Rep. Eric Swalwell sure is fond of Bryan Parker’s campaign for supervisor

Is Rep. Eric Swalwell telegraphing an intent to
issue an endorsement for Bryan Parker?

Just a whispers of whether Rep. Eric Swalwell will endorse Bryan Parker for Alameda County’s District Four supervisorial campaign against incumbent Nate Miley become louder, comes this tantalizing item.

Swalwell, the popular Tri Valley representative whose congressional district overlaps Miley’s in Pleasanton and Castro Valley sent this tweet of encouragement Friday afternoon to Parker.

Swalwell’s strategy for unseating long-time Congressman Pete Stark four years ago was to pound the pavement and knock on as many doors as possible, and it worked. Parker appears to be following this recipe, especially in places like Pleasanton, where residents may not be too familiar with Miley. Redistricting five years ago traded Pleasanton to Miley’s district in exchange for Dublin.

But, Swalwell’s tweet could also be foreshadowing an endorsement of Parker that would certainly grab the attention of the local media and voters alike.

Pleasanton and Castro Valley constitutes a slim majority of District Four, which also includes East Oakland. There is no doubt Swalwell is immensely popular in the Tri Valley and Castro Valley. In addition, Parker and Swalwell also share the same political consultant, Lisa Tucker.

And also remember, the endorsements of Assemblymember Bill Quirk and State Sen. Bob Wieckowski are still outstanding. Both legislators represent the unincorporated areas of Alameda County, which include Castro Valley.

4 thoughts on “Rep. Eric Swalwell sure is fond of Bryan Parker’s campaign for supervisor

  1. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 3:41, while I consider Haggerty to be the very sleaziest of the five members of the Board of Supervisors, however I also consider Miley to be number two in sleaziness.

    But where do we find these jokers!!! For instance, other public officials the Bay area has been infested with have included such clowns as Mary Hayashi and Nadia Lockyer,

    For instance major sports teams, and such as for instance the Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and USC football teams, spend a fortune on scouts to scour the entire country in an attempt to find the very most outstanding athletes in the entire nation, and sometimes even spend additional money sending scouts to foreign countries, so as to collect the very best athletes to be found anywhere.

    Does the Bay area send scouts all over the world, and maybe even all over the entire universe, to find the very most extreme jokers, clowns, and crooks in existence to serve as our elected officials!!!


  2. It's hilarious that Nate and his people think that quoting Janet Jackson sends a message. I sure hope that Nate doesn't whip his tittie out at an A's game.


  3. Ask yourself this District 4. What has Bryan Parker done for you lately? Bryan Parker who wanted to be mayor of Oakland. What did Mary King ever do for you? Mary King who concentrated all her time/effort on her constituents in Oakland.

    Now Bryan Parker is concentrating his effort on the Tri-Valley (because he already feels he's got a lock on the Oakland section of 4). The only thing people in the Tri-Valley care about is the Tri-Valley. They consider themselves to be the center of the county and the universe.

    Nate Miley has done a lot to improve life in Castro Valley, and through his work with Wilma Chan, also San Lorenzo and Ashland. Bryan Parker and the well-to-do crowd in Dublin and Pleasanton would like to put an end to that. Beware.



  4. Miley is a horrible cancer that needs to be expunged from Alameda County as soon as possible. If people wait until he decides to retire, he will only go ahead and tap a crony to succeed him who will continue to do his bidding. New energy is needed indeed. NO MORE NATE!


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