DOWN BALLOT: Oct. 30, 2014, 5 Days Until Election Day

OAKLAND MAYOR At the Oakland Sports Forum Wednesday evening at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, most of the 15 mayoral candidate s weighed-in on the future of the city’s professional sports franchises and where they might play for the next generation of fans. The issue is vitally important to Mayor Jean Quan’s re-election bid and regarding the possibility of Coliseum City, which could feature stadiums for the each the A’s and Raiders, she told the audience, “I’ve got it closer than it’s ever been and I’ve stuck my neck out.”

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 16 Catharine Baker is vehemently denying she is against Proposition 2, the State Rainy Day Fund initiative. In response, Baker’s campaign referenced an Oct. 10 interview with the Tri Valley newspaper The Independent when she stated support for Prop. 2. However, Sbranti’s mailer slamming Baker as an opponent of the initiative features a footnote from Sept. 29. Furthermore, a right-leaning Contra Costa County political web site was also under the impression Baker was against Prop. 2. In a posting on Monday, it highlighted Prop. 2 as a major difference between the candidates. Baker’s campaign says she only questioned a portion of the initiative pertaining to state funding for schools.

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 10 Republican Peter Kuo is bringing back his violin. In a short video, Kuo reiterated his inspiring story of emigrating to the U.S. from Taiwan. Kuo then criticized the State Legislature for being out of tune with Californians. He later placed the violin on his shoulder and illustrated the analogy with a screeching sound. Bringing change to Sacramento, he continued, will bring harmony. Kuo then beautifully played the instrument. Kuo is a Santa Clara insurance broker and classically-trained violinist facing Democrat Bob Wieckowski next week.

SAN LEANDRO MAYOR/COUNCIL A little-known write-in mayoral candidate named Gregg Daly received some attention from the city’s weekly newspaper Thursday. In the article, Daly told the San Leandro Times he didn’t register as a qualified candidate before the Aug. 8 deadline because he wants to be a different kind of candidate…In the City Council District 5 race, candidate Mia Ousley previously told followers on Facebook her pet hen, Red, had been captured by a rogue raccoon and eaten. Miraculously, on Thursday, Red returned alive.