Five Will Interview for Hayward Council Seat, Including One Who Just Lost Seat

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | Hayward may have a new council member Tuesday night. On Friday, the City Council narrowed to 5 the list of 18 applicants hoping to fill out the remaining two years of Barbara Halliday’s council term. Halliday, a council member, was elected mayor in June.

Mark Salinas’ council seat is still warm.

All five are well-known to Hayward politics, including one candidate who was a member of the City Council just two weeks ago. Council members whittled down the large list of applicants after each choosing the names of five applicants. Those who received a minimum of three votes advanced to a round of interviews on Tuesday, after which it is expected the council will appoint a new member. (See the nomination matrix below.)

Former Councilmember Mark Salinas is hoping for a return to the dais after choosing not to seek re-election to his council seat. Instead, Salinas ran for mayor this spring, but finished second to Halliday. Salinas received support from five of his former colleagues. Only Councilmember Francisco Zermeno, who was also a candidate for mayor, left Salinas off his ballot.

Eliza Marquez would fill two council
deficiencies–women and minorities.

Meanwhile, two young members of the Hayward Planning Commission received unanimous support from the council. Commissioner Elisa Marquez and Vishal Trivedi garnered six votes apiece. Both candidacies are bolstered by a need on the council for diversity. Until Sara Lamnin’s election, Halliday had been the one female voice on the council since 2010. Marquez is the only woman to be interviewed Tuesday.

In addition, Salinas’ departure left the council will just one Latino representative–Zermeno. Over 40 percent of Hayward is Latino, which makes it the city’s largest demographic

Another planning commissioner, Rodney Loche, received support from five members. Councilmember Sara Lamnin, only elected last month, excluded Loche from her list. Loche finished a distant fifth in the June council election. Hayward businessman and former mayoral candidate, Brian Schott, will also be interviewed Tuesday. Schott received three votes.

The only notable applicant who failed to gain enough support is for mer AC Transit board member Rocky Fernandez. The union-backed council candidate from last June finished a disappointing third despite significant funding from the Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which is in an on-going labor dispute with the city. Fernandez received just two votes. Not surprisingly, oen vote came from Lamnin, who SEIU also supported, but also one from Zermeno.

12 thoughts on “Five Will Interview for Hayward Council Seat, Including One Who Just Lost Seat

  1. I like the 6:54am comment! Thanks! Why vote for someone who didn't run for city council? Let the voters vote!

    Who is this Marquez woman? What has she done for the city? Nothing


  2. Salinas is full of it. He was so disrespectful to his fellow council members in his public campaign statement saying that decades of city councils have done nothing. What arrogance.


  3. 7:30 pm, you sound like you are Marvin's bitch. Too bad he laughed at you when you stunk up The Southgate Candidate's Forum.


  4. King of Fools if you think that politicians don't bend to special interest groups after accepting their money. Doing “right by the TAXPAYERS” isn't on ther agenda. Neither are you.


  5. No problem taking their $$$. They just need to stay INDEPENDENT and do right by the TAXPAYERS, not the special interest whores.

    I sure is a genius!


  6. Give up your council seat to run for mayor. Lose the race, act like a jerk at the swearing in ceremony and come crawling bacl to be reappointed to city council. Worse yet, 5 council members vote to get you back on council. This is exactly the reason why we should have had an election. When you give something up, that is supposed to mean that you don't get it back-at least that's the way it works with 17% pay cuts. Double standard.


  7. Guess what genius, Loche grew up in a union household. Both of his parents were union members. For someone who always rants about Union Whores, you seem to favor candidates who areor were involved with unions. Growing up in a union househod (Loche), former SEIU member (Peixoto) and taking union money/endorsements (Loche & Peixoto). Whether it is Police, Fire or SEIU, pretty much all of council has accepted union money & campaign support. Probably the only candidate who didn't take union whore money or assistance was Salinas, because no decent union whore would back him.


  8. My choices:

    1) Loche
    2) Loche
    3) Loche

    After he is appointed he will win for sure. We're taking back our town from the toxic union whores!


  9. My Choices:
    1) Marquez
    2) Salinas

    Loche 2000 votes down from 2nd place Peixoto. If he is appointed, he will lose in 2016


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