FPPC Clears Alameda County Democratic Central Committee of Wrongdoing

ALAMEDA COUNTY | The California Fair Political Practices Commission, the government body that oversees campaign ethics, cleared the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee of violating the state’s Political Reform Act.

“After completing our investigation, we found insufficient evidence of a violation of the Act, and we are closing our file on this matter,” said a letter from the FPPC, dated July 25.

During a meeting earlier this month, Alameda County Democratic Party Chair Robin Torello, announced news of the FPPC findings to its members, which was followed by a round of joyous cheers, according to those in attendance.

The FPPC’s investigation was reportedly triggered last April by a blog posted months before by central committee member Margarita Lacabe. In the article she alleged some committee members had entered into an earmarking scheme to mask donations from political action committees through the local party committee to endorsed candidates of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.

The investigation may come with some cost to the local party finances, in addition, to Lacabe. Local county officials suggest the roughly $8,000 in legal costs incurred by the central committee to defend itself is money taken away from prospective candidates this fall. One, incidentally, is Lacabe’s husband, Mike Katz-Lacabe, who is running for a seat on the San Leandro City Council.

Lacabe’s influence at the central committee, already limited, appears rock bottom. She did not attend the monthly meeting earlier this August and has been described as disruptive and argumentative since her election in 2010. In recent months, one committee colleague even moved to censure Lacabe for her behavior.

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  1. Say what you want about Lacabe, but she did more than the entire Alameda County Democratic Central Committee to squash the comeback attempt by Mary Hayashi.
    Back in the 2012 Supervisors race and even in the State Senate race too many Democratic insiders sat by, unwilling to say much at all about Mary Hayashi and her criminal past.
    Seems everyone was afraid to say anything to upset Mary and her big campaign war chest.
    But for Lacabe's ongoing attempts to get the information and videos out to the public, we'd very likely still be dealing with Mary Hayashi as a senate candidate this November.

    So she ruffles a few feathers. Thank goodness for someone upsetting the insular little club that has been the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee for decades.
    The group that gave us Nadia and the group that failed to call for Hayashi's resignation, EVEN after she had been convicted and was on probation.


  2. Kick Marga Lacabe the fact-twisted bully off Alameda County Democratic Central Committee! We knew all about Mary Hayashi's past – Marga used Mary's old story hoped to milk the spot lights! Marga and Mike Katz are attention whores!


  3. Why Marga Lacabe still jumping around loops and hoops not facing to the question of did she graduate from UC Hastings with a law degree? Did Mike Katz covered Marga's lie on her ballot statement to pretend lawyer and also lied on Smartvoters pretend Juris Doctor? Marga lied to whole Alameda county voters and the entire Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.


  4. “August 20, 2014 at 5:20 PM Reply
    Kick Marga Lacabe the fact-twisted bully off Alameda County Democratic Central Committee! We knew all about Mary Hayashi's past”

    The ONLY reason the shoplifting videos of Mary Hayashi were all over the news in the past election was due to the efforts of Marga Lacabe.

    YOU may have known about Hayashi's past, but tens of thousands of new voters in the redrawn senate district did not know about her.
    And by far the most effective forces in the campaign were put into play after every TV station got hold of, and ran the video on their news at 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 10:00 pm and 11:00 PM.

    You can't buy that kind of coverage at any price. The release of those videos effectively knocked Hayashi out of the runoff.
    Say what you will, Marga Lacabe got that done while others sat on their hands.

    Seems like people here just love the old boys club that liked the ways Alameda County politics were run for the past 40+ years.
    No one wants to upset anything in the club.
    Same folks who wouldn't say anything about Pete Stark even after he became a embarrassment.
    A local party whose ideas and ways are stuck in cement.
    Who can forget the forced Nadia candidacy…and the Central Committee going along with it.
    Quick… no one say anything bad.. stick with the clubs views or get out.

    Attack anyone who doesn't go along.


  5. And is she still claiming to be a “human rights attorney,” which she is not-Tony Santos


  6. For sure, everyone in San Leandro must know Mike Katz campaigned his wife's lies. Marga ain't lawyer, never earned Juris Doctor law degree from UC Hastings! Mike Katz lied, ain't going vote him!


