State Sen. Hancock voices opposition to controversial vaccination bill

State Sen. Loni Hancock called SB 277 a Draconian
bill to protect children from infectious diseases.

STATE SENATE | A controversial Senate Bill that would remove the personal belief exemption for parents wary of vaccinations for their children stalled in a senate committee Wednesday led in part by opposition from East Bay State Sen. Loni Hancock.

“I’m looking for the compelling state interest in doing something here as Draconian as I read this bill,” Hancock said of Senate Bill 277, co-authored by State Sen. Richard Pan and Ben Allen, during the State Senate Education Committee.

Last week, the senate health committee approved the bill which has attracted strong opposition from parents and anti-vaxxer groups who believe immunization of children cause unduly harm and potentially contributes to greater incidents of autism.

The education committee, however, found fault with language in the bill regarding home schooling as an alternative for children who are not fully vaccinated. Under state law, parents of children attending public schools must provide proof of immunization.

“I’m a person who believes in vaccines. My kids are vaccinated. I think I would hope kids would get vaccinated,” said Hancock, who added, “It says there is nothing you can do if you choose not to vaccinate your child except personally home school them.”

“I’m not disputing the desirability of having kids immunized, [but] whether this is actually the best way to build a community consensus around it,” she said.

The state’s interests rests in stopping infectious diseases like the measles outbreak at Disneyland last year from spreading, said Pan. “Parents demand that their children are safe at school,” he continued and infectious outbreaks disrupts the class room and leads to students being quarantined at home for weeks at a time.

State Sen. Carol Liu, who chairs the committee, was troubled by the effective penalty for declining immunization is home schooling. “I dont’ think that’s a solution to the problem,” said Liu. Later, while noting a lack of support for the bill, Liu told Pan, “If I were you, I would not take a vote today.” Pan agreed. The issue will return to the education committee on April 22 as a vote-only agenda item.

3 thoughts on “State Sen. Hancock voices opposition to controversial vaccination bill

  1. By MW:

    Related to the last paragraph of my previous post and the possibility of the Demagogue Party finally fracturing, going back to at least the1920's, the Demagogue Party has been successful by: one, marketing itself as the political party that supposedly represented the interests of average people, working people, people who aren't rich, and the poor and disenfranchised; and two, pretending that Republicans are evil, stupid. and mean and supposedly the enemy of most of the general public.

    However with the widely publicized disclosures in the last few days about how Bill and Hillary were taking in tens of millions of dollars in lightly disguised bribes, and while at then same time pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, most likely a lot more of the general public will begin to wake up to the fact that most of the leadership of the Demagogue Party is not actually composed of real liberals and great humanitarians, but instead of phonies, leeches, scam artists, and sleazy parasites who only pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    And even if Hillary should manage to survive the present scandal and go on to be the DP's candidate for president in 2016, still in the long run she, and especially the DP, will be cooked. And that is because there is a lot more sleaze regarding the Clintons, but that has not been discussed yet,

    And a lot of that sleaze involving the Clintons is very closely tied to the Bay area, and including two multimillion dollar fires that people in the Bay area were gullible enough to believe were caused by bad luck rather than arson. So hold on tight to your seats, since a lot of the most interesting stuff has not even come out yet.


  2. By MW:


    While I have mixed feelings in regard to whether or not vaccination should be compulsory, and especially as to the issue of whether or not a child who is not vaccinated should be prohibited from attending public school, however what I find far and away the most noteworthy concerning Loni Hancock's position is that, and even though she is one of the most powerful, influential, and prominent members of the Demagogue Party, and which should really change its name to THE FAD OF THE MONTH CLUB OF STOOGES, ROBOTS, AND NON THINKING PUPPETS ON A STRING, in this particular instance she is actually, believe it or not, breaking ranks with the official line of the Demagogue Party, and the official line of the Demagogue Party has been that universal and compulsory vaccination is wonderful; and two, anybody who thinks otherwise is extremely stupid.

    Hopefully in the next few years, and for the good of society, we will experience a lot more examples of the Demagogue Party fracturing and some of its stooges and puppets on a string learning to think for themselves, and rather than continuing their past practice of just blindly parroting the official party line.


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