Quan Says MLB Bullied Oakland With Threat to Relocate

Oakland Councilmember Noel Gallo listens to a public speaker at Friday’s Coliseum Joint Powers Authority meeting to approve a 10-year lease for the A’s. PHOTO/Steven Tavares

COLISEUM AUTHORITY | Following a strongly-worded letter sent late Wednesday from Oakland
Athletics co-owner Lew Wolff in which he threatened to move the team and said that he had the blessing of Major League Baseball, the Oakland-Alameda County Joint Powers Authority (JPA) approved a ten-year lease to keep the team at O.co Coliseum. The vote was 6-2 with Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan and city representative Aaron Goodwin voting no. The Oakland City Council and Alameda County Board of Supervisors must also approve the deal in the next few weeks.

A change in tenor was evident for Thursday morning’s special meeting. Six days ago, an action by the Oakland City Council barring two of its members who sit on the JPA from attending, along with two other absences, ended the meeting before it started due to a lack of a quorum of five members present. The impetus for today’s vote, however, came when A’s management upped the ante Wednesday night, asserting that Major League Baseball would allow the Athletics to temporarily move if the lease deal was not approved by this Friday. City and county leaders then blinked…