Scathing report of deceit, bullying and conspiracy brings down a Hayward official

Stan “Data” Dobbs was terminated with cause
following Wednesday night’s Hayward school 
board meeting.

HAYWARD | An investigation into now-former Hayward Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs details a calculating and controlling administrator with a volcanic temper, a bullying backstabber even to his most ardent supporters.

 “Dobbs is inherently dishonest about his guilt when he makes mistakes or does wrong,” according to the investigator’s findings released Thursday. “He never admits when he is at fault. He deflects the blame to other around him, sometimes to the very people that stood up for him.”

The lengthy report was released a day after the Hayward School Board of Trustees voted, 3-0, to fire the superintendent with cause. The findings describe a wide-ranging number of transgressions by Dobbs, including a bid to circumvent the school board’s oversight role by awarding a contract to a former Hayward councilmember worth up to $40,000; and lying about his knowledge of the outreach that brought former football player and alleged rapist Ray McDonald to a speak before at-risk Tennyson High School students last February.

READ: Full investigation and termination notice.

The report also highlights Dobbs’ complete lack of awareness over the scope of the school district’s worsening Measure L school bond budget; and his involvement in allowing school board member John Taylor to improperly use school district resources for his past city council campaign.

In addition, a tawdry years-long affair between Dobbs and a Hayward school district employee is described in detail and includes an allegation that Dobbs battered the woman during an intimate moment. The investigator determined the affair, indeed, occurred, but Dobbs explained away the affair in “fantastic” detail, saying it was a conspiracy hatched by school board member and rival Luis Reynoso; Dobbs’ paramour; and her then-husband to discredit him.

“Dobbs has an explosive temper,” wrote forensic investigator Steve Hummel, “and fails to take responsibility for these outbursts.” According to the report, Dobbs’ volatile personality produced numerous incidents of aggression. For instance, Dobbs repeatedly screamed profanities at a new district employee and slammed the office door of a female employee so hard that it broke a picture frame nailed to the wall. Dobbs routinely described his outbursts as merely “expressing my concern,” the investigator noted. Dobbs also displayed his anger towards the investigator, too, calling him an “asshole,” in a response to what may have been a question referring to Dobbs’ affair. (Many of the names in the report are redacted) “It really startled me as I saw the anger in his eyes. I mentally reviewed my options in case he became violent. I sat back and kept quiet while looking at him,” said Hummel, the investigator.

Shortly after Dobbs was named superintendent in the summer of 2013, former Hayward Councilmember Olden Henson invited Dobbs to live in his home, according to the report. Henson told the investigator Dobbs spent about six weeks living with him and his wife. However, Dobbs’ employment contract stipulated that he receive $7,500 for moving and living expenses associated with his relocation to Hayward from his previous job in San Diego. Dobbs never reported the gift of housing on a state-mandated Statement of Economic Interest form. Dobbs said he sporadically stayed at Henson’s home only over a two-week period, while also checking into a hotel in Union City about 10 times, said the report. Henson told the investigator that Dobbs also chipped in $180 for various house expenses. During this time, said Henson, he and Dobbs began conversations about establishing a “Made in Hayward Foundation,” in which Henson would eventually take the lead in creating. Dobbs denied these conversations took place at this time and instead, Dobbs told the investigator it was Taylor who recommended Henson for establishing the foundation.

Ultimately, Henson was given an expert consulting contract at the behest of Dobbs worth up to $40,000. However, school board approval of the expenditure on Oct. 14, 2014 appeared to have been buried in a six-page budget document that listed Henson as a “substitute” teacher. The expenditure report was submitted by the school district’s head of Human Resources Leti Salinas, the wife of Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas.

“[The] Board members did not realize that they had approved a special Expert Consulting hiring,” said the report. Furthermore, Henson’s suspicions that Dobbs was having an affair while staying at their home was beginning to drive a wedge in their relationship. Henson and his wife are known to be devoutly religious. At one point, Dobbs’ wife questioned over the phone whether he was having an affair with a district employee. “Dobbs was trying to convince her that he had not had an affair with the district employee,” the report said. “Dobbs handed the phone to [redacted] without warning while telling his wife that [redacted] would vouch for him. [Redacted] stated that he felt extremely uncomfortable and that this was the beginning of the end of their relationship.”

