Campaign Notes: State Senate 7th District Special Election

STATE SENATE | 7TH DISTRICT | There are four mostly moderate Democrats running in a state senate district race with an electorate typically a tad left of center. That’s just too much for the Alameda County Republican Party. On Friday, the local grandees decided against endorsing one of the candidates after the lone GOP challenger called it quits in early February. “There is no Republican running for that seat, there are only four Democrats, and we as Republicans are not in the business of endorsing Democrats,” said the local party’s Facebook page.

GAS MONEY In recent elections, Chevron’s imprimatur has spelled electoral disaster for candidates receiving their contributions. Understandably, elections in Richmond have been affected by Chevron’s special interest money in local election. But, recall, Chevron is headquartered in San Ramon, which is in SD7. On Friday, Chevron posted a $4,200 late contribution to Joan Buchanan’s campaign, according finance records. Buchanan wasn’t the only one, though. Assemblymember Susan Bonilla also received $4,200 from Chevron Friday and another $1,000 from Phillips 66.

GOLD STARS The California Teachers Association has been very active in the primary for Buchanan, their endorsed candidate. The California Federation of Teachers added their late endorsement on Thursday. The group represents 120,000 teachers and school employees in the state.

GLAZER’S GLEE If the key to Steve Glazer’s chances of finishing in the top two is playing the victim, labor is giving him plenty to work with. The Service Employees International Union Local 1021, which represents BART employees, poured $25,000 into the IE strongly opposing Glazer. Working Families Opposing Glazer for Senate 2015 was also fortified Feb. 26 with an additional $25,000 from SEIU Local 1021. Glazer made light-hearted note of the contribution Friday on Twitter:

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  1. Glazer really has no chance in finishing in the top two; he is not even really a contender


  2. Contra Costa Times Editorial: Voters should ignore deceitful labor attack on Glazer
    Contra Costa Times
    March 4, 2015

    Labor unions are branding state Senate candidate Steve Glazer as too conservative — and too liberal.

    In duplicitous, targeted mailers, they tell Democrats that Glazer is a business-loving special interest sellout who wants to give millionaires tax breaks. To Republicans, they say Glazer is a tax-and-spend liberal and that they should instead support a candidate who withdrew from the race.

    In fact, Glazer, a California State University trustee and former political adviser to Gov. Jerry Brown, is a moderate Democrat who earned our endorsement because of his centrist politics and desire to build bipartisan coalitions.

    Labor leaders hate him because he dared to help elect moderate Democratic candidates to the state Legislature and called for banning BART strikes. Their mailers, among scores in the March 17 special primary election that has so far attracted about $2 million in contributions, prove once again that voters shouldn't trust such propaganda.

    The special election will fill the seat Mark DeSaulnier vacated after his election to Congress. The ballot has five names, but only three candidates, all Democrats, are credible. The only Republican, Michaela Hertle, dropped out of the race early and endorsed Glazer.

    Glazer, the most centrist candidate, is counting on backing from moderate Democrats, independents and Republicans. Labor is trying to undermine his support from both ends.

    The mailers to Republicans were sent under the guise of the “Asian American Small Business PAC,” funded with $50,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the California Professional Firefighters Political Action Committee.

    One mailer to Republican voters claims Glazer wants to raise taxes and smacks him for having advised “liberal Jerry Brown.” Two others call on Republicans to support Hertle, without mentioning that she dropped out. By the way, Hertle is not Asian.

    The labor-financed mailers complain, ironically, that “there are just too many Democrats in the State Senate causing partisan gridlock” and decry “the special interests that are paralyzing our state government.”

    The mailers to Democrats brand Glazer a “Republican Sellout” who “wants to give millionaires a tax break” that will lead to education cuts. Once again, the twisted message is bogus. It comes from eight labor groups that provided $230,000 to fund “Working Families Opposing Glazer for Senate 2015.”

    Lest there be any doubt the pincer movement is a coordinated labor campaign, the mailers to Democrats and Republicans feature the same grainy, unflattering picture of Glazer.

    With all the spending in this race on all sides, there will almost certainly be more misleading mailers coming. Voters should beware.



  3. Sadly, I do think Glazer will finish in the top 2. He will be in a run off with Susan Bonilla or Joan Buchanan. He might even be the top vote getter even though he has no principles and is a stooge for corporate business. He has taken more special interest money than any other candidate in independent expenditures. Look it up. The newspaper reports are one sided and only report what they want you to read. What a sleaze! He will never win the run off because both Bonilla and Buchanan can win a head to head race with the double talker.


  4. The conservative newspapers only print one-sided info on what they want you to believe. No one has received more corrupt independent expenditure money from outside groups than Glazer.

    He has received almost $600,000 from a Southern California conservative businessman, almost $400,000 from the California Chamber of Commerce PAC ( most of which went to oppose Bonilla and Buchanan), and about $175,000 from the Charter School Association as of the end of last week. Talk about sleaze?

    He may get into the top two, but whichever woman, Susan Bonilla or Joan Buchanan, is there with the weasel, will win the run-off. They are definitely cleaner than he is.


  5. Boy, you union sluts are running G-d awful scared, as well you should. Not only will CLEAN STEVE GLAZER finish number one on Tuesday, but he will win then or else in May. You just don't get it. The public wants an advocate on THEIR side, not the corrupt special interest union bosses. Phase I was electing Cathy Baker and Phase II will conclude with Steve's election. They will be an awesome tag team and work for the public.

    SENATOR STEVE GLAZER–The People's Choice!


  6. Glazer is not the people's choice as much as you may want to rant and rave and call people sexist names. The voters proved that a few months ago. Maybe they thought he was too radical as shown by the people who support him above.

    Since he had an expenditure of about $600,000 from Bill Bloomfield, a former Republican multi-millionaire businessman from Southern California who is trying to buy the election for him, Glazer is not clean, but he is an upper class corporate shill who cares little about the average voter.

    I'll be supporting Susan Bonilla because she is supported by Progressives, Moderates and Conservatives. You support whoever you want since you don't even live in the district.


  7. Glazer isn't Centrist. He's Duplicitous. Glazer says whatever the polls tell him to say. He thinks the voters are stupid and the Republicans will believe he's anti-tax, when he's put millions of taxes on the property and sales taxes of Orinda residents…they will believe he is anti-double tunnels, when it's very clear that he says he's against as written and his East Bay Leadership Council debate response included saying we needed to take care of the water needs of he whole state but they had to pay (shorthand for Double Tunnels). Glazer has a thousand bridges to sell you.


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