Oakland City Council will offer resolution opposing Indiana’s religious freedom law

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has already banned city government travel to Indiana over passage of its controversial new religious freedom law, which critics say will foster discrimination against members of the LGBT community and other minority groups.

Now, Councilmembers Larry Reid and Rebecca Kaplan are planning an Oakland City Council resolution registering legislative opposition to the law, known as the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

The law allows businesses to deny service to certain groups based on the proprietor’s religious preference. For instance, under the law, a shop owner could deny service to a gay man because it conflicts with the owner’s religious ideas.

Reid, who is also president pro tem of the council, said he respects equal treatment of people regardless of their sexual orientation or religion. “As a man of faith, I know that my belief does not require me to oppress another,” said Reid. “I encourage all people of conscience to oppose this law, and I seek to have the City of Oakland officially oppose it.”

Vice Mayor Kaplan, who married her partner last year, urged businesses and special events to come to Oakland, which boasts one of the highest numbers of gay and lesbian residents in the country.

The earliest the resolution can be approved is at the next city council following the spring break on April 21.

One thought on “Oakland City Council will offer resolution opposing Indiana’s religious freedom law

  1. By MW:

    If the present businesses, or one of the business sectors – and such as for instance the bakeries, restaurants, or landlords – in Alameda County (or in Indiana if I lived there) decided to discriminate by not doing business anymore with the members of a particular group, and such as for instance gays, Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese, women, senior citizens, fat people, extremely short people or people over six feet tall, etc, I myself would say that is wonderful, since I would see that as a great opportunity to open up a store, business, restaurant, or bakery that catered to that particular segment of the population.

    To elaborate, most small businesses fail within five years or less, and even of the small percentage that survive, most are not very profitable but instead are dependent on the continued willingness of the owner and his relatives to keep on working virtually unlimited hours for very little pay in the fanciful hope that eventually in the future the business will become very profitable, a day that almost never comes.

    And far and away the biggest reason most small businesses never become very profitable is that they are not offering anything very unique, in other words they are virtually identical to the a least dozens, and most likely hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of businesses in their metropolitan area they are in competition with.

    For instance if I were to open up a restaurant featuring a low priced menu, since the Bay area has at least tens of thousands of low priced restaurants, and including McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Lyons, and Dennys, etc, etc, etc, my restaurant would almost certainly fail and go into bankruptcy unless my restaurant had and emphasized something that most of the established competition did not.

    So if most of the other restaurants did not want to serve gays or blacks or Chinese or Koreans or old people or fat people or any other group, rather than complaining about it, instead I would say YIPPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY, and then and make it a central part of my business plan to market my restaurant to the group the other restaurants did not wish to serve.

    However on the other hand the phonies, big windbags, and parasites who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, and rather than they and their friends opening up a business to serve the group that is excluded and/or supposedly being discriminated against, would rather hire a bunch of sleazy lawyers to force the present business owners to be politically correct.


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