The singular event that kickstarted the school district’s early investigation into Dobbs was the curious decision earlier this year to invite Ray McDonald, a former 49ers defensive end accused of raping an intoxicated woman, to address about 200 at-risk students at Tennyson High School.  At the time, McDonald’s high-profile trial had not yet started in nearby Santa Clara County. When the story broke in March, Dobbs denied knowledge of the appearance and later appeared to place blame on the Hayward Promise Neighborhood, a federal education program to help disadvantage youth. He then tried to pin the appearance on the then-principal of Tennyson High School. In the report, Dobbs said, “It wasn’t my fault McDonald got to speak.” He then laid blame again on Hayward Promise Neighborhood and another. “[Redacted] knew about McDonald’s background from the very start and hid it from him,” the investigator wrote. “Dobbs wants to be in control of everything he touches,” the investigator concluded. “It is more likely than not that Dobbs knew about the McDonald event…”

Similar to a previous report on Taylor’s misuse of a school district print shop to create personal campaign signs at significant discount for his recent city council run, the investigator found that Dobbs was aware of Taylor’s actions and may have even initially encouraged the use of the print shop. In an interview with the investigator, Dobbs threw Taylor under the bus. “When the print shop usage came to light, Dobbs shook his head and said how stupid Taylor had been to do such a thing,” the investigator wrote. “He tried to completely distance himself from Taylor.” Dobbs also claimed that Taylor listed him as the city council campaign’s treasurer without his permission. A signature is required for the Form 410 used to declare a campaign committee, but Hummel said Thursday the original, unredacted copy of the signature no longer exists with the Hayward City Clerk’s office. Therefore, at this time, there is no way of knowing whether Taylor may have forged Dobbs’ name on the document.

Supporters of Dobbs often touted his business and promotional acumen over the years for raising the morale of students, teachers and administrators. But, the report describes Dobbs as oblivious to the growing financial problems that surround ballooning cost overruns associated to Measure L, the $229 million school bond approved by Hayward voters in 2014. Dobbs said he relied on the assistant superintendent of business services and another employee to keep him abreast of Measure L projects. He also relied on contractor’s reports, he told the investigator.

Dobbs, however, had no idea how much over budget the Measure L projects had become, stating he believed it was between $10 million and $12 million in the red. “I asked him if it would surprise him to learn Measure L was way more than $10 million over budget,” the investigator wrote. “He replied that it would surprise him a lot. He had no idea.” Measure L is actually around $35 million over budget, Board President Lisa Brunner said Thursday.

The investigator also found that Dobbs and a school district employee were involved in an extramarital affair. The three-year romance began in 2012 when Dobbs was the head of the school district’s business department, the woman told the investigator, and lasted through January 2015. The revelation became pertinent, investigator Hummel said Thursday, after Dobbs accused school board member Luis Reynoso, along with the woman and her husband of conspiring to discredit him. Dobbs also denied the affair ever occurred. However, the investigator found significant evidence that the affair did exist, including evidence of emails found on Dobbs’ school district laptop linking him to the affair.

The woman was also able to describe the interior of Dobbs’ apartment, including one peculiar detail: that he had decorated it with lawn furniture. Unwittingly, Dobbs independently corroborated the description in an interview with the investigator. Dobbs also asserted that he had never invited school employees to his place. Other times, the couple often met at a Motel 6 in Union City, the report said.

Dobbs, though, labeled the woman a “nut” who sent him “poems, pictures and personal notes” and who “stalked him continually,” said the report. But, later, Dobbs admitted the woman appeared at his doorstep wearing a “trench coat crying her eyes out.” This is how she became aware of  the furnishings in his apartment, Dobbs said.

Then, in what the investigator labeled a “fantastic story,” Dobbs said the woman continued to cry before admitting that Reynoso “had conspired with her husband to set Dobbs up in a sexual scandal to discredit him.” Dobbs added that he did not report the accusation to the police because “What could you report? Somebody conspiring to help you lose your job?… What could I report? A beautiful [redacted] woman is trying to solicit—is trying to, you know, you know… No.”

