director Mark Williams abstained from the vote. The censure of Young included no fines or penalties, but it represented a significant, and unusual, public rebuke of an elected official.

Young was not in the room as his colleagues voted to approve the resolution censuring him, thereby irritating some board members for his unwillingness to shed additional light on the allegations. Ward Five board member Jeff Davis said he was disappointed by Young’s absence. “To me, his position reflects poorly on us,” said Davis. “Just not what he did, but what he did since then.” Davis added he was uncomfortable sitting in judgment of a colleague, however, Young’s unwillingness to publicly defend his actions made it less difficult. “I would like to hear some contrition and I’m not hearing it,” he said.


3 thoughts on “AC Transit Board Of Directors Censures Joel Young

  1. By MW:

    Of course rather than the Board investigating the issue itself, since Joel Young is a lawyer the Board could have instead referred the matter to the totally corrupt California State Bar for “investigation,” in other words to that sleazy organized crime ring which pretends its two major reasons for existence are to: one, uphold and enforce “standards” for lawyers; and two, protect the general public from lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent.

    For instance, and as anyone with an IQ higher than his or her shoe size would instantly realize, Nadia Lockyer, and who is still in drug rehab, is in no condition to practice law, or even to be the second junior assistant manager of a small child's sidewalk lemonade stand. However Nadia is still in good standing with the CSB, and therefore supposedly well qualified to practice law, and as you can confirm by going to the CSB's website, and which is “”

    In other words, in reality the primary actual purpose of that sleazy organized crime ring which refers to itself as the California State Bar is to protect lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent, and especially if they are politically connected, and the public be damned.


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