Oakland city attorney ‘haphazardly’ prepared cases against disciplined cops

Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker
PHOTO/Shane Bond

OAKLAND | An investigation precipitated by the controversial reinstatement last year of an Oakland police officer disciplined at an Occupy Oakland protest in 2011, found the city attorney’s office typically handled arbitration hearings “haphazardly” and waited until the last minute to prepare for hearings or even assign cases.

The investigation lead by San Francisco attorney Edward Swanson released Thursday criticized the city for allowing undisciplined police officers to remain on the force while also lowering the morale of those who ascribed to higher standards of law enforcement.

“For years, Oakland’s police discipline process has failed to deliver fair, consistent, and effective discipline,” said the report. “Time and again, when the Oakland Police Department has attempted to impose significant discipline, its decisions have been reversed or gutted at the arbitration stage, causing the public to question whether the city handles disciplinary cases appropriately. The result is that many, both inside and outside of the department, have little faith in the integrity of the process.”

Oakland city attorney’s office, though, has improved its effectiveness in handling recent arbitration hearings, said the report, but “there is little evidence the [Oakland City Attorney] was taking action to address its poor record in arbitration before the court ordered this investigation.”

A lack of accountability, not only at the police department, but at City Hall, has exacerbated problems with police discipline, the report concluded. “The problems with police discipline are not just an OPD problem; they are a City of Oakland problem…But the Oakland City administration–the Mayor, the City Administrator, and the City Council–has not held anyone to account for these failures,” the report continued, “The city administration has done nothing to demand or enforce an effective discipline system. Simply put, it should not have taken a court order to focus the city’s attention on these problems.”

The report, however, found no evidence that Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker selected outside counsel for the cases based on campaign contributions, as alleged last year. Oakland’s city attorney, unlike most Bay Area city, is a publicly-elected. Parker is up for re-election in 2016. In December, the investigation was momentarily stalled, when Parker, citing attorney-client privilege, initially balked at turning over records to the investigator. Her office later relented.

5 thoughts on “Oakland city attorney ‘haphazardly’ prepared cases against disciplined cops

  1. By MW:

    Concerning my previous posts about Barbara Parker, I apologize for anything I said that could possibly be construed as negative about her and/or her “ethics.

    And the reason I feel the need to apologize, is that this morning's disclosures concerning the facts that Bill and Hillary Clinton, and who are both lawyers – and also phonies, parasites, and blood sucking leeches who pretend to be great liberals – were willing in exchange for bribes, er, excuse me, I mean “donations” and “speaking fees,” to help facilitate the transfer of uranium to Russia, made me realize that lawyers, and Barbara Parker is a lawyer, are truly and actually wonderful people, and no matter how much they lie, no matter how much money they embezzle, no matter how many sleazy deals and phony “investigations” they arrange and choreograph, and no matter how much they act as fifth columnists.

    NOTE: I have been at hearings conducted by lawyers in which the lawyer conducting the hearing took the position that lawyers are extremely honest, wonderful, reputable, and totally trustworthy people, and therefore if a lawyer said it, THEN IT MUST BE TRUE.

    So therefore next time you happen to be near Barbara Parker, Bill or Hillary Clinton, or any other lawyer, get down on your hands and knees and kiss the lawyer's feet.


  2. This is no surprise. In all my years of public sector employment it isn't only police cases but also discipline for the rank and file. I always hated working with in house counsel. They were lazy attorneys who obviously couldn't make it in the world of billable hours and they did not have the expertise and court room experience. I always preferred using outside counsel for all employment matters and getting them involved in the beginning to make sure that everything was done correctly and timely.


  3. By MW:

    Relating to the the “standards” and “integrity” of Barbara Parker, there is an article this morning on the SF Chronicle's website (and which is “sfgate.com”), and which is titled “Police Discipline system broken,”

    Barbara Parker can always give us a big laugh by insisting that she and her office do real investigations, and that she and her office does not engage in the standard government agency practices of choreographing, scripting, and prearranging “investigations” in which: one, the conclusions are already set in advance, and before the “investigations” even take place; two, any “inconvenient” facts and information is covered up, denied, ignored, and lied about; and three, any “facts” necessary to “prove” and “substantiate” an already prearranged conclusion are invented out of thin air.

    But of course the “gall” and “nerve” of a mere layman such as myself challenging a “superior” person such as a lawyer, in other words someone who pretends to be a logical, intelligent, and only interested in the facts and the truth. in other words someone who went to law school and also has a law license, and therefore now has permission from both the court system and the California State Bar to engage in non-stop lying and never ending fraud.


  4. By MW:

    Concerning any suspicions anyone may have had or allegations anyone may have made that Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker had hired outside counsel based on the election campaign contributions a lawyer or law firm had made, in my opinion, and for the following reasons: It would have been a total waste of time and money to spend even one penny investigating such suspicions and allegations.

    ONE. As a California lawyer, Barbara Parker is licensed, “monitored,” and “regulated” by the totally corrupt California State Bar, in other words that extremely sleazy organized crime ring of totally corrupt backroom fixers that pretends its two primary reasons for existence are to: one, enforce and uphold standards for California's lawyers; and two, protect the public from being ripped off by lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent.

    (NOTE: And as proof of the real and actual “standards” of the totally corrupt CSB, Nadia Lockyer continues to be in good standing with the totally corrupt CSB, and even though she is a drunk, a drug addict, a proven pathological liar, and also lacks the intelligence to even be the junior assistant manager of a small children's sidewalk lemonade stand.)

    TWO. Before the CSB even agrees to grant an applicant a law license, first it goes through the charade of pretending to do a long and “very thorough” background check (that phony and choreographed charade generally takes about six months) so as to “ensure” that no one is granted a law license who does not have the very highest standards of “morals,” “honesty,” and “integrity.”

    THREE, Barbara Parker is a graduate of Harvard, one of the very most overrated “educational ” institutions, a place that is far more into producing “sophisticated,” fancy talking, and “highly educated” parasites, scumbags, embezzlers, thieves, money launderers, and professional pathological liars – AND WHO ALSO HAVE EXTREME DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR AND ENTITLEMENT – than it is into producing truly educated people.

    For instance if you pay close attention, you will notice that most of the very sleaziest businessmen, lawyers, con men, scam artists, and professional pathological liars have a degree from one of the “BIG FIVE OF SLEAZE,” in other words Hastings Law School, Harvard, NYU, Georgetown, or Stanford.

    (For instance, and not surprisingly at all, “economist” Jonathan Gruber, and who is one of Nancy Pelosi's favorite con men and professional pathological liars, has a Ph. D. from Harvard.)

    FOUR. Anyone who over the last few decades has paid any attention at all to Bay area politics would realize that the culture of our local politicians is to always serve the public in the best way possible, and definitely not to see what they can pull and get away with.


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