League of Women Voters Apologize for Neglecting to Invite GOP Candidate

Republican Peter Kuo, right, at a forum in 
Fremont April 9.

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | While his opponents in the State Senate 10th District race were busy at candidate’s forum last Friday night in Fremont, Republican Peter Kuo was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Well, not exactly, but the non-partisan League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark and Union City say they forgot to invite the lone Republican in the five-person race.

Kuo’s campaign manager Jason Scalese said the League’s representative called the next day to apologize for the error. “It was obvious that the volunteer making the call was deeply saddened and embarrassed by the mistake,” said Scalese. “We understood immediately that an error had been made and though we regret that Mr. Kuo was not able to take part in the forum, we greatly appreciated the League’s call and apologies.”

Sam Neeman, co-president of the south county chapter of the League of Women Voters invited Kuo to record an interview this weekend to be included with footage of the April 25 candidate’s forum.

Kuo, whose campaign has attracted the attention of the state Republican Party, lauded the League for their work in the community and accepted their apology. “Honest oversights are made by professionals and volunteers alike, and clearly this was just that.”

Meanwhile , Kuo has successfully tapped into a vein of campaign fundraising through his opposition of SCA-5, state legislation unpopular with Asian American voters. Some believe the issue has the potential to propel Kuo into the top two come the June primary. Others vying for the seat include Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, former Assemblymembers Mary Hayashi and Audie Bock, in addition, to Roman Reed.

4 thoughts on “League of Women Voters Apologize for Neglecting to Invite GOP Candidate

  1. Alameda Registrar of Voters website failed to list Kuo because he filed in Santa Clara County, also part of this new State Senate district 10 (see my website). LWV honest mistake.


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