  7. “Alameda County Democratic Party Chair Robin Torello, announced news of the FPPC findings to its members, which was followed by a round of joyous cheers, according to those in attendance.”

    The same “cheering” crowd that force fed Alameda County the candidacy of Nadia Lockyer….ONLY because Bill told them what to do.
    These people have nothing to be smug about. They have been lap dogs of complacency for decades. Crowning the likes of Pete Stark to be their leader for life.
    Frightened to say anything bad about Mary Hayashi even after her conviction.
    Nothing more than a little insiders club.

    Even two years later they were gonna show Swalwell the “rookie” who was boss. That effort fell flat on its face.

    They just don't like it when anyone upsets their tired patterns and cliques.


  8. Marga Lacabe Katz should have to pay all legal costs for the Central Democratic Committee since she made the allegations. Both Marga the wannabe lawyer and her husband the wannabe council member are LIARS and BULLIES. They have proven over and over that they both lack smarts and class. How sad Marga lies, cheats and bullies and makes false accusations in her blog.
    If the Alameda County Central Democratic Committee EVER endorse Mike Katz Lacabe and or Marga Lacabe Katz I WILL change by party affiliation.
    The Central Democratic Committee should of taken a stand when Marga Lacabe Katz lied to voters claiming she was a lawyer. They should have seen the writing on the wall that more lies would follow.


  9. 11:03…”If the Alameda County Central Democratic Committee EVER endorse Mike Katz Lacabe and or Marga Lacabe Katz I WILL change by party affiliation. “

    Oh yeah, but stick with their “normal” endorsements.
    Including those fine endorsements by Party Chair Robin Torello.


    Yes, stick with whatever the responsible Central Committee has done in the past…..


  10. Marga, Rather then posting comments here, why don't you clean your house. It looks like you haven't replaced the maid or gardener yet.
    City hall holding a meeting tonight, food being served. Pack the kids, hear it's another all you can eat. Tell Mike haven't heard if t-shirts will be available yet.


  11. Clearly the nature of some posters here harkens back to the various forms of discrimination that San Leandro shamefully had in the 50's and early 60's.
    We thought the city had moved past that era, but now we see some posters employing the same sad tactics.
    Saying things you'd never say in any public forum where you would be known.


  12. It's time Marga and Mike Katz to taste the same medicine that they have/had been full forced many people to swallow their bullying, belittling, and fabricated accusation toward anyone disagreed with them. Enough is enough!


  13. That's what Marga usually do, use racist tactic to win her arguments. On the other hand, we think Marga is a closet racist bully.


  14. Message is clear. Don't ever try to do anything to upset the existing group that controls Democratic Party politics in Central Alameda County politics.
    If you do, they'll come after you with all manner of charges and and claims.
    On the other hand, they'll gladly contort and distort the processes if one of the big whigs brings in their favorite family member and says “endorse her”….
    With that, they bow down and roll over.
    Left out of all of these games are the hard working people of Alameda County.


  15. Marga, did any of these shamefully 50's and early 60's twist your arms to lie on ballot statement and Smartvoters? Mike Katz, why did you push and continue covering your wife's lies? Lacabe couples are desperate for fame and attention in regardless of those accusations by them could cost others with pains, sadness, and bitterness that's shamefulness!


  16. We like to see Mike Katz's campaign statement for San Leandro city council D1 since these two have a history of lying.


  17. The funny part of this “attack” thread, is that there are all of 9 people reading it, 7 of whom are already standing with their feet firmly in cement.
    Leaving 2 readers who might be influenced. Of course only one of those 2 lives in San Leandro.
    Thus, the battle over one vote… Massive effort to continue.
    Stay tuned.


  18. Marga Lacabe J.D., UC phony: you deserved and earned this thread, come around and goes around!


  19. Here's Marga again belittling “numbers of readers” EBC has! Mike Katz will lose, just see his campaign statement!


  20. 1:59, I've written probably ALL of the posts you are suggesting are the work of Marga.
    I can assure you I'm not Marga. Just because someone doesn't take your inane accusatory fixation as the only truth, you assume it must be Marga.
    Further more, I've never met Marga or her husband.
    Even more, I don't live in San Leandro, but in a adjacent city.