In two statements, signed under penalty of perjury, the husband and wife, now divorced, scoffed at Dobbs’ allegation. The woman said the affair was a mutual relationship between consenting adults and not a case of sexual harassment. “Dobbs was very careful to keep the relationship secret because he was married.” She added, Dobbs’ claim of a conspiracy is “absolutely false.”

In the Summer of 2014, once the woman and her husband had divorced over the affair and other marital problems, she said, Dobbs once became “angry and jealous of me being free from my marriage and open to seeing other people.” While, in what she described as an intimate moment, Dobbs “became very aggressive and hit me to the point that I jumped out of bed and defended myself. I told him to stop and to never hit me again.” For all intents and purposes, this was the end of their relationship, she said.

The ex-husband said he had never spoken to anyone else at the school district and had only contacted Dobbs in 2012 to confront him about the affair. Dobbs denied the affair to the husband. However, the investigator was able to locate an email from Dobbs to the woman that read, “Your husband called me. He knows. Fix your shit.”

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  1. Im just waiting to see when corrupt dobbs turn his eyes to city council and starts blaming the gang in the city council,Marquez,mendell,salinas,zermeno,and the rest.What about Leticia Salinas,she disapered before facing all of this. I wonder why???


  2. so i guess the city council now is going to look for a candidate to replace there man, corruct dobbs!!! I believed they want some people out of the board,but not dobbs.. ho well ,to bad there best corruct candidated is GONE!!


  3. @8:09
    To bad for the council that allready spend so much money in their flyers,but dindnt include a candidate for the superintendent posicion.
    I dont think they saw this one coming.
    I hope they are not spending money in the campaing that is suppost to go for more important things in the city.We ad comunity should demand the council to provided in writtig all the spences for that campaing,and if they are actig as citizen of hayward and not as council is very wrong since they are using there political power to favor their candidates,so for all the latino voters out there ,dont believe Zermeno or any of then,they are all corruct!!!!


  4. We need to send Dobbs to kindergarten.
    He need to learn about telling the truth, no lies, and no bullying.
    Stealing ideas from other people?
    Made in Hayward was not his idea?
    Now I'm mad.
    But wait, parents should be telling their kids they can go to college and be successful.
    It is not a politician who needs to do that.
    It's all of us each day at home, supporting our children and loving them.
    Let's not wait for an administrator to take credit for us working everyday to provide, help, and support our children.


  5. totally agree whit you@10:50am


  6. Good point, @10:50am. Our children are going to listen to SOMEONE. Better to have them listen to the ones who love and want the best for them, rather than some sleazy, deep pockets administrator who really could give a flying leap about them.


  7. Typical nuts that believe everything they read or see on the news. SMDH…


  8. Typical nuts that believe witness accounts, facts, an investigation, and his own admissions. SMDH…


  9. @11:45 I guess the DA is nuts too that will be going after Dobbs and Taylor? Oh and the affidavits of the employees harassed and the woman that got beat up are nuts too? Oh and the board that filed police reports are nuts too? Typical ghetto mentality not to face the truth when exposed. The thug mentality is all over the city of Hayward. The only nuts I see are the ghetto people I saw in the wednesday meeting screaming yelling at the board. Does any one know who that teacher or principal is that was yelling “Reynoso you are done” and the College Bound people leader?

    College Bound is more like Ghetto Bound, way to go Hayward. Go Ghetto Bound Go!!


  10. College Bound = Ghetto Bound

    Good one!

    Nothing like having a good cup of coffee and reading ebcitizen on a 20min break to lighten up the day reading about Hayward. Good job Steve Tavares! Great reporting! Keep up the coverage of the East Bay!


