GOP Vanila Singh in Race with Honda, Khanna; wouldn’t Repeal Obamacare

Vanila Singh

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Let’s first get this out of the way. Republican 17th Congressional District candidate Vanila Singh is not named after the mellow spice. Instead, her sweet name roughly translates as mother earth in Sanskrit, she said. “I paid my dues with that name. I better make use of it,” she joked at the Republican state convention last weekend in Burlingame.

Singh is a first-time candidate in one of the nation’s featured House races this fall, yet her poise likely derived from her duties as a doctor and professor at Stanford attracted the eye of Texas Rep. Pete Session who interrupted our discussion to gush over Singh in that charming yet smarmy way only a Texan can get away with. Sessions said he and his wife and gotten to know Singh and her husband, also a physician. Like another famous Republican from Texas, Sessions seemed to have looked into the soul of Singh and found promise.

Her race also pits Democratic Rep. Mike Honda against the well-financed Ro Khanna. Somehow Singh hopes to eek out a place in June’s top-two primary, likely at the expense of Khanna, another young Indian American. Singh says she will rely on first stoking the district’s conservative voters. However, the addition of two Republicans in the race just before the filing deadline may fracture conservative support. Some Singh supporters loudly suspect the newest Republican Indo American, Vinesh Singh Rathore, is actually a Khanna associate and plant recruited to further neutralize Singh. Polling last month by Democracy for America, a Honda supporter, indicated Singh had somewhat eroded Khanna’s support among moderates and conservatives. She declined to speculate on the rumor about her opponents.

As a medical doctor, Singh’s expertise at first glance appears in line with some Republican House candidate’s best hand—Obamacare. However, she said flatly, Obamacare should not be repealed, but improved upon. Although the more moderate stance by Republican is often to say “tweak,” but insinuate wholesale changes to Obamacare, Singh did not shade her comments. Spoken like a true doctor, when it comes to health care, first do no harm.

6 thoughts on “GOP Vanila Singh in Race with Honda, Khanna; wouldn’t Repeal Obamacare

  1. If any of the Democrats did their homework on Mr. Honda and his ties and membership to the Democrat Progressive Caucus, which has very strong ties to the American Communist Party, over 75 Members of Congress are members of the American Communist Party, all are Democrats and 1 Independent. So when you vote and are quick to judge others for what they believe and commit their lives to their country, they should be commended not ridiculed or condemned because of their name, race or religion.


  2. What are her recommendations on “improving” Obamacare? Frankly, some specific examples would be nice.


  3. By MW:

    So her first name is Vanila. She should have married someone named Bland or had a running mate named Bland.

    Of course speaking of bland, Vanila could have had Alice Lai Bitker as her running mate. I don't know of anything ALB stood for or against – and she really did not seem to have any positions on anything other than saying: “Talk to Shawn Wilson about it.”

    (NOTE: Shawn Wilson was ALB's chief of staff, although in the practical sense SW was the real Supervisor and ALB was just there for window dressing.)


  4. She has a tiny chance to make it to November and zero chance to win then.
    You wonder what or who motivates her entry into the race.
    Why sign up? Future ambition as a Republican in California?

    Perhaps some desire for a federal appointment should a Republican win in 2016.
    Otherwise, why is she running?


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