Hayashi Says Poll Shows Her Leading Wieckowski, Field in 10th State Senate

Mary Hayashi

STATE SENATE | 10th DISTRICT | Despite the bloody turn in the race for the East Bay’s 10th State Senate District seat, Mary Hayashi’s campaign says a poll shows she is leading Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski by percentage points, although the poll by Lake Research Partners also shows almost half of all voters are taking a wait-and-see approach to the race.

According to the poll of 400 likely primary voters conducted through a phone survey May 6-8, Hayashi leads the pack at 21 percent, followed by Wieckowski at 18 percent. To further tighten the race, the poll has a relatively high margin of error of +/-4.9 percent.

Republican Peter Kuo registered seven percent support, along with Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed at five percent and former Assemblymember Audie bock with two percent. In addition, 47 percent of those polled said they were undecided. The top two finishers in the June 3 primary, regardless of party affiliation, advance to the November general election.

Hayashi’s campaign is painting the poll as an indication the barrage of negative attacks unleashed by Wieckowski in the last 10 days, including a Web site named MugShotMary.com, has done little to undermine her campaign.

“The voters are seeing through these personal attacks,” said Hayashi campaign manager Josh Pulliam. “What this race is really coming down to is a choice between a true champion for working families and women for 26 years, or a bully who built his career on protecting the trial attorney agenda, even when that meant standing up for attorneys and convicted rapists instead of protecting victims.”

Last week, Hayashi responded to the Web site with her own, slamming Wieckowski’s for initially voting against a bill that prohibited spouses convicted of domestic violence against their partners from receiving benefits such as alimony.

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  1. Bullshit!
    But thanks for the info, Steve.
    And were thought today's episode was going to be “What Steve thinks about all this Shit”
    : )


  2. Mary Hayashi, shoplifter extraordinaire, finished a distant third in the Alameda county Board of Supervisors race a year or so ago. No way the voters have forgotten her transgressions. I would love to see the push questions this poll undoubtedly had. She'll finished third again.


  3. This blog is a joke then, because everyone knows that's not even close to true. What happened to reporting the facts & checking your sources? I encourage everyone to research the truth. Hilarious! Are you guys getting paid by Hayashi too? lol


  4. In her campaign for supervisor, Mary Hayashi spent $24,600 on polling and thought she could win according to the results
    She finished 3rd with 24% of the vote.

    This year she has spent about $32,000 on polling for a district that is over twice as large.
    She again is being told she can win.
    At some point you get the idea that she gets what she pays for, even if it has little bearing on reality.
    Campaign consultants pollsters have the candidate as their customer. You always try to please the customer.
    At least as long as money remains in their campaign fund accounts.
    Heck, I'd tell Mary she was winning as long as the money kept flowing to pay for my advice or polling.

    I'm starting to get the idea that Mary is more than capable of fooling herself about reality.
    Take a look at her talking to the Central Committee endorsement meeting back in 2012 in her run for supervisor.
    Remember now she finished a distant 3rd.
    Look how confident she was. She really believed what she was saying that day, September 15th, 2012.
    The word “delusional” keeps coming to mind.



  5. They are both bad.


  6. Agree, Mary said the same thing in the Supervisor race. I do think she will come in second in this race though because of the weakness of the other candidates. In my opinion, Bob Wieckowski is the only one that has the possibility of beating Mary, now, and in the general. That's why I voted for him along with my wife by absentee ballot yesterday.


  7. The SF Chronicle Endorsed Bob Wieckowski and said:

    “Honestly, It's Not a Close Call”

    He is the ONLY competent one!


  8. When you really look at it, one of Mary's biggest problems is that no one in the East Bay or Sacramento has ever liked her as a person. Thus when she fell and even to this day, no one is going out of their way to help.
    By comparison, lots of people felt sorry for Nadia Lockyer in her fall from grace.

    Well, at least Mary makes the campaign interesting. You never know what she'll say next.


  9. Why are you idiots that write this crap NOT reporting on Wieckowski defending trial lawyer's fees by voting against AB 1522? Man you idiots define the word.


  10. “By comparison, lots of people felt sorry for Nadia Lockyer in her fall from grace.”

    Drug addiction is something that people can sympathize, if not empathize, with. Nadia did the right thing and stepped down. If Nadia said she'd gotten her act together and been clean and sober a few years, and tried to run again, I wouldn't disqualify her for having a problem, admitting it, and dealing with it. (Not that I'd automatically vote for her.)

    What Mary did was a deliberate criminal act. Maybe kleptomania is a disorder akin to drug addiction, but Mary has shown NO willingness to admit it let alone deal with it. All we have is a criminal who plead no contest to a crime. She is now moving along as if there was nothing wrong with that.

    I'm with the others that think she'll end up third, or lower, based on her 2012 results. If she makes it to the top two (which as noted is possible given the weakness of the other candidates), her shoplifting will get a lot more press all summer and she will easily fall to Wieckowski. MAYBE Bob had a bad vote in the Assembly. That in now way equates to what Mary did. I'd bet any money that Bob takes it in November.


  11. Zzzzzz I'm bored already


  12. I guess her brain tumor has made her delusional.


  13. For those that didn't get the memo, Weickowski voted for AB1522. The version Gov. Brown signed.

    Also, the author of AB1522, Atkins, has endorsed Bob


  14. Wieckowski is a Union hack whose loyalty is not to his district. In an odd way, Hayashi's predicament means that the only way for her to win and keep this job is to serve the voters in this district and not the power brokers in Sac. So I am going to vote for a 2nd chance for Hayashi.


  15. No on Hayashi who committed a crime while in office. Yes on Wieckowski who is the only one that can stop her. I'm putting my absentee ballot in the mail today.


  16. 12:27 am … you're a freakin' idiot. Hayashi was/is all Sacramento. She was part of Dem leadership when she was in Assembly. Very much courted labor. Only reason she has a miniscule chance is because of all the Sacramento money she raised while in office.

    I bet you're probably on Hayashi's payroll. I can't think of anyone else in the district who wants a criminal voted into office. Wish you the best of luck on your next gig. Hayashi will finish 3rd again..


  17. 12:27. What? A second chance for Hayashi?? Why??


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