Alameda County prosecutor accused of conspiring with Leland Yee in FBI’s ‘Shrimp Boy’ case

Alameda County prosecutor Sharmin Bock.

ALAMEDA COUNTY | An Alameda County prosecutor conspired with State Sen. Leland Yee to circumvent campaign finance law in the infamous racketeering case involving Yee and Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow. The comments were captured on F.B.I. wiretaps, according to a motion Tuesday by Chow for dismissal of his indictment for selective prosecution.

The motion also alleges San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and San Francisco London Breed and others accepted bribes and entered into pay-for-play schemes in the F.B.I sting revealed two years ago.

Chow’s attorney asserts the information was gleaned during the discovery stage. Chow’s motion charges, despite their findings, the F.B.I. did nothing to pursue the allegations against each, including Alameda County prosecutor Sharmin Bock.

According to the motion, Bock was also given an “unexplainable pass” from scrutiny for her actions. “She was picked up on the wiretap on multiple occasions conspiring with Leland Yee to exchange donations to defeat campaign finance limits while she was running for District Attorney. She remains unindicted and, in fact, she is still a prosecutor. One of the unindicted parties stated “If you need some help in Alameda, we can use her you know. She is a fucking DA.”

The connection between San Francisco and East Bay politics is clear with Bock. She unsuccessfully ran for San Francisco district attorney in 2011. She is also one of the more well-known prosecutors in Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s office.

The F.B.I. investigation was known in the past to have crossed over to the East Bay. The probe focused on Oakland Councilmembers Larry Reid and Lynette Gibson McElhaney, according to a report. One undercover agent posing as a businessman interested in investing in Oakland was ferried around the city by Reid. No charges were ever filed.

9 thoughts on “Alameda County prosecutor accused of conspiring with Leland Yee in FBI’s ‘Shrimp Boy’ case

  1. By MW:

    The situation involving Sharmin Bock, and including assertions she is extremely corrupt, have the potential, and especially if proven, to become MUCH MUCH MUCH BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER than merely one corrupt Alameda County government employee out of approx nine thousand AC govt employees total.

    More specifically:

    One, she is a lawyer in the AC's DA's office, an agency that for decades has, and as its standard policy, deliberately, regularly, and at least almost always, and in fact I suspect ever single time, engaged in lies and fraud whenever it has “investigated” assertions that this or that other department of AC govt has one or more managers who have accepted under the table bribes in making their decisions on which business to award contracts to. In other words, and rather than representing the taxpayers and the general public, the AC DA's office has acted as the defense attorney and sleazy backroom fixer for high ranking and politically connected crooks in the upper management of AC government.

    Two, the AC DA's office has had a long history of having its lawyers ILLEGALLY script and choreograph testimony by secretly calling in witnesses shortly before trials take place to arrange what will be said on the witness stand, and then also instructing the witnesses to never admit that such pretrial interviews ever took place.


    Three, Nancy O'Malley's investigation. and likely also prosecution, of issues related to the balcony collapse in Berkeley that led to the deaths of six people will very likely make people at least all over the US, and perhaps even internationally, very aware of AC govt, and the AC DA's office, most of whom had previously never even heard of Alameda County. In fact from a strictly publicity standpoint, it will most likely be a much bigger coup for AC than if the next three Super Bowls were played in San Leandro or Hayward rather than in places such as New Orleans and Pasadena.

    So therefore, and especially now, the very last thing Nancy O'Malley and her office need is an investigation that might lead to disclosures which would cause people to learn that the AC DA's office is an unusually sleazy operation even based on the “standards” of lawyers.


  2. By MW:

    If she said she didn't do it, then obviously she didn't it, since a lawyer wouldn't lie.

    In fact such organizations as the California State Bar (and the CSB, and which pretends to monitor and regulate California's lawyers, by the way is one of the sleaziest and most corrupt organizations of all time) through their PR and lies repeatedly “educate” the general public to the “fact” that most lawyers are “honest.”

    In fact since the CSB is headquartered in San Francisco and pretty much acts like a law firm, think of the CSB as just another crooked SF law firm.


  3. BY MW:

    When I recently checked “Sharmin Bock,” and that is perhaps a name after marriage – since, and with a bit of digging, I was able to find a “Sharmin,” but with a different last name, who works for the AC DA's office and is also registered with the CSB and furthermore listed by “martindalehubbelll” – evidently has a 4.4 rating with martindalehubbell, and which would mean that organization considers her to be a very fine lawyer and also with excellent integrity.

    Its very highest possible rating is 5.0.

    (However as an example of the real and actual “standards” of the so called legal profession, an extremely high percentage of the very sleaziest lawyers have 5.0 ratings. In other words, the very sleaziest lawyers and the judges they provide under the table bribes to give high recommendations to each other, and that is one of the reasons so many of the very sleaziest scumbags with law licenses have 5.0 ratings.)

    So perhaps if it is eventually proven that Sharmin Bock is guilty of the crimes she is has been alleged to have been involved in, then it would not surprise me at all if her rating was later boosted to 5.0.


