East Bay Political Groups Give Hayward Mayoral Candidates the Cold Shoulder

HAYWARD | MAYOR | As more local political groups continue to shun Hayward mayoral candidates seeking their endorsement, it’s becoming clear the trio who voted to impose a five percent wage cut of city workers carry a torturous Scarlet Letter around town.

You can pick whichever letter signifies Councilmembers Barbara Halliday, Francisco Zermeno and Mark Salinas’ transgression against city workers after yet another group last Saturday declined to endorse any of the three mayoral candidates. This time it was the Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County giving the big no thanks.

According to the campaign Web sites of each candidate, only Halliday possess any support from a local endorsing body. Her site lists the Hayward Mobilehome Owners Association as an endorser, along with Gays & Lesbians Organized for Betterment and Equality (GLOBE). The latter likely from a connection between the group and former Hayward Councilmember Kevin Dowling, who is involved in Halliday’s campaign.

Barbara Halliday, Mark Salinas, 
Francisco Zermeno

In fact, nearly every endorsing group has grilled the three over their vote last February harshly opposed by members of Service Employee Union International Local 1021. Saturday afternoon’s endorsement meeting in Alameda was no different with all three having their vote questioned. While Halliday and Salinas held firm to previous statements, Zermeno continued a softening of his stance against workers. Zermeno, on two occasions, described himself a loyal Democrat. One time, offering the group, “If you want a good Democrat, I am yours.”

Later, Zermeno told the caucus he has personally apologized for his vote to various union members and offered to speak to every member of the nearly 300 SEIU Local 1021 workers in Hayward, if needed. However, he maintains his vote was made to protect the city’s promises of retirement and health benefits to workers in the future. “Down the line we see trouble ahead,” said Zermeno. “I needed to make sure that we want to be able to keep our promise.”

Halliday again struck a similar chord. “We want to protect the benefits these workers have,” said Halliday. “We want to protect good jobs with good benefits and if we continue down the path we were we would be risking going bankrupt.” She added, “The union would not agree to anything short of raises this year and no contributions, so impasse was declared.” Labor negotiators have refuted the characterization they were uncooperative, saying city management failed to engage the union at the bargaining table since last April.

Salinas told the group every labor group in Hayward since he was elected to the City Council in 2010 agreed to concessions, notably paying up to 17 percent towards the cost of their benefits. “Every labor group stepped up and hit that target,” Salinas told the group, except for SEIU Local 1021. He later charged the union with waiting for the last minute to negotiate. “There was no negotiation, no proposal and we made proposals that had minimum impact to paychecks.” But, the union didn’t want to do it, he said. And later when it came to backing one or more of the trio, the Asian Pacific American Caucus, like other political groups in the area, said neither did they and offered no endorsement.

9 thoughts on “East Bay Political Groups Give Hayward Mayoral Candidates the Cold Shoulder

  1. Vote Zermeno for Mayor in the June Primary! He is an experienced council member, honest, values education, families, businesses and our city!


  2. I posted 3 comments on 2014 Candidates page of which all my comments apply to the three suggested to vote for this year. These three have had enough, the only thing they have a right to is their salary and raises. The editorial listed in todays paper is pitiful and painful to accept. Voting is not earned by these three….IF ANYONE WINS, it was stacked. No one in their professional, business and economic mind would want these 3 persons around. They have used their positions, countered the real problems of Hayward, and accepted monies/salaries as if they deserved it. Especially the suggested mayor, how does real estate qualify for a position that has been filled by someone for how many years?
    Yes the editorial was painful, but only in the manner that the 7 council persons know who to blame and they do a good job not pointing a finger at themselves.


  3. Everyone in this country should have single payer health care and have lifetime medical benefits.


  4. You can make a bad decision (imposition) and change your mind afterwards. However, if you continue to try and justify your poor choice, everytime you speak–it will torpedo your political aspiriations. Move forward and work with people, not against them. Represent Hayward, not yourselves and your quest for lifetime medical benefits.


  5. I saw a posting some where in EB that we do not have people with spines in this city and I believe it. We need to elect people that are smart and with a spine.


  6. With each viable candidate essentially touting the same views and rhetoric, I'm not sure it makes a difference who you vote for. But what will make a difference is voting down Measure C.

    Vote No on Measure C. Don't allow our businesses to be put at a competitive disadvantage, and don't give the Council anymore of your money to waste.

    And if you happen to be of the opinion that it's not going to waste, then stay tuned. By the time the first ballots are circulated, I think you will have changed your mind.



  7. Don't know who to support for Mayor as all have flaws.

    Will be supporting Rocky and Sarah for Council as they are for smart growth along transportation routes that is the wave of the future.


  8. Zermeño is something else. Today a Democrat last month a dyed in the wool conservative republican.


  9. If the union and the Demo Party don't like the mayoral candidates then they should have put their own candidates up- it was put up or shut up time. And there two candidates (Rocky and Sara) will also be going down on June 3rd. SEIU Local 1021 was caught by Daily review for lying about City Council getting a raise. Waving signs on Foothill will get no one elected.


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