Why the Hayward school board placed Dobbs on paid administrative leave

HAYWARD | Last May, when a group of Tennyson High School parents urged Hayward Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs to get to the bottom of why former 49ers defensive end and alleged rapist Ray McDonald was allowed to address at-risk students at the school about self-control, the superintendent said blame rested with the school’s principal and the federally-funded Hayward Promise Neighborhoods program. This was not the case, says the Hayward school board.

In a statement read at the beginning of Wednesday’s school board meeting, President Lisa Brunner announced Dobbs was being placed on paid administrative leave while an investigation is on-going over his involvement in allowing McDonald to speak at the high school. Brunner also apologized to Lori Villanueva, the Tennyson principal accused by Dobbs. The board concluded Villanueva was not to blame for allowing McDonald to visit the high school, said Brunner. Dobbs also owes Villanueva an apology, she added.

A letter from Dobbs to a Tennyson High School parent on May 28 precipatated the latest controversy with the superintendent, who last fall aggressively confronted two members of the school board in closed session. The letter sent by Dobbs to parents stated a district-level investigation of the McDonald incident had concluded that the “Tennyson High School Principal and the Hayward Promise Neighborhood Drop Out Prevention Specialist did not fully follow HUSD’s policy,” Dobbs wrote. “Although the site administrator did approve having the speaker on campus, she did not carefully or thoroughly select the speaker per policy.”

An email dated Feb. 17—a week before McDonald’s scheduled appearance—was also released by the district Thursday. The message sent by the district’s Public Information Officer Sabrina Aranda to Dobbs, Villanueva and another school district employee undermines the claim that Dobbs was unaware of McDonald’s speaking engagement.

In addition, the email also highlights McDonald’s background as a former football player recently cut from an NFL team “due to a variety of legal issues including drug use and domestic violence charges. This is an excellent opportunity for student s to hear about the importance of keeping focused and on track,” wrote Aranda.

Meanwhile, the statement released by the district Thursday is slightly more precise than the one read by Brunner the night before and, at one point, refers to Dobbs in the past tense.

“We know many of the District’s stakeholders appreciate the work of the Superintendent. We acknowledge that the work we authorized him to do, the work that he was assigned to do, he did very well. He did a great job,” said Brunner, in the statement.

“The worked NOT authorized to do is what is causing great concern. The things he did on his own, without informing the Board or worse by providing misinformation to the Board, are causing great consternation.”

The involvement of Dobbs and Aranda in the McDonald incident and possibly other issues yet to be disclosed led the school board to take action, according the statement.

“It is apparent, in order to maintain a clean, transparent investigation, and analysis of the results as we further examine this McDonald incident, we need to remove the Superintendent’s Office and Public Information Office from any further handling of any inquiries or anything else related to it.”

Matt Wayne, an assistant to Dobbs, has been named acting superintendent.

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  1. Fire him for all the crap he has done. He sets a bad example for the kids. Then HUSD can hire him back to speak to students about ethics and how to control their temper. Only in Hayward! Dumb and Dumberville.




  3. This an opportunity for the Board to correct its mistake in hiring him initially. His character flaws were well known.


  4. It was just a matter of time Dobbs has done so much ilegal stuff he should just get fire


  5. the PIO needs to be placed on leave TOO


  6. Superintendent Dobbs is being investigated for corruption, with paid leave.
    Watching the teacher’s union president Mercedes Faraj and teacher Matt Shaffer, College Bound, Mr. Taylor, Dr. Walker, and a minister support Dobbs no matter what, makes me glad my children did NOT go to Hayward schools. Dobbs’ filthy mouth and chest bumping his bosses, plus bringing an alleged rapist to speak to students would have gotten him fired in any other school district. Watching Dobbs, Taylor and Walker not tell the truth at board meetings, sickens me to live in Hayward. Dobbs supporters all have their hands in the general fund of the school district, or want the prestige of being on a school board.
    Walker lied about not being able to call the police in close door sessions, when you are being assaulted and battered. You can call the police anytime you feel your life is being threatened.
    Taylor lied about Dobbs being his treasurer, during his council campaign. (Good Reason Lie for His Friend) Taylor claimed Dobbs did no physical contact and got Walker NOT to testify. Walker claimed there was no threat to her, when Dobbs pushed her, but in the police report says, the threat was to McGee and Reynoso. The College Bound woman who preaches (Black Minds Matter) said, NOT to take the police report from a women handing it out.”Her papers are unwelcome.” That police report could be used as references or evidence, on college papers, for the college bound classes she is suppose to support.
    Read the police report on Dobbs chest bumping the trustees, before you vote in November. See who lied. It wasn’t the victims!
    Thank you Brunner, Reynoso, and McGee for leading the way to hopefully fire Dobbs. Hold Dobbs accountable for his actions and check his references. I can’t believe he has 2 PhDs; A law degree from Harvard and business degree. Did he plagiarize his web site? Dobbs had no background in education. He isn’t a teacher or exemplary mentor for children. Why did they hire Dobbs? Wasn’t Dobbs fired in San Diego? Why didn’t Dobbs sue his doctor for medicating him during his procedure? That medication was Dobbs’ and Taylor’s excuse for Dobbs to go off on McGee and Reynoso.
    If we had a strong board, Dobbs would have been charged with assault and battery and fired!………Fire Dobbs.


