Rob Bonta’s assembly challenger is a Donald Trump delegate

Republican Roseann Slonsky-Breault was named
a Trump delegate and is facing Assemblymember
Rob Bonta in the June primary.

Two years ago, Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta was opposed by a Republican who suggested an United Nations secret agenda was targeting the region’s life and liberty.

This year, Bonta is being challenged by Republican Roseann Slonsky-Breault, who was named Monday as one of Donald Trump’s three pledged delegates from the 13th Congressional District to July’s GOP National Convention in Cleveland.

Slonsky-Breault is the president of the California Federation of Republican Women, and the only other candidate in the 18th Assembly District race this June.

In one of the most progressive areas in the state, Bonta’s victory is almost assured. He beat Republican David Erlich by 70 percentage points in November 2014. In addition, registered Republicans make up around seven percent of the electorate.

Donald Trump is expected to win
most of Alameda County in June.

But, Slonsky-Breault’s chances for heading to Cleveland as Trump’s delegate is much more likely with polling suggesting the GOP presidential front runner will win California and much of its delegate haul, which is proportioned by congressional district.

However, Slonsky-Breault is not the only Trump delegate running for the Assembly this election cycle. Republican Claire Chiara, also named a Trump delegate, is challenging freshman Richmond Assemblymember Tony Thurmond in the 15th Assembly District.

Although Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign last week, his list of state delegates was also filed Monday. Among notable names is current Republican 17th Congressional District candidate Peter Kuo. His consultant Jason Scalese was the Cruz campaign’s California state director.

Donald Trump
Claire Chiara
Natalie Davis
Roseann Slonsky-Breault

Sen. Ted Cruz
Andres Saks
Alexander Mahoney
Steve Kauzlarich

Donald Trump
Alison Hayden
Eliezer Manalili
Kenneth Yale

Sen. Ted Cruz
Dayna Titus
Kevin McGary
Cheryl Byl

Donald Trump
Luis Buhler
Jayne Ham
Laura Riffle

Sen. Ted Cruz
Ed Riffle
Peter Kuo
Tony Xu

3 thoughts on “Rob Bonta’s assembly challenger is a Donald Trump delegate

  1. These Republicans mentioned are not Donald Trump supporters, in fact they are his opponents and hate everything he said he stands for Donald Trump's campaign in CA led by Munger stooge Tim Clark deliberately excluded all of Trump's supporters in CA and put dozens of establishment cronies who oppose his policies on immigration, gun rights, and everything else in their rightful places. People like Roseanne Slonsky-Breault and Claire Chiara mentioned here. Trump's real supporters were overtly betrayed with no shame, Donald Trump himself is a fraud who is lying about opposing the establishment. Crooked Donald or crooked Hilary, take your choice, it's no choice at all.


  2. By MW:

    Very recently the big boys of the Demagogue Party have become increasingly aware that it is far from a sure thing that they will be able to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming election – OR PERHAPS IT IS ONLY RECENTLY THAT THEY HAVE BECOME WILLING TO ADMIT THAT THE DP NOMINEE, AND SUCH AS FOR INSTANCE HILLARY OR SANDERS OR WHOEVER, WILL VERY LIKELY LOSE TO TRUMP.

    in other words, and after for a long time of taking the position that Trump did not have even a one percent chance of defeating the DP nominee, now the DP's big boys, and including Feinstein and Obama, etc, are becoming very obviously extremely worried.

    For instance Feinstein is desperately hoping that Bernie Sanders will soon drop out, and she is not even making her wishes on that a secret anymore, since she is very openly afraid that if Sanders stays in much longer it will weaken Hillary to the point that she will be much more likely to lose in November.

    And at the commencement speech Obama just gave at Rutgers University, he spent very little time on the standard commencement speech type topics, and instead a lot of time sharing his “wisdom” on why it so “essential” that Trump be defeated.

    In other words, the big boys of the Demagogue Party are getting both extremely desperate and extremely worried.

    And just think how even many more times they will get extremely worried, if Hillary, and who looks likes she is sixty going on ninety, and in general looks extremely tired, worn out, and wasted, manages to have her health hold up for a little while longer, but then totally collapses just before the convention – OR AFTER THE CONVENTION BUT BEFORE ELECTION DAY.


  3. By MW:

    Let's not talk about Rob Bonta and let's also not talk about Roseanne Breault. Let's instead talk about Donald Trump.

    Even up to a few weeks ago virtually all of the “experts” definitely “knew,” and in fact even beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if Trump was the Republican nominee that Hillary was not only absolutely one hundred percent sure to beat him, but in fact in an extreme landslide.

    However now a lot of those “experts” are getting extremely worried, and in fact are worried that Trump might not only defeat Hillary, but also possibly in such a huge landslide that the Demagogue Party will furthermore be extremely embarrassed.

    So let's look at some of the possibilities.

    Situation One. Is that Trump defeats Hillary this coming November. (Or that Trump defeats a DP replacement for Hillary, and such as for example if Hillary, and who looks like she is sixty going on ninety and also looks extremely worn out, suffers a major medical problem in the near future.)

    S2: Hillary and the DP manage to survive this coming November; however the issues that Trump and Bernie Sanders have raised the last several months lead to absolute and total disaster for the DP in the midterm elections in two years.

    Or S3: The DP manages to avoid total disaster in November and also in two years, however the issues that Trump and Sanders have raised over the last several months finally cause people to realize the truth about the DP for the November 2020 elections.

    But regardless, the DP will be done by November 2020.


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