Hayward City Council Chooses Marquez to Fill Its Open Seat

Hayward’s new Councilmember
Elisa Marquez

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | The Hayward City Council is back at full strength after appointing Planning Commissioner Elisa Marquez to serve the remaining two years of Mayor Barbara Halliday’s council term.

The choice of Marquez is a twofer for a council in need of a shot of diversity. She represents a second woman on the council and its second Latino representative. The seat became open after Halliday’s victory in June elevated her from council member to mayor.

Marquez was one of five candidates who interviewed Tuesday night for appointment to the two-year seat. The council also spent roughly three hours questioning two other planning commissioners, Vishal Trivedi and Rodney Loche; Hayward businessman Brian Schott and Mark Salinas, who up until two weeks ago held a seat on the City Council. Instead, of defending his seat this June, he, instead, chose a run for mayor.

Hayward City Council applicants await
their turn Tuesday to be interviewed
for the open two-year council seat.

The choice of Marquez, however, was not unanimous. A majority of the six-person council registered support for Marquez and Loche, who ran for the council this spring and finished a distant fifth for the open pair of seats. The council vote was 4-2, with two Loche supporters from the election, Councilmembers Greg Jones and Marvin Peixoto, voting against Marquez’s bid.

“This is my home. This is where I’ve lived my entire life. I have no other aspirations other than to serve my community,” Marquez said in an interview following her appointment. She was raised and educated in Hayward. Her family owned three restaurants in the downtown area when she was growing up, she said.

For her first order of business, she plans to begin working with her new colleagues, while focusing on the current council priorities. “I’m definitely going to be outspoken and share my ideas, but I think in beginning there’s going to be a learning curve to understand the lay of the land.”

Before Tuesday night, Hayward’s City Council counted only one woman among its ranks since 2010. With Marquez’s appointment it also regains a second Latino to join Councilmember Francisco Zermeno. The lack of Latino representation has been sorely lacking during the same time its population in Hayward has risen to 40 percent—its largest demographic.

“They need a voice,” said Marquez. “They’re the highest population that lives in my neighborhood—South Hayward. They’re my neighbors. They’re the people that I interface at the grocery store. I speak their language and understand their plight and when we make decision we need to really take that into consideration.”

16 thoughts on “Hayward City Council Chooses Marquez to Fill Its Open Seat

  1. Council thinks the same way. Backwards! They all know each other. They all try and vote the same to present a unified front. Loche said that he believed that Hayward city workers should not have been imposed on at all of the candidate forums when he ran for City Council. Elisa.said that the Council had “no choice” to impose. Guess that's why they picked her. Also spouting City propaganda about unfunded pensions & healthcare costs verbatim from the City website helped too. Another puppet for the puppet show.


  2. We need more women on City Councils because they work toward compromise more than most men do. Just look at the 2 votes against Elisa—–both stubborn men.


  3. Average age on the council just shifted the right way too…Hayward needs fresh new eyes, hope we got both with this one.


  4. Trivedi made a good point regarding examining the 3-12 shifts that cops work & their overtime issues. Not so surprisingly, Marvin tried to shut him down, because the HPOA is one of his biggest backers. So much for Marvin protecting the “interests of TAXPAYERS.” Police management pays some of their medical, HPOA does not. Check the “Hayward Works” website. Oh, and by the way, HPOA folks also have pensions and they are part of the unfunded pension liabilities that council likes to beat the drum on.


  5. How about being a “voice” for the homeless. Growing up or even driving through Hayward, you can see people who need help. Instead, Berkeley Fran lead the charge to make it more difficult for groups to provide meals for the homeless. Fining them for camping out in public places, as though they could afford to pay those fines. Have a heart for those truly in need. It's shameful.


  6. A different perspective could benefit Hayward, but yes-I agree that all people should be represented by our Council. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. Citizens aren't respected and the City leaders usually dumb things down for public consumption. Elisa is well thought of by the people who brought you The Loop, a 60 million dollar library and the current pipe dream of a downtown hotel/conference center.


  7. It always sickens me when someone who is Latino says that they are going to give Latino people a voice. You are not elected to be a representative of Latino people. You are elected to be a representative of the people. Full stop. Also, the fallacy that Latino people “…need a voice…” Believe me, Latinos are very well represented at the government level. How about this…work for those who are living in poverty and can't find a job and who are so depressed that they can't help themselves. They need a voice more than anyone else.


  8. @ 9:01. Yes, Salinas getting appointed back on the council would have been a complete joke. His getting to the final five was only laughable.


  9. At least Salinas didn't get to come back. Yes,Marquez got a sweet deal. If she runs for council next time, it won't be so easy.


  10. How sweet and easy for her! No need to campaign like the rest of city council members. She saved a lot of money and time compared to the other poor candidates that ran. She wasn't even on the ballot!


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