Perata ‘Breaks his Silence;’ Endorses Parker for Mayor

Former State Senate Pro Team is backing Port Commissioner Bryan Parker for Oakland mayor.

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Former State Senate Pro Tem Don Perata says Oakland mayoral hopeful Bryan Parker has what it takes to get things done. With less than a week before Election Day, Perata announced Wednesday morning his endorsement of Parker for Oakland mayor.

Perata’s endorsement continues an aggressive push by Parker during the last two weeks of the campaign. Last weekend, he also received the backing of former NAACP President Ben Jealous and entered a much-reported alliance with fellow candidates Joe Tuman and Courtney Ruby.

The press conference, though, occurred at Perata’s office in Orinda, where the former Oakland mayoral candidate from four years ago now lives.

“This is a wide open race,” said Perata in a statement. “The leadership Oakland needs will not come from any of the City Hall incumbents. As former leader of the California State Senate, I know what it takes to get things done. Oakland leaders need to realize that we either go together or we don’t go at all. There is only one candidate for Mayor who will be the strong leader that unites us. That leader is Bryan Parker.”

In Oakland’s first use of ranked-choice voting in 2010, Perata won the most first-place votes, but was overtaking in subsequent rounds by Jean Quan. At Wednesday’s press conference, Perata called ranked-choice voting, “an absolute silly system,” according to reports.

10 thoughts on “Perata ‘Breaks his Silence;’ Endorses Parker for Mayor

  1. By MW:

    In regard to the comment on October 31 at 3:02PM, and in which the poster stated Perata does not do anything for free:

    When it comes to ethics and integrity, I cannot think of even one instance in which I have ever heard anyone say even one positive about Perata. And that includes even meetings in which people said they were going to support him and vote for him.

    Instead, the attitude of those people could most accurately be summarized that they considered him to be a totally unprincipled sleazeball, but for this reason or that reason they decided, and such as some of the members of an organization I used to belong to, and which was largely composed of people who had been very heavily involved for decades in social and political issues, that they felt they had no choice but to join in an alliance with him at this or that particular time.

    In fact when it comes to total sleaziness and having absolutely no principles whatsoever except always looking for an angle to put money in his own pocket, not even Willie Brown seems to be held in nearly as low a regard as Perata.


  2. Perata does not do anything for free. Wonder what deal was cut – just in case…

    Also, the only things Parker has proven he can do are:
    1. Get appointed to boards (Port and WIB), where he does nothing).

    2. Have no loyalty or integrity to his actions (Whether you like Quan or not, Parker showed his true self when he schemed to have her appoint him to the Port as part of his plan to run against her).

    3. Abuse women


  3. By MW:

    I tend to agree with the comment of 4:38PM. In other words Parker's chance of winning the race for mayor was extremely small even before Perata opened his mouth, and still furthermore getting Perata;s endorsement will more than likely be a negative, and not a positive, for Parker.

    But regardless, and with or without Perata's endorsement, it is very unlikely Parker will win.

    In fact most likely the reason Perata opened his mouth to endorse Parker was to get himself some publicity, since he almost certainly realized that Parker's chance of winning, and with or without his endorsement, was extremely small. And even if Parker should manage to get a positive bump from Perata's endorsement. he is almost certainly way too far behind to win.


  4. By MW:

    While I don't live in Oakland and also know very little about Bryan Parker, however if I did live in Oakland and was also undecided in regard to who to vote for mayor, the fact that Parker received the endorsement of a sleazeball like Perata I would consider to be a minus, and not a plus, for Parker.


  5. “Don supports Parker, who abuse two ex-girlfriends…”

    I think self-abuse is prevalent among the the three leading female candidates. It's all about the atmosphere in city hall.

    You never see them with their (in)significant others. It must get lonely spending all those hours downtown.


  6. “Crap, turd, shit.” “Gun control laws.” “Asshole.”

    This guy has self-endorsed his own comment. Most appropriately and “effectively.”


  7. Agree with 3:52PM Don supports Parker, who abuse two ex-girlfriends according to the Tribune. Punch a girlfriend on the face and pointed a 9mm gun at her.


  8. No one gives a crap about what this turd says, he should be behind bars for all the shit he did to Oakland. Hypocrite bastard has a Conceal Carry Permit while passing gun control laws. What an asshole.


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