HUSD assistant superintendent follows boss in filing claim against school board

HAYWARD | The Hayward superintendent accused of attacking two school board members in closed session and who allowed an alleged rapist speak to underperforming high school students filed a claim last month against the school district for violating his privacy. Now, the East Bay Citizen has learned another school district administrator has filed a claim against the school board for verbally attacking her during public meetings.

The claim filed by Dawn Riccoboni, an assistant superintendent for the Hayward Unified School District and head of the business services department, was filed July 13—eight days before embattled Hayward Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs filed a separate claim.

Both are currently on leave. Dobbs was placed on paid administrative leave in June following an wide-ranging investigation into his tenure at the school district that was initiated by his handling of former NFL player Ray McDonald’s appearance at Tennyson High School in February. The school board found Dobbs improperly blamed the school’s principal for the decision to bring McDonald on campus prior to the court case alleging ex-football player raped an intoxicated woman.

Riccoboni, according to the claim, is on sick leave and under the care of a physician due to the alleged treatment by the school board members.

The claim alleges some members of the school board verbally attacked Riccoboni, who is described as disabled due to a prior car accident. The incidents occurred during public meetings and were exacerbated by “publishing defamatory untrue statements about her character,” according to the claim. These include statements about her job performance and “public attacks aimed at her on a regular basis that these Board members knew would exacerbate Ms. Riccoboni’s physical injuries and disabilities.”

Riccoboni claims “extreme emotional distress” following the alleged treatment by some members of the school board is inflaming pre-existing muscular pain in her arms, back and legs.

The claimant is believed to have been a witness to the September 2015 incident involving Dobbs and school board members William McGee and Luis Reynoso. The closed session altercation resulted in both school board members filing police reports against Dobbs for allegedly approaching each in an aggressive confrontation. Dobbs later issued a public apology for the incident, but not to the school board members. Dobbs was not sanctioned by the school board for the incident.

16 thoughts on “HUSD assistant superintendent follows boss in filing claim against school board

  1. I'm just guessing, but I think Reynoso knows more about the “schools” than NAACP Local Pres. Freddye Davis' son. One of city council's paper doll candidates. Mike Sweeney owes her one for backing him on his failed measure. Planning Commission dude most likely has no educational background either. Yet those are the best that our Civic Leaders and Holier Than Thou CLASS BACKWARDS clowns could find. Their Chabot Guy might be an improvement over Taylor. Sweeney's rat political action committee better raise a mint, but I don't think they can unseat Reynoso. Taylor most likely will lose. Reynoso's got my vote because the council is trying to trick the voters.


  2. Dobbs has created more than his own share of drama. He should have been fired for his outburst and chest bumping incident. Set an example for the kids, because they get suspended for committing lesser offenses. Yet Halliday and Council are always ready prop Dobbs up, powder his butt and changed his dirty diaper. Dobbs must have good dirt on them.


  3. An independent facilitator for the California School Board Association called in to help Hayward said “I've never seen it this bad anywhere in this state.”

    She also said “the majority of your time is spent on allegations, petty grievances and things that don't matter to kids, when the majority of your time should be spent on student learning achievement.”

    In this writer's opinion, Reynoso is the one most guilty of this, and he should withdraw from the Board race immediately for the good of our students!


  4. Come on folks, Tavares is right. Sit tight. Stuff is going to start flowing out of HUSD that will blow your minds!
    Sleeze and corruption permeate that place.

    Let's just call me HE.


  5. They need to get rid of Reynoso. He is the Donald Trump of the Hayward Board. He is an absolute reckless idiot and knows nothing about schools.


  6. Cut the Stuporintendent jobs and hire qualified teachers who don't giggle and act like street kids.That would be “student centered.” Get rid of Dobbs, his pets, cronies and do nothing board members. Do not let Sweeney and Hayward politicians sell their popsicle stick school board candidates to you in November.


  7. This is BS!! This whole mess was created by the board!! They should it take action back then when dobbs attack and insult maggie and reynoso!!! But no they let it slide, and this are the consequences.. get raid of dobbs him now!!!! And for the other person complaining about the bord, pleaseee get raid of her too!!


  8. By MW:

    If the members of the Hayward School District who allege they were mistreated were only buck privates, I might then possibly be willing to at least consider their claims. However since they are very high ranking executives, and in other words people who are very well paid and supposedly very superior, it is beyond laughable that they should not be able to take a few possible insults.

    And still furthermore, anyone who accepts and is in a policy making top job should automatically assume that he or she will sometimes be in the middle of controversies, and therefore sometimes the subject of less than complimentary remarks.

    In other words, if a person is unwilling to sometimes be the subject of possible insults, then a person should not accept and take on a high paying bigshot job – or even a low paying job in which the position entails being in the public eye and/or making policies for other people to follow.


  9. Well, isn't this interesting. Can't say I blame for suing for extreme emotional distress though. Most days, just working for HUSD causes extreme emotional distress. Not easy to watch most board meetings. Maybe they should ask Rodney King to speak to them.


  10. “That Hayward superintendent is going to take down the entire city govt and the elected officials there are too stupid to realize it.” Explain how. Thanks.


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