  7. To Improving Hayward Aug 3 1:22 pm

    Of course Taylor lied about Dobbs. If no one knew any better they might as well be sleeping in the same bank bed. Dobbs is often going to Taylor's home for dinners at personal invites, family outings and often run in the same circles. Why wouldn't they “stick up” for each other or conceal each others misdeeds?

    Hello!!!! Taylor is an elected official and he himself was “allocated a school district vehicle” BY Dobbs for personal MISUSE when it constitutes personal gain AGAINST the laws that he is obligated to abide by in accepting the constituents votes. Board Members, especially the President (at the time anyway) are not suppose to be having financial gain or be in receipt of “perks” of the job. It is against board policy and law unless the person is of need for it, i.e. an incident first responder within the District. Dobbs himself was NEVER an incident first responder and was denied a vehicle for personal use. THAT IS WHY he began his little “pissing contest” over who has what power and who can get away with what. Both he AND Taylor did this. But they both conspired with the board AND willfully concealed TRUE FIRST RESPONDERS being removed and wrongfully terminated because they were not willing to break the law simply because Dobbs used the phrase “BECAUSE I F****N SAID SO”.
    The District is in shambles because they have no accountability nor do they have common respect for others. The tirades publicly displayed are not appreciated. The entire board needs to be replaced as far as I am concerned.
    I personally suggest a community induction petition for a constituent recall vote for a “no confidence vote”. Get rid of them all. GET DOBBS OUT. Investigate ALL OF THEM. Screw the B-S. Hayward deserves better. Attention Alameda District Attorney: Investigate all of them and act according to your duties as are required. Forget the people asking you to selectively prosecute people. That is illegal anyway. Selective and prejudicial prosecution is a federal offense and a direct violation under 42 USC 1983; 1986. You know better. Who cares if they were elected or appointed? Investigate ALL OF THEM. Please do feel free to contact me as these immature childish tantrums need to go. These people are elected “educators”? Really? So they are tasked with teaching the children what exactly? How to commit felonies, violate others rights, bully and directly threaten employees, make boisterous claims of self-attribution to credits not deserved? That's what our children of Hayward need to learn? Hmmmm. Sounds like Hayward may be losing their accreditation quickly. Sorry to see that. Hayward Children and Families deserve better. OUR blue collar home deserves better than yet another clown in a suit taking credit for the hard work and efforts of others and exploiting and violating the hard workers within the city limits.


  8. Continued: To Improving Hayward Aug 3 1:22 pm
    Tidbit: you know that when a Board Member attempts to secretly contact you, for what reason remains unknown, that there is obviously some shady thing they don't want the public to know. My response? I told the person nothing would be conversed unless recorded (because as an elected public official, they have no reasonable right to privacy) I would not converse unless they were willing to be held accountability with their words in written form or recording. Interestingly enough, they have not responded. Good for amusement only I suppose.

    FYI: in San Diego, Dobbs left in a structural move to become Business Superintendent…we will call it a “unique move to get him out”. They didn't want him anymore so encouraged him to leave. He did so of his own accord is the word around the block. District Administration Staff in San Diego are very thankful he left and speak horrors of his behaviors. Very sad this hostile environment promoter was ever permitted to sneak in the back door to then become the “entrusted” leader of the district thereafter. BIG MISTAKE. Dobbs' Narcissistic ways need to be held accountable. Both he AND Taylor need to be charged with ALL of their crimes.


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