Alameda County supervisor attended NBA Finals game; read his mail, instead

Not a big fan of basketball: Alameda County 
Supervisor Keith Carson used the county’s box at 
Oracle Sunday to read his mail during the NBA Finals.

At what would be the Golden State Warriors’ penultimate victory before Tuesday night’s NBA championship clincher, one Alameda County supervisor in attendance at Sunday’s Game 5 at Oracle Arena may have bolstered the perception among some there is a lackadaisical attitude among East Bay elected officials toward keeping its three professional sports teams in town.

Word is that among the 20 or so people sitting in Alameda County’s box at Oracle Arena to watch Sunday night’s NBA Finals game was Supervisor Keith Carson.

While everyone was cheering for the Warriors at one of the most entertaining games of the post-season, Carson, was instead, ruffling through his mail.

Mind you, not email, but snail mail.

Carson perused a thick stack of county-related correspondence that had piled up over the week, said observers, while others enjoyed the Warriors win over Cleveland.

There continues to be perception that Oakland and Alameda County officials are not exactly clamoring to keep the Raiders in Oakland, while slowly moving forward with the Athletics on a new ballpark. Public officials all tend to believe the Warriors moving to San Francisco is far from certain.

Meanwhile, one aspect of the relationship between East Bay officials and their sports teams that has alluded discussion. In addition to Carson reading his mail at the NBA Finals, the reality is there are very few local elected officials who are anywhere near what you might call a sports fan. Could this be where the apparent lack of urgency toward the stadium situation in Oakland emanates? Who knows? Economic factors certainly cloud the issue, but that’s a given in stadium deals all over the country.

However, around here, most of these decision-makers tasked with saving the teams wouldn’t know the difference between Kenny Stabler and a stapler.

4 thoughts on “Alameda County supervisor attended NBA Finals game; read his mail, instead

  1. By MW:

    Of late, and especially since the Warriors won the championship, more and more people and politicians in Oakland and nearby East Bay cities have been taking the position that the Warriors should cancel their planned move to San Francisco and instead stay in Oakland.

    This could get very interesting, and especially since on issues related to building, or NOT building, an arena for the Warriors in San Francisco, some of the characters the very most heavily involved include: one, Willie Brown; and two, Sam Singer of Singer and Associates.

    NOTE: In the coming months for a lot of reasons we will all most likely be hearing a lot more about Sam Singer and Associates, and including since Sam Singer and Singer and Associates are handling the PR for one or more of the possible defendants related to the balcony that recently collapsed in Berkeley that resulted in the deaths of six people.

    And if you think such basketball players as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson have over the years showed us some extremely fancy moves, just wait until you see all the fancy moves, and including fakes, fouls, intentional fouls, and drawing fouls, the SF and Oakland politicians and their lawyers and PR people will be displaying as they duel over who will get the Warriors.

    However I have a quick and easy solution to the fact that right now Willie Brown and his collaborators are opposed to building the Warriors an arena in SF at the proposed site. One of the people who wants to move the Warriors to SF should pay Willie a large bribe, er, excuse me, I mean a so called “legal consultation” fee, of a few hundred thousand dollars, and then I am willing to bet that, and lo and behold, Willie will suddenly move heaven and earth to get the Warriors whatever they want in SF.

    In fact, we should make it official. We should add an amendment to the US Constitution that no one is allowed to even try to do anything in SF without first providing Willie with a large bribe, er, excuse me, I mean a “consultation fee,” of at least a few hundred thousand dollars.


  2. So let me understand you correctly you are blaming the athlete or the owner of the teams that have no loyalty? Typical hypocritical bay area tree lovers, who think their intellect is so much above us baboon adoring fans or those who play the game. Somehow, these people don't deserve the money they are making? Tell you what, I bet you are an advocate of diversity and unity and all that utopia stuff, that the Keith Carsons of the world and all the worldly pontificators in the Bay. Ask yourself's this question, name one platform that brings all the diversity that we luv to espoused. together where we have that common denominator to actually try and get to know one another?? I guarantee you it anit your politics…so before all of you folks out there that don't understand what's at stake when Oakland has no teams because you keep telling yourself its just a game.. Maybe your still pissed that the dumb jock in school stole your girlfriend so you have such hatred for the joy of the sports.
    To you Mr. Carson, you should have gave your ticket away to somebody who can enjoy the moment, so that you can go back to your office and figure out how you can tax me some more so that we can pay for those closing hospitals that support the poor folks in Alameda County…you guys are clueless


  3. By MW:

    We should pass a law making it illegal for anyone and everyone, and including any and all members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, to do their work and/or read their mail when the local population is going crazy cheering a bunch of athletes with salaries of millions, and in some cases tens of millions per year, and who are not even loyal to their local city, but who will leave as soon as a professional sports team in another city offers them even more money.

    Back a few decades ago the most prominent professional athletes almost always played at least most of their careers for just one team. For instance, Joe DiMaggio played his entire career for the Yankees, and Willie Mays and Hank Aaron spent their entire primes playing for their original teams.

    However these days most of the best and most prominent professional athletes bounce around from team to team like ping pong balls, and have absolutely no loyalty to anything except who will provide them with the biggest paycheck, so frankly I have a hard time getting very charged up as to whether the Warriors, Raiders, Giants, and A's, etc., end up in first place, second place, or even last place.

    In fact back in the old days the very best and most important players on such teams as the Brooklyn Dodgers, in other words such players as Duke Snider, Pee Wee Reese, and Carl Furillo, etc., lived locally and were the next door neighbors of the people in the city that supported them.

    But these days how many of the best, most prominent, and most highly paid players live in the city they even pretend to represent!!


  4. Keith, like myself, is not a sports fan. The man doesn't care for any sports, and that's fine with us who are not fans.


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