    You seem to live in your own little world that takes place almost entirely between your ears.
    No one who has been reading your obsessive rants for the past months thinks of you as anything other then mentally deranged.
    MW we allow because at least he comments on all manner of issues, though he does have a issue with all lawyers.
    But your obsession is much more severe and I'm certain you'd be classified as having some sort of psychological pathology.


  21. Marga or Not, who do you think you're to use “WE ALLOW” MW to make his comments. Futhermore of fixation, was Marga obsessed with Mary Hayashi and should she classified as having some sort of psychological pathology? Double Standard!


  22. By MW:

    In regard to the posts of 3:24PM and 3:39PM, I do not consider all lawyers to be scumbags and parasites. Since there are a small minority of lawyers who are decent human beings,

    However, anyone who carefully checked out and studied the so called “legal profession,” its “standards,” and what it tolerates, promotes, and often glorifies – and also its higher than skyhigh rates of alcoholism and drug addition – would come to the realization that most lawyers, and let me emphasize but not all lawyers, are nothing more other than phonies, scumbags, professional pathological liars, and parasites.

    And some of the most extreme stories I have had related to me concerning whether lawyers can be trusted, or whether the smartest thing to assume when dealing with lawyers is that most of the lawyers you will be dealing with will almost certainly be as sleazy as can be were told to me by other lawyers.

    To give just one example of the “standards” of most lawyers, when the very first whistleblowers started to publicize the truth about Lance Armstrong and his use of performance enhancing drugs, LA had no problem finding scumbags with law licenses who were delighted to declare all out war against the whistleblowers and to become LA's co-conspirators in trying to destroy the whistleblowers' reputations, health, finances, and lives.

    In other words on the remote chance they ever make me in charge of the United States court system, in most situations lawyers will not even be allowed in the courtroom and nor to participate in most aspects of cases, and including since virtually any high school dropout who was not severely mentally retarded, and being paid only ten dollars per hour, would be much more effective than most lawyers at producing the facts and the truth, and even though lawyers typically charge $200 to $1000 per hour.

    In fact, I dare you to try to find even one high school dropout even a tiny bit as “talented” as lawyer Nadia Lockyer at getting virtually everything backwards, sideways, and upside or in general at acting severely mentally retarded.

    And to further confirm the “standards” of the legal profession and the California State Bar, go to the CSB's website, and which is “calsb.org,” and you will see that Nadia Lockyer is still in good standing with the CSB, since the totally corrupt CSB is not going to suspend or disbar any lawyer, and no matter how much of a drug addict and/or severely mentally retarded and/or a nonstop pathological liar, if that joker with a law license is politically connected.


  23. BY MW:

    The last line of the next to last paragraph of my above post should have read “sideways, and upside DOWN or in general at acting severely mentally retarded.”

    In other words, I am worse than a horrible typist and also need to get a pair of reading glasses.


  24. Marga Lacabe is a double standard bully her husband Mike Katz is behind the scene supporting her bullying at anyone disagreed with them. Mike Katz will lose with almost no vote, just look at his campaign financial report.


  25. There are so many more examples of Marga and Mike's disturbing opinions. For example, when the police conducted a sting on men that were having sex in the bathrooms at Marina park. Marga spoke during public comments at a City Council meeting stating that gay men needed places to have sex since there were no more “Tea rooms” available to them. Mike was there with her videotaping her every word. Disturbing! Our children need advocates that would see something wrong with adults having sex in a park bathroom that children use. It is about values and safety for our children and our City. Gay or straight- rent a hotel room!!


  26. ” Marga spoke during public comments at a City Council meeting stating that…”

    Of course you spoke up at the time, expressing your view, right?

    Or do you just save your opinions and outrage for anonymous postings in a thread being read by perhaps a dozen people by this point of its life.


  27. LOFL. “Im not Marga”, “I live in adjacent city”, “you're mentally ill”,”I don't know Marga or her husband” Marga or “not, Mike Katz will lose that's our opinions.


