(VIDEO) Supe Haggerty to Castro Valley: ‘You’re some of the most unappreciative people I’ve seen in my entire life’

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty

ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS | Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty just couldn’t take it any longer. After listening to comments from supporters of an elected advisory board in unincorporated Castro Valley, the often straight-talking supervisor launched into a four-minute diatribe calling its residents “unappreciative” of the Board of Supervisors, while goading them to become a city.

“I’m really feeling unloved by you people today. That’s not the word… maybe unappreciated. I’m talking about the way I’m containing myself right now, because I want to blow up,” Haggerty said during a board meeting Tuesday afternoon. Members of the grassroots group Castro Valley Matters had brought to the board the issue of electing its county advisory board, which is currently appointed by their representative, Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley. The Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday against putting the issue on the ballot this year.

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“I don’t know what’s going on in Castro Valley. To come down and say ‘better represented,’ you’re some of the most unappreciative people I’ve seen in my entire life.” Haggerty, who also serves as board president, admonished the group for questioning Miley and the board’s representation over the years.

In recent years, said Haggerty, the board has allocated $90 million despite the dissolution of redevelopment to rebuilding the streetscape for the town’s main thoroughfare, while also constructing a new public library.

“And you’re saying you want better representation? What’s the heck is wrong with you people? We’ve been pumping money back into your community for the last few years since Supervisor Miley has been elected and you want better representation?” Haggerty continued.

A commenter on the Castro Valley Matters Facebook page responded, saying, “Scott Haggerty sounds like it’s HIS own money being given to Castro Valley! It’s our freaking tax dollars they’re ‘pumping’ back into our town.”

Later, Haggerty compared Miley’s strong push for funding Castro Valley to being “worse than Fidel Castro.”

Following the rant, Haggerty encouraged Castro Valley to incorporate as a city. “My job is not to pay to run elections for you guys. My job is to pay for people who are homeless. My job is to find people homes. My job is to feed people,” he said. “Maybe you don’t like what I’m saying, but if you don’t like what I’m saying—incorporate.”

Despite the tone of Haggerty’s rhetoric Tuesday, it’s likely not his most glorious display over the years. The 10-minute screed, now know as the “You Don’t Know Me” speech was his response to repeated public comments that Haggerty was insensitive to the plight of undocumented immigrants. “You don’t know me,” Haggerty said in April 2013. “I probably have just as many undocumented friends as you do.”

Read the transcript from 2013 here and watch the short clip below of Haggerty excoriating Castro Vallyans. (Note: may only be available on devices using Flash Media Player)


10 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Supe Haggerty to Castro Valley: ‘You’re some of the most unappreciative people I’ve seen in my entire life’

  1. By MW:

    Residents of Alameda County are obviously totally rotten and completely unappreciative people, since we do not realize how extremely “lucky” we are to have such “wonderful” representatives as Scott Haggerty and Nate Miley, and who regularly stab us in the back and sell us downriver.

    Therefore I would suggest that Haggerty and Miley “desert” us by leaving public office, and at which they are presently being paid salaries of approx 165K per year, plus an extremely generous fringe benefits package, and take their “talents” to private industry, and see if they can find anyone foolish enough to pay them even ten cents per year.

    In fact, Haggerty and Miley could go into partnership with Jean Quan, Mary Hayashi, and Nadia Lockyer as a consulting business specializing in problem “solving,” and see if anyone would be foolish enough to pay all five of them as a package deal even two pennies for an entire year, or even an entire decade, of their “wisdom” and “expertise.”


  2. Take a moment to read the comments on chief probation officer to be replaced. Crazy stuff. Probation Chief has to replaced as of Today. the lady is nuts!


  3. Mayor Halliday blows up at any public speaker who challenges shitty council's lame decisions. For example, allowing a druken Fire Chief to keep his job, The Loop, and Stan “I'll Kick Your Ass!” Dobbs being praised for his outrageous antics.Halluday also told someonw to sit down, because they were being an ass. Oh and Hayward can afford to spend 90 million on a library & tree plaza.


  4. By MW:

    Haggerty's rant was beyond amusing on many levels. However even if someone were to take the position that he was right, still if he wants to be a public official, he has to accept the fact that some people will be unhappy with him, and therefore will sometimes make uncomplimentary remarks about him. Or as Harry Truman said, “If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.”

    While I myself have never trusted Haggerty, and in fact consider him to be even much more dishonest than Nate Miley, still, and regardless of whether Haggerty is the most dishonest public official in the entire East Bay, the most honest, or somewhere in between, the fact is that that if he wants to be a public official, than he has to accept that sometimes members of the general public will make insulting remarks about him.

    If he is too thin skinned to accept that, then he should go get get a job processing paperwork in a backroom somewhere in which he can be totally invisible, and the only person who will ever see him and talk to him will be the boss he does paperwork for.

    (NOTE: I used to work in a building that had a manager who hated talk to members of the general public, and including the building's tenants. And it often occurred to me that since that manager was intelligent, but hated to have contact with the general public, that he should have looked for a job in which he could have worked doing analysis of some sort, but while hiding in a backroom all day.)


  5. That $90 Million did not pay for the CV library. That library was paid for in 2008 primarily with a grant from the CA State Public Library Bond Act of 2000, and the rest from the RDA. The $90 Million of which he speaks was what Supervisor Chan secured in 2012 to complete unfinished redevelopment agency projects, primarily the San Lorenzo Library, Cherryland Community Center and San Lorenzo Streetscape Projects. Haggerty has thrown that “we built you a beautiful library” line at CV residents before. It's just not the right facts, and he's been around the BOS since 96, so I'm sure he'd remember that if he thought about it for a while. What's more, the Library Foundation needed to raise $3 Million to furnish and equip the new Castro Valley Library when it opened in 2008 because the County did not have the funding at the time.


  6. As defined by the Alameda County Charter, the duties of the Board of Supervisors are as follows:

    Appoint most County officers and employees, except elected officials

    Provide for the compensation of all County officials and employees

    Create officers, boards, and commissions as needed, appointing the members and fixing the terms of office

    Award all contracts for public works.

    Adopt an annual budget.

    Provide, publish, and enforce a complete code of rules prescribing the duties and the systems of office and management, accounts, and reports for each County department.

    Have an annual audit made of all County accounts, books, and records.

    Supervise the operations of departments and exercise executive and administrative authority throughout County government.

    Serve as appellate body for employee grievances, planning and zoning.

    I don't see anywhere that says his (their) job is to “find people homes.” Or “feed people.”

    That being said; I've always been supportive of ignoring the MAC bullshit and do a smart campaign for incorporation. Maybe it requires more than some are willing to give.


  7. Yes, Mr Haggerty it IS your job. The BOS acts as a city council for the unincorporated areas. That's the way it works. He's the president of the BOS right now. If he doesn't like it, that's just too bad. Imagine the press if the mayor of Alameda or Hayward blew up at a public speaker like that. And Miley really should have spoken up abit after that rant rather than doing his best to blend into the wallpaper.


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