ON THE AGENDA: Oakland discusses ordinance on dept of race; improving police recruitment

Councilmember Noel Gallo wants to reaffirm 
all complaints against OPD be heard by the
Citizens’ Police Review Board.

Oakland City Council Committees
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, first floor
Tuesday, Mar. 24, 2015, starts at 9:30 a.m.
Twitter hashtag: #oakmtg

FINANCE & MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE A rather large agenda (11 items) features Oracle Arena debt and the onset of labor negotiations with city employee groups. Earlier this month, the Oakland-Alameda County Joint Powers Authority reported the debt on Oracle Arena’s remodel failed to attract a letter of credit from a financial institution. Instead, to avoid higher interest rates, the city and county must seek to refinance the original $140 million worth of bonds issued in 1996 with a fixed rate. The arena’s outstanding debt is currently $79.7 million…All nine of Oakland’s bargaining units (represented by five unions) are due to begin labor negotiations this spring. On the agenda is a $150,000 contract with labor consultanting firm Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP through February 2016. All contracts are due to expire June 30. (Starts at 9:30 a.m. Committee members: Annie Campbell Washington, Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Abel Guillén; Dan Kalb (chair).

PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE Sewers are on the docket. One item seeks to award a $1.3 million contract for trenches and another $5.9 million to rehab sewers at West Grand Avenue between Wood Street and San Pablo Avenue; 20th Street between Broadway and Harrison Street. (Starts at 11:30 a.m. Committee members: Noel Gallo, Dan Kalb, Larry Reid, Rebecca Kaplan (chair)

COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The often news-making committee will receive a report detailing housing foreclosure data in Oakland and the quarterly report on the Oakland Army Base project. CED Committee will also discuss the Coliseum Area Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report approved earlier this month by the city’s Planning Commission. (Starts at 1:30 p.m. Committee members: Annie Campbell Washington, Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Rebecca Kaplan, Larry Reid (chair).

LIFE ENRICHMENT COMMITTEE Councilmember Desley Brooks’ anticipated ordinance creating a city department of race and equity will be heard Tuesday. Brooks hopes to create the department by December 2015. (Starts at 4 p.m. Committee members: Desley Brooks, Noel Gallo, Abel Guillén, Annie Campbell Washington (chair.).

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE Council President Lynette Gibson McElhaney leads an ad-hoc Working Group on Police Recruitment. The committee will also receive a report on the recruitment, retention of African American police officers at the Oakland Police Department, in addition, to rates of attrition. The Oakland City Council already weighed-in on consolidating all complaints against OPD to the Citizens’ Police Review Board. Councilmember Noel Gallo is seeking to reaffirm the council’s direction. (Starts at 6 p.m. Committee members: Noel Gallo, Abel Guillén, Dan Kalb, Desley Brooks (chair)

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  1. By MW:

    As far as setting up a department on race so that phonies who pretend to be “liberals” can institute some more of their programs to provide “education” and “enlightenment” to the “stupid” masses, that will provide considerable employment for a lot of creatures who are: one, demagogues, parasites, and pathological liars and specialize in providing diversity training; and two, politically correct nitwits purveying lies and garbage who are far too stupid to even realize they are stupid.


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