  28. Marga spoke during public comments at a City Council meeting “should include offering with an open arms to these men are welcomed to her home at anytime, if necessary she might open up her kids' bedrooms for their conveniences”


  29. By MW:

    I checked a variety of possible names and name combinations on the websites “calsb.org,” “martindale.com,” and “avvo.com,” and which are all directories of lawyers, and none of them contained even one single name that sounded even slightly similar to the name of a certain character who is running for a seat on the SL School Board, and who has also tried to give the general public the impression that she has a J.D. from Hastings Law School.

    And then it occurred to me that we should also check the local phone directories and see if any of them contain a listing for a lawyer by her name. In fact, let's ask her which city her law office is located in, its street address, and its phone number.

    Let's ask her whether she would also be so kind as to give us a business card for her “law office,” and with its address and phone number, and in fact a business card with her name on it and stating that she is a lawyer.

    Perhaps she could also give us the names of some of the clients she has represented and/or collected fees during her time as a member of the “legal profession.”

    Let's ask her if she is also a member of the American Bar Association, and which is more commonly known as the ABA, and/or any other groups that are primarily composed of lawyers

    Hastings Law School, and whose graduates include California Supreme Court justice Carol Corrigan, has all sorts of seminars and social activities that many of its graduates participate in. As a graduate of Hastings Law School, has MKL hobnobbed and associated with Carol Corrigan and many of the other graduates of Hastings.

    The above is just a tiny morsel of the many interesting questions we could ask “lawyer” and Hastings Law School “graduate” Maggie Katz and Dogs.

    In fact speaking of Maggie Katz and Dogs, does she consider herself to be extremely knowledgeable on the law, in other words does she consider herself to be a real legal beagle!!


  30. Very good MW, I can see you've really focused on this all important matter.

    “I checked a variety of possible names and name combinations on the websites “calsb.org,” “martindale.com,” and “avvo.com,” and which are all directories”

    Now tell me, when you checked “martindale.com” did you come across any listing of “Wink” ?
    After all, he is the most famous Martindale of all.

    And the only one with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


    BTW, that star is located at 7018 Hollywood Blvd, the same address for other mega-stars such as David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame.


  31. Monikers of Marga hoping “allow MW” to make his comments will stop MW talking, it didn't work.

    Immediately, Marga or not, will stab you, MW or anyone in the back the first time and anytime you disagree with their “opinion”. Mike Katz would have his crazy wife Marga uses deceit, omission, and straw-man arguments to make their “point”.


  32. 10:00 PM , Good for you to keep up the warnings.
    Clearly the readers here can see there is no greater danger to the future of San Leandro than Marga and Mike.
    Their power and influence has all of San Leandro on the very brink.
    A veritable in-house ISIS.

    'Price of Liberty is eternal vigilance' (stay at your keyboard)


  33. Clearly Mike Katz will lose his city council race.
    Now we all know Marga Lacabe never graduated from UC Hastings with a law degree. she lied on her ballot statement to pretend lawyer and lied a J.D. title on Smartvoters. Mike Katz campaigned her lies and still covering her lies. Their power and influence are full of lies.


  34. 11:46 “Their power and influence”

    Oh My GOD!!! They must be stopped before they control everything. Run for your lives!!!


  35. No one is stopping the wannabes playing powerful and influence attention hungry couples. They may speak and comment like everyone else “is allowed”. Powerful pretend lawyer Wife pimped wannabe council husband ponytail for a dime in exchange a moment milking spot light on stage.


  36. 12:44 — Boy, you sure do spend a inordinate amount of time studying their hair style, clothing and body image.
    So often you make comments about such.
    When people do the same regarding children, we usually label them or arrest them. I guess its “OK” and “normal” to examine adults in the same way.


  37. With that said, these pretend power and influence couples do/did the same toward many, should they be arrested.


  38. Wasn't loud mouth Marga /auction//beg/ people to buy his ponytail all over the internet?


  39. Is this husband working full time since no other siblings working in his household, or he's has been mooching off from taxpayers ever since his wife claimed crazy?


