Kuo Calls on Wieckowski, Hayashi to End Intense Negative Campaigning

Peter Kuo

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT |When it comes to the political fisticuffs being played in the East Bay’s 10th State Senate District, Peter Kuo has laid low, but he emerged Tuesday—just three weeks before Election Day—calling on two of his Democratic opponents, Bob Wieckowski and Mary Hayashi, to focus on the issues and not on each other’s foibles.

“What good is it doing?” said Kuo, the lone Republican in the June 3 primary roughly covering voters from Castro Valley to Santa Clara. “Are we closer to solve our water crisis? Are we closer to have a non-discriminatory education system? Is this bickering providing better health care for our senior citizens or creating jobs for the unemployed? California deserves better than dirty politics and attack ads.”

The five-person race quickly devolved into one of the most intense negative campaigns seen in the East Bay in some time. Over two weeks ago, Wieckowski released a web site and ad campaign titled, MugShotMary.com, which detailed Hayashi’s 2011 shoplifting incident. Days later, Hayashi followed suit with her own web site called, BobProtectedRapists.com. In the meantime, campaign managers from both sides have routinely traded barbs.

“The Kuo for Senate campaign is focused on running a positive campaign focused on the issues and invites our opponents to do the same,” said a statement Tuesday from Kuo’s campaign. “California’s problems won’t be solved with dirty politics, but with real discussion, thoughtful strategies and bold action.”

Kuo campaign also released a six-minute YouTube video to introduce him to voters with the tag line, “An American for California. Kuo immigrated from Taiwan as a teenager and now owns an insurance firm in Santa Clara County. The June 3 primary also includes former Green Party Assemblymember Audie Bock and Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed.

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  1. Unfortunately, the only chance that Peter Kuo has of making it into the fall runoff, is if Wieckowski is successful in driving down Hayashi's votes. The best way to do that is to expose voters to Mary's criminal past and ongoing denials.
    Wieckowski will finish in first, but its just possible that Kuo can pass a falling Hayashi and get second.

    Still, I can't blame Kuo for trying to come off as being above the negative politics.


  2. What? Negativity in politics is like apples in apple pie. Give me a break


  3. Peter Kuo is a great leader!!!


  4. It will be Wieckowski first and Mary second, with Kuo and Reed far behind.


  5. who's Peter Kuo? say me and rest of the electorate


  6. 12:50
    What makes him a great leader?


  7. I like Bob and will vote for him to take out Mary. Kuo has zero chance.


  8. By MW:

    I agree with Peter Kuo on this, in other words that we have allowed discussions and debates related to politics, politicians, and elections get far too negative. Therefore in the future, and in fact starting right now, I will try not to say anything negative and/or insulting about the sleazeballs, scumbags, con artists, parasites, crooks, thieves, and professional pathological liars that make up the overwhelming majority of Bay area politicians.


  9. Why is these people keep saying Bob has the best chance of winning? Am I supposed to vote for someone just because the survey says he is winning? Do I get a prize if my vote goes to the eventual winner?

    This isn't Family Feud. Vote for the candidate who shares your values. If anything, I got to say, “Don't blame me, I voted for the other guy… who lost because he is honest.”


  10. “I agree with Peter Kuo on this, in other words that we have allowed discussions and debates related to politics, politicians, and elections get far too negative.”

    Part of a political campaign is stating what's good about you and what's bad about your opponent. When your opponent is a criminal that's still on probation, you are fully within your rights to advertise that. I'd argue that Bob would be stupid if didn't go after that. Voters do have a right to know what we'd be getting if we elected Mary.


  11. Kuo for CA!


  12. Kuo will be lucky to get to 12%. It will be Wieckowski and Hayashi in the Nov. general. I'm not sure in what order?


  13. View Mary Hayashi's attempt to make it down the street before being collared and pulled back into the store.


    Your next State Senator… on probation into 2015

    Book her Danno!


  14. Agree Mary should never be our State Senator. That's why I voted for Bob Wieckowski when I dropped my ballot in the mailbox today.


  15. Here is a funny contrast.
    Listen to the SF Chronicle video of Mary being interviewed, where she denies shoplifting $2,500 worth of goods.

    Near the start she says
    “I made the mistake of inadvertently being outside of the store”

    Then right after that look at the video of her “being out side the store”..

    Makes me laugh out loud seeing what she means by “inadvertently being outside the store”..

    Goodness, you'd have thought she just stepped 5 or 6 feet out the door. Instead we see her charging half way down the block with no chance of it being inadvertent.

    She is comical.


  16. Go Peter Kuo! The other 2 are nasty ones…


  17. Wieckowski is ahead in the polls with Hayashi second and Kuo third.


  18. Peter Kuo is an honorable man and the voters is SD10 see it. Today they announced that Kuo had a strong chance to win second place in the June Primary with a 6 point lead over Hayashi. So happy to restore honor and dignity to the Senate in November!


  19. Like to know who took that poll? Did it include all of District 10? Was it done by a reputable pollster? The last poll I saw had Wieckowski comfortably ahead with Hayashi far behind, but ahead of Kuo. I hope your poll is accurate and reliable because I don't want to see Hayashi as Senator, or even in the run-off. Where can i find that poll?


  20. I do not think that polls taken by any candidate's campaign consultant could possibly be reliable.


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