  11. Yesterday, I was handing out copies of the first page of Steve Tavares’ blog on Stan Dobbs to the students and parents of Mount Eden High. I had written look up the rest of the article. I was on the public sidewalk and walking car to car, speaking to the parents parked near the curb. When school got out, I moved to the handicap curb near Panama to hand out this paper, so the Students could take this article home and look up the rest of what Mr. Dobbs was accused of. The security guards came to the corner and told me to move, because I was blocking the students walking on the corner crossing the street. I told them this is a public side walk and I am doing nothing wrong. I step down off the curb into the street gutter and the security guards still wanted me to move across the street. I was NOT on school property. The street gutter wasn’t good enough. The guards didn’t call the campus police, to make me move off the sidewalk. Probably because the police couldn’t tell me the sidewalk is school grounds.
    They have security cameras on campus, why didn’t the principal use the cameras when he accused me of being on campus? The principal said,” Students reported I was on campus.” Why doesn’t the principal look at the cameras before accusing someone falsely?
    I did move across the street to speak to a parent and students about vaccinations. After some time, as I was across the street from the school, the Mount Eden Principal came running across the street, in his African blouse holding a walkie talkie, to tell me, “ “I can not hand out papers on the school property and the article I was passing out was Not true.” I told him I was NOT on school property, only the side walk and in the street talking to the parked car drivers. You don’t own the side walk.
    These children and their parents who protested supporting Dobbs need to know who and what they are supporting. The entire investigation is in that blog. SF Gate refers to Tavares’ blog for the report on Dobbs. The principal lied claiming that EBCitizen blog is false. Check it out: The tax payers paid for that investigation and the public should have access to it.


  12. Tired of all the negativity here. I think Mr. Tavares must be being paid to badmouth HUSD and its employees by Reynoso. “Be the change you want to see in the world” not someone who takes this website's articles as a way to make POSITIVE change for the Hayward community.


  13. Sorry @ 05:21 PM, but telling the truth to the public is not badmouthing HUSD. Dobbs and his questionable behavior already did the school district in. Firing Dobbs is a positive change. He brought HUSD down and didn't lift anyone up but himself.


  14. HUSD teachers are dedicated, caring, put in a ton of personal time, constantly pressured to raise test scores, only to be underminded by reckless administrators.


  15. Overpaid Administrators & a grossly overpaid Superintendent are tanking the district. Kudos to the frontline HUSD workers who do their jobs and act their age. The unprofessional, hysterical teachers and paid consultants who back Dobbs no matter what, are a different breed. They should join Dobbs on the unemployment line. Dobbs is a violent man. Beating up his paramour and chest bumping his bosses. No excuse for domestic violence. What does that say about our community? Our local politicians have mothers, wives, daughters and sisters but little respect for women in general. They support Dobbs. That is insane.


  16. In regards of the MEHS, it is normal that the principal there act like that,since he is dobbs little bitch!!!


  17. I totally agree, @9:00pm. I've seen many examples of truly excellent teachers at HUSD who are dedicated to their students.

    Not every HUSD teacher is of the unprofessional, screaming and swearing at the board meetings variety. There is a way to voice your opposition and concern without looking like a fool.


  18. @5:29.
    Totally agree we have excellent teachers at HUSD but also have some that got infected by the gettho ones everybody saw at that metting, including Dr Willis from college gang.
    The supperb gettho one that was yelling at the end of the metting is Mellissa Sigars!!someone toll me is a principal from contra costa!! I fell very sorry for those kids and that district. Ones they see the video im going to send them of this woman in action they would probrably fire her too!!! I dont think that district would like that bad image!!


  19. I don’t see where anybody is talking about him giving his friends jobs. People who work inside the district office know that if you are not in his clique you can be fired or not get promoted or tortured into quitting. The Hensen part of the report is only the surface of what goes on there for workers. Management jobs have been created with top pay only to be handed to his friends. Personnel agenda Jun-17-15 $179 grand for Benson to work from home plus $125 a day if she has to come into the office. To do what? Create professional development plans for classified staff from her couch? What programs are those? Did anybody notice any classified professional development courses going on? CBO job posting $150 grand to $185 grand and only his ONE friend ended up on the ranking list? Another job also “A1” range pay like Benson’s had 7 people ranked, but only ONE ranked for a CBO job? Then her deal was sweeter than the job ad $187 grand plus a minimum 12 months pay if she’s let go or the rest of her 3 year contract whichever is greater. Did the CBO before her get that deal? No. Did any employee get that type of contract but her? No. Check personnel agenda Jun-29-15. Director of Institutional Advancement, communication coordinator – all big money jobs, all friends. What do you think the coalition is to replace the board members? If he gets his people in place and then he comes back by miracle, sorry for us, sorry for the supplies the kids won’t get. School districts have money, you see where corrupt leaders put it. So yea, I can see why everyone is trying to be his friend.