  4. By MW:

    According to an article I read earlier this morning in another newspaper, Sharmin Bock: one, was just placed on leave by the Alameda County DA's office; and two has hired a particular PR guy, and who I will refer to as “Scams Slinger,” to represent her.

    Scams Slinger, and whose specialties include: one, covering up the truth; two, attacking and harassing whistleblowers; three, telling and getting away with the most absurd and ridiculous lies; and four, being a master at manipulating the media and telling newspaper reporters what to “think,” and including feeding lazy and overly gullible newspaper reports a lot of lies and garbage that he pretends are the facts – IS ALSO REPRESENTING AT LEAST ONE OF THE MAJOR PARTIES THAT WILL MOST LIKELY BE SUED IN REGARD TO THE BERKELEY BALCONY COLLASE THAT RESULTED IN THE DEATHS OF SIX PEOPLE.

    Let's ask Scams Slinger if he ever represents people who are innocent, or if he only represents scumbags who are guilty.

    (NOTE: Lawyers and PR people usually prefer to represent wealthy criminals, and rather than whistleblowers and people who are not guilty, since wealthy criminals and people who are guilty usually have the money to pay a lot more.)

    One of the more interesting things about Scams Slinger is that he evidently has his main office in a particular building on Kearny Street in San Francisco that used to serve as the main headquarters for a guy by the name of Fred Freund, and who was also known as Fredric Freund. (NOTE: Fred Freund died a few years ago.)

    Fred Freund was an extremely close associate of organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar- Arlington and Switzerland” Lawrence. (You can read a tiny bit about the countless lies, sleaze, frauds, and scams Lawrence was involved in by looking up his entry in Wikipedia. Lawrence was known by various names, and including: one, M. Larry Lawrence, and with the “M” standing for Maurice; two, M.L. Lawrence; and three, often just as Larry Lawrence.)

    Lawrence, and who provided the politicians with a fortune in election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, was the primary owner of a major SF office building that was operated as a politically protected center for Mafia money laundering, trafficking in undocumented aliens, and conglomeration of asbestos violations. AND FRED FRUND AND HIS REAL ESTATE COMPANY MANAGED THAT BUILDING FOR LAWRENCE.

    That building went up in flames, and at 3AM in the morning, in other words the standard time for organized crime arranged arson fires in office buildings, in a multimillion dollar fire, before CAL OSHA could complete its investigation of the building's asbestos violations. That building was also the subject of an almost full page newspaper article titled “ASBESTOS BY THE BAY.”

    Let's ask Scams Slinger whether he knew Fred Freund and/or Larry Lawrence. And in fact the story gets still more interesting, but since I am going to have lunch now, will tell some of the rest of it at a future time.


  5. By MW:

    Including in regard to the post of 1226PM, the Alameda County Deranged Alcoholics' office (or DA's office for short) is so extremely sleazy and totally corrupt, that therefore allowing it to have any power, and including in decisions in regard to who to investigate or prosecute, is similar to if the city government of Chicago had put Al Capone in charge of investigating which persons may have ordered and arranged the St. Valentine's Day massacre, or if the US Congress had put Richard Nixon in charge of: one, investigating Watergate; and two, also trying to “find” the “truth” as to whether there was any White House involvement in Watergate

    (In fact as an example of how sometimes the very biggest sleazeballs, arrangers, and criminals manage to become in charge of “investigating” the crimes they are co-conspirators in, study the life of Charles Becker, and who was a detective in in the NYC Police Department. and who used his position and power to arrange all sorts of crimes, and including murdering people who told the truth about criminal activities he was involved in.

    (NOTE: If you do an Internet search on world class sleazeball “Charles Becker,” tons of articles will come up. In fact if he was still alive today, the city of San Francisco would probably make him in charge of all sorts of investigations, perhaps also make him the Chief of the Police Department, and very likely also eventually elect him mayor.)


  6. True. She is really corrupt. Unfortunately, she is also indicative of the corruption rampant in the Alameda County District Attorney's office. O'Malley is the head of that stinking fish.


  7. By MW:

    For decades, and in fact going to at least the 1920's, San Francisco was far and away the most corrupt and most organized crime infested major city (or major county) in the entire country, and even far more corrupt than NYC, New Orleans, Detroit, or any of the other places that most people would generally think of if asked their opinion for the name of the most corrupt major city (or major county) in the entire country.

    However in recent years Alameda County has made a huge amount of “progress” in getting into the same league as SF in being a place in which the illegal backroom fix in exchange for the under the table bribe is the standard way of doing business, and in fact now I consider Alameda County to be almost as corrupt as Scams FraudsFIXso.

    But we should not be surprised that Alameda County is now almost as corrupt as Scams FraudsFIXso, since for some years now AC's politicians have been working in closer and closer cooperation and coordination with SF's, and therefore improving their skills in learning how to be parasites, scumbags, and world class phonies.

    And if you pay close attention, you will notice that virtually all of the very sleaziest politicians, and especially in the Bay area, put a lot of effort into pretending to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, and which includes pretending to be very strongly opposed to human trafficking. For details, ask Bill Lockyer, Nancy O'Malley, and Sharmin Bock.


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