Nadia Lockyer is pregnant; Will Bill bankroll baby’s run for state controller?

Bill Lockyer, 74, is going to be a daddy, again.
PHOTO/Shane Bond

ALAMEDA COUNTY | The real life soap opera that is the Lockyer family is apparently bidding for higher ratings just in time for May Sweeps. The San Francisco Chronicle confirmed Monday the couple is expecting a second child.

“This Mother’s Day is beyond special — we are pregnant!” former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer posted on her Facebook Sunday . “Yes, the Lockyers are expecting to give another beautiful gift to this world. Love and blessings to all the glorious mothers out there — Thank You for making the world a better place through your mother love and powers!”

The last we heard from Nadia Lockyer, 43, her and former State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, 74, announced they were getting back together. Nadia Lockyer then appeared on a local newscast to offer no further insight into her dramatic fall from grace following drug and alcohol addiction. Instead, the appearance’s only news was the unveiling of a feather tattoo on the side of her neck.

Before that, Lockyer was arrested in Southern California and her husband filed for divorce, in addition, to a list of strange stories before and after.

In the meantime, stayed tuned.

Is Bill the father? Will the baby run for state controller using Bill’s $2 million campaign fund? Has Nadia contacted her former lover, the San Jose mechanic with a meth addiction of his own? Is Gov. Jerry Brown impudent? Tune in for those answers and more on the next episode of Days of Our Lives.

8 thoughts on “Nadia Lockyer is pregnant; Will Bill bankroll baby’s run for state controller?

  1. Great a crackhead and an old fart are having twins. Gee I wonder how these poor kids will turn out. I wonder about these nut jobs.


  2. By MW:

    Nadia Lockyer is a lawyer, and in fact also a drunken and drug addicted lawyer. Bill Lockyer is also a lawyer, and there are considerable suspicions that he also is a drunk and/or a drug addict.

    I am delighted to hear that evidently they are having another baby, since there are definitely not nearly enough children in this world whose parents are and are being raised by sleazy lying lawyers who are also alcoholics and/or drug addicts.


  3. By MW:

    So that Bill Lockyer, and who is approx. seventy four years old, is supposedly going to have another child, and in fact with a woman in her mid forties who is an extreme drunk, an even more extreme drug addict, an extreme mental retard, and still furthermore a world class dingbat and suicidal maniac.

    That would be both extremely stupid and extremely crazy even based on Bill Lockyer's “standards.”


  4. Who's the daddy? Bitch can't keep her legs together. Pity the poor kid, as he'll probably be a second retard. The kid they have now was born retarded, which is too bad.


  5. Their going through enough is their fault and their announcing this “news” was made publicly – they are a joke and a mess; he's not being a jerk to the unborn kid – just the unfit parents.


  6. Please don't be a jerk Steve, these poor people have gone through more than enough. Sure, if you run for office you willingly submit your personal life to scrutiny, but there is a fine line between journalistic scrutiny and gossip.


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