  20. Walker said that Dobbs shouldn't have been fired.she said that he should have been “suspended or something similar” at the candidates forum this past Wednesday. The stooge candidates of CLASS seemed to agree with Walker. Dobbs should have been arrested. Only in Hayward can a “leader” be a real POS and get away with it. Guess its like Ramos said CLASS's ringers can't read and they are knuckleheads.


  21. Ho lord!!! Walker is no good for our kids, everytime the board try to make a desicion, financially or economicaly speaking, in benefit of our kids or the district but differ from what dobbs plans were,she always kichen out and always uses her stupid statements like, i want to give the superintendent another opportunity!!she for sure needs to go, her devotion to a violent corrupt man like dobbs make her loose her sense of her duties as board member.
    Dr Walker, dont you ever said again that you are there for the kids!!!you had been there for dobs all along, you idiot!!!


  22. Walker the idiot that runs away while lying to the public.


  23. current Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso “a disaster” for the district.He is somebody who causes dissent,“One person can ruin a board; a bad board can ruin a school district. That is happening right now. I can’t think of any more reason to support these people up here running than to get rid of Luis Reynoso.”he is just like Trump…)


  24. Unfortunately, Reynoso needs to go as well. He is not as pure as new fallen snowflakes. He is just as bad and does have many skeletons in the closet that he does not want exposed. On many votes during Board meetings, he should have abstained yet didn't. Truly a conflict and he voted… Like I said before…. he needs to go


  25. Disagree with dzzuy.
    Reynoso is the only person willing to speak up on many issues. The only one willing to go against the current, and so that upsets people. Unfortunately, he does not have the eloquence that he needs. So his powerful message gets lost in repetition sometimes.
    But he is a man with integrity.
    He has been that moral compass for the district, and that is something needed anywhere.
    He might seem quiet but he is very smart.
    People need to vote for him dzzuy.
    A school board is not a place for politics or politicians. It has to be a place for school business.


  26. @dzzuy I know who you are and I must say you are very corrupt. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. Yes we do need Reynoso since he is the only one with any backbone to put his foot down and take a stand against the Stan Dobbs, CLASS pop cycle stick trash monkey candidates….lol


  27. You'r right..Reynoso is smart man, because he know how to kick ass on right time , he did that on his second term election , now he try to do it again ( during his eight year trustee in the HUSD.. he made HUSD got worse) . This is time we need to clean the whole house …( Reynoso, Walker , Taylor) NEEDS TO GO
    I am a Asian American parent in the HUSD..As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades,
    How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.


  28. @3:10 you are 100% and that is why I will vote again for Reynoso

    @dzzuy you are completely wrong. I am a teacher and I can tell you that if it was not for Dr. Reynoso I would not have a job today. He has stood up for so many teachers and for classified staff too for 8 years, He has not changed . He is still the same sole voice against corruption. So , I guess the person above is right and I don't know you but you must be corrupt too.


  29. Like you said .(Reynoso gave you a job.. That why you act stupid.. As a teacher , you need to work harder to earn you job) .,For several years, the Hayward Unified School District has ranked the bottom among all school district in the region , to fixing these problem requires new leadership . That is why to elect school board member who will focus on student and work together to improve their education experience
    I am Asian American , I will vote for Bob Carlson, Dan Goldstein on Nov 8 .. I vote for them because I think this is a time ( Reynoso, Walker, Taylro) NEED to go . If you see this video , you will know why I want them out
    In a school district like HUSD , your child Need your voice



  1. Blatant cronyism is rearing its ugly head again in Hayward as school board chooses Reynoso’s replacement – EAST BAY CITIZEN

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