9 thoughts on “Hayward is hoping to market its way to prosperity with rebranding

  1. Hayward is a small town with a stupid “loop” running through downtown. Impeach the Mayor & Council. Get some new people with fresh ideas. & common sense. Challenge them to think for themselves, not raise taxes to generate revenue and not to take out loans to build unecessarily expensive, fancy buildings our city can't afford.. Fire the City Manager because she's always scaring City Council to vote however she wants them to.


  2. By MW:

    Related to the idea of “damning with faint praise,” I think Hayward has a fairly good downtown farmers' market. However other than that, I cannot think of even one good thing to say about Hayward.

    But agues for people who have insomnia but don't want to take sleeping pills, they could always move to Hayward since Hayward is so extremely boring and lacking it would put almost anyone to sleep.


  3. Murals & painted utility boxes do not make Hayward an “artist colony.” Hayward is known for crime & its criminals. Hayward is the “last frontier” because people & businesses want to get out of “Oakland South.”


  4. Brainchild Creative is the public relations firm that Fran David must have selected. Or it is the firm that the city council pretended to choose because Fran said so. So far $103,000.00 was put aside by council vote in 2013. This year 1.5 million dollars has been allocated for the new Economic Development Program. Frank Holland is a city employee. As far as I can determine, his brain did not come up with this incredibly expensive p.r. campaign. All of this information can be readily found on the City of Hayward website. Because Hayward is painfully transparent. All the council members raved about how “ground breaking” & “earth shattering” that big green H and raggedy map is. Throw a cool mil to buy a fake brand image, but first figure out what the heck you are peddling to the people. The P.R. people had some focus group workshops & decided that Hayward can't use “education city” because isn't a college town that people can associate as being a college town. Not to mention that CSUEB ditched Hayward from its title. Also Hayward schools aren't the best thing for them to brag about.


  5. Were any ACTUAL, successful marketing and branding professionals involved in this project? I can deduce by looking at these completely uninspired, unrepresentative images that the answer to my question is NO.

    Can somebody from the city please explain to me the ridiculous decision to not showcase that we have several institutions of higher education here? That is completely ludicrous because it is a point of pride for the city.

    Please do not go forward with these images. They suck. I cannot say it any other way. I am NOT one to sugar coat or blow smoke. 🙂 We can do SOOOO much better!!


  6. Holland is yet another well paid Pied Piper who'll have Council following him off of a financial cliff that we will end up paying for. Hayward says it is broke and going to be bankrupt in 5 years. Why not spend a butt load of money on a P.R. campaign? Councilmember Marquez said that Councl should “go on a retreat” to discuss the new campaign. I think Council should stay at The Islander Motel to reflect on Hayward's other fine attributes. Paint that picture on a new canvas.


  7. Hayward, “Home of The Imposition.” That's a lot of money for a City who is always crying poor, oh wait increasing city fees & taxes will make it up. Tax payers, business owners, residents & City Workers brace yourselves for another pocket check.


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