Swalwell Can’t Help Kicking An Old Dog When He’s Down

Still in the crosshairs: Pete Stark

CONGRESS 15 | The National Journal’s Shane Goldmacher is either the most thorough political journalist in American history or he has nothing better to do than investigate campaign finance reports of bygone representatives no longer serving in Congress.

The conservative magazine’s Web site reported Monday former East Bay representative Pete Stark spent $2,240 in campaign funds last month on party supplies and a honky-tonk band named the Hula Monsters, according to finance reports released this month.

Stark was defeated last November by Rep. Eric Swalwell, also a Democrat, after 40 years serving the East Bay. Despite Swalwell’s victory, this latest piece by the journalistic industrial complex (also including the San Francisco Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci and Oakland Tribune’s Josh Richman) which has long been in favor of the newbie congressman, reeks of a hit piece against Stark by Swalwell surrogates.

Goldmacher, a former Los Angeles Times capitol reporter, is no stranger to Swalwell. He penned a positive profile on Swalwell last fall in which he tagged along canvassing a neighborhood in the Tri Valley. It’s unfathomable any reporter, especially a Beltway scribe, would have the time to research such a story, nevermind, actually reaching out to one of the band members who played at the Stark soiree, like Goldmacher did.

The story is also similar to a hit piece put out by Swalwell last year against Stark where his campaign attempted to mock him for allegedly using campaign donations to pay for clowns at his then pre-school children’s birthday party. The tagline then, as in this posting, is Stark’s treasurer is also his wife.

And while the National Journal speculates the party may have been thrown as a thank you to capitol staffers, in an equally speculative vein, it could have also been the family’s own farewell. Earlier this year, Stark said he plans on moving back to the East Bay from their Maryland home once the teenage Stark son settles into Yale this summer.

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  1. “Swalwell can't help kicking a old dog when he's down”

    Followed by zero connection to Swalwell or anyone on his staff or former campaign.

    “reeks of a hit piece against Stark by Swalwell surrogates”

    I guess no one should even examine what out of office candidates do with their funds.
    No reason to keep an eye on what our former Assembly-person does with her $750,000


  2. Bye bye, Starks!


  3. Alternate Headline
    “Local Blogger can't help writing misleading headlines”


  4. Swalwell's being classless as always.

    I remember a tweet he put out just before the election that read: “An old building is being knocked down in Walnut Creek today. Something new will be in its place and we'll all be better off.” The picture attached was a picture of the bank Stark used to run.

    Right after Sen. Inouye died and expressed as his dying wish that Rep. Colleen Hanabusa should get the seat, Swalwell sent out a tweet saying that his new friend, Tulsi Gabbard, should get the post. Besides the blatant disrespect to Senator Inouye, Gabbard hadn't even begun to serve in the House yet.

    He also tweeted and facebook-posted about having a four-to-one cash advantage over Corbett, who hasn't even begun serious fundraising. An incumbent touting a fundraising advantage is pure arrogance.

    Now, apparently, he's launched a new flashy-looking congressional website, which doesn't seem any different in functionality than any other websites, and acts as though this is a huge accomplishment. Wonder how much government money/staff time he wasted redoing his website.

    He acts like a classless, juvenile frat boy, and I can't wait to see his ass gone.


  5. By MW:

    As far as referring to Stark as an old dog, considering the “standards” of most Bay area politicians I would think that comment: one, constitutes defamation against most species of animals; and two, therefore might cause you to be sued by the SPCA.

    However if we are going to compare politicians to animals, then rather than comparing them to old dogs I think it would be much more appropriate to compare them to such creatures as snakes, hogs, vultures, rattlesnakes, and swine.


  6. Swalwell's just a rich spoiled kid who's been bought and paid for by Valley developers. Way too arrogant for me! I hope I have choices in 2014.


  7. Not rich or spoiled–his family was middle class. We'll give him that. But corrupt and arrogant–hell yes. Corbett will hopefully kick him to the curb.


  8. A lot of politicians are corrupt. It's the arrogance I can't stand. Ellen Corbett does seem to be humble and I've voted for her before for Senate.


  9. I agree with 10:43


  10. Corbett in 2014.


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