  40. Gentlemen, gentlemen, this is Sunday, a day of peace, hope, and love. Surely you can forego your relentless onslaught for one day of contemplation.

    I reserve this day for prayer and church attendance.

    Your pal, Wink M.


  41. Your Sunday can be someone else's Monday. BTW food being served after Sunday church. Pack the kids, hear it's another all you can eat. Tell Mike no t-shirts this Sunday, try next Sunday.


  42. Where's Dillman… still in county jail… in your Sunday prayer list?


  43. By MW:

    We should ask Maggie Katz and Dogs what year she supposedly “graduated” from law school, and such as for instance from Hastings Law School.

    Since law school programs that lead to a J.D. usually take three years, and since Hastings is one of the most highly regarded, AND ALSO EXTREMELY OVERRATED,** “law” schools in the entire country, a high percentage of Hastings graduates go on to the bigger jobs in the legal profession, and such as for instance becoming judges and managing partners of major law firms, etc. etc, etc

    Also, some of the Bay area's judges and leading members of major law firms teach part-time at Hastings in addition to their fulltime jobs as judges or practicing lawyers, etc.

    I would like Maggie Katz and Dogs to provide us with lists of: one, some of the professors she had while she was a “student” at Hastings; and two, some of her fellow students that she took classes with who later went on to become judges and some of the Bay area's most prominent attorneys.

    **NOTE: However, I will give Hastings credit for one thing. I am not aware of any law school in the entire country more “talented” than Hastings at incubating and cultivating an attitude among its students, professors, administrators, and deans that they are so extremely “intelligent,” “superior,” and “logical,” that therefore they have the “right” to enforce an “improved” form of “free speech” for those whose opinions are contrary to the standard liberal lawyers' lies and garbage.

    To give an example of the “superiority” of Hastings Law School graduates and their “strong commitment” to “free speech” and the First Amendment of the US Constitution, there was a major Bay area office building that for years was regularly secretly blowing invisible clouds of asbestos dust all over its tenants during its almost non-stop remodeling projects, since to control the asbestos dust and debris would have drastically increased the cost of those remodeling projects. In other words, the building's ownership and management decided to engage in slow mass murder against the tenants since it would increase their profits.

    (The building's primary owner, and who was as politically connected as could be, was a close friend of most of the Bay area's big boys, and including Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, John Burton, Bill Lockyer, the Aliotos, and Walter Shorenstein, etc)

    At least three lawyers who were Hastings Law School graduates took the position that a whistleblower should not be allowed to inform the tenants about the asbestos they were being secretly and illegally exposed to, since that would have upset and disturbed the tenants.

    In other words if I was one of those parasites and scumbags with law licenses who had been “educated” at Hastings, I would do everything in my power to keep it a secret that I had ever had any association with Hastings, the incubator and training school for parasites far too sleazy and extreme mental retards far too stupid to give any respect to the First Amendment.


  44. Whole family had a feast wrapped up the rest of the foods for later from Sunday church. Good question, Is this husband working full time since no other siblings are working in his household, has he been mooching off from taxpayers ever since his not real lawyer wife claimed legally crazy?


  45. 4:13, You do seem to have a unnatural obsession with what others are eating.
    What next, reports on their bathroom habits?


  46. Since Mike Katz is running for city council nothing wrong with voters want to know the truth. Mike does run around town advertise himself as a computer expert. Is Mike Katz a full time working professional or is he a professional taxpayer moocher? Not helping Lacabes have a history and reputation of lying and pretending their professions.


  47. Too bad, the poster here, is too afraid to make all these charges in public, while showing their face or name.


  48. Since when signatures are required on ballots!
    Since when these couples are shy, answer these questions on San Leandro Times, we are waiting!


  49. Marga Lacabe lied about her profession in hopes of gaining a few more votes to get elected to the Alameda County Democratic Committee, then she is unethical. If she is unethical on the ballot box, guarantee she's unethical most of the times. Mike Katz campaigned for her joined his wife's unethical act. Now we want to know what Mike Katz real profession for living, pretend computer expert or professional moocher.


  50. Gnat, these posts remind me of gnat. Very light weight and inconsequential, but keep buzzing around. Barely visible.


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