Just days after Dobbs’ firing, Alameda County Supt. gave him a warm send-off

Alameda County Superintendent Karen Monroe,
bottom left, in a photo Sept. 16 with other county
administrators, including the fired Stan Dobbs,
pictured second row, right.
HAYWARD | Less than 48 hours after the Hayward Unified School District fired with cause its embattled Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs, he made an appearance at an Alameda County Office of Education retreat in Oakland where he was recognized for his service.
“I’ll be back,” Dobbs reportedly told the group of superintendents from across Alameda County, along with other local officials in attendance.
Dobbs, previously the chair of the “superintendent’s council,” was on hand to receive a ceremonial gavel given to all out-going chairs, said Dan Bellino, chief of staff for Monroe. Bellino acknowledged that Dobbs is the “out-going chair” not because of the end of his service on the council, but because of his dismissal as Hayward superintendent.
Hayward Trustee Luis Reynoso said the Alameda County Board of Education is undermining the school board’s authority by inviting him to the event. “He was given his marching order and he refuses to go,” said Reynoso. “If it was so important to give him this award, they could have just sent it to him in the mail with a bouquet from 1-800-Flowers.”
Dobbs was fired by the Hayward school board Sept. 15 for a lengthy list of transgressions in a report released last Thursday that highlighted an “explosive temper” and a accusation from a former employee and paramour that he once hit her.

In September 2015, two Hayward school board members, including Reynoso, filed police reports after Dobbs approached both in an aggressive manner during a closed session meeting. The report also highlighted numerous occasions when Dobbs angrily berated school employees with profanities and other invective.

NOTE: A comment attributed to Monroe was incorrectly posted. It is still in the process of discerning its veracity


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  1. He sets an exemplary standard (of how to say so much of the right thing, that the other people who also say the right thing won't abandon you after you do the wrong thing).


  2. They are a bunch ofstupid idiots!! they better whacht their wifes make sure corrupt dobbs dont get any closer to then,he dont freaking have respect for woman and he dosent kwon what the word friend means!!! what a piece of shit!!
    whach his so call friend taylor.
    All of the idiots in the photo should be ashame of then selfs for even smile for that photo whit this idiot dobbs!!


  3. Recognized for his service??? Unbelievable. Of course the bottom feeder will be back! That's what bottom feeders do!


  4. By MW:

    The Bay area is so totally corrupt that if Al Capone has been born about sixty years later and had gone “into business” in the Bay area instead of Chicago, and then he had organized a St. Valentine's Day type event in the Bay area, as a result of organizing that St. Valentine's Day type event, most likely this or that local organization would have given him a testimonial dinner and also declared Capone to be the Bay Area Man of the Year.

    In fact Bernard Madoff's biggest mistake was using NYC, and rather than the Bay area, as the headquarters for his scams, since if had used the Bay area as his headquarters, and including since if he had had his operation in the Bay area he could then have hired Willie Brown to be his lawyer, and then WB could have explained and “proved” to the stooges and puppets on a string at the SF Comical, the local offices of the FBI and US Attorney, and SF's judges that Madoff's operation was “totally legitimate,” and then Madoff and WB could have also sued for slander and defamation anyone who had had the “gall” and the “nerve” to tell the truth about Madoff's scams.


  5. Definitely not a class act by Ms. Monroe in having Dobbs attend this function. What other ILLEGAL acts does he have to do for the others to realize he is not a good fit for Hayward? Amazing. That explains why Ms. Monroe did not take appropriate action how long ago. She too supports Stan.

    Guess I will need to keep her name at the top of a reminder list to vote her out of office.


  6. Just keep in mind, these people with less than stellar critical thinking skills tell your children what to do and think for a significant part of their lives.


  7. Picture perfect! Birds of a feather flock together!


  8. Let's give them a break.
    Maybe it was too soon for them to know.
    He did use the opportunity to show up in public.
    Public Relations 101.
    But what can you expect? He has no decency.

    It's almost like when you are invited to a party, and then someone you don't like shows up.
    Then you think, who invited him?
    I am sure many of them felt that way.

    He will continue to pretend nothing is wrong.
    Otherwise he would be accepting defeat.
    Bullying 101


  9. Mr. Reynoso seems like a classy guy. If I had to deal with anyone I would prefer the Reynoso's 1-800-flowers approach over Dobbs' lawn furniture and Motel 6. It seems too that the local politicians do not want to give up support of Superintendent Stan Dobbs because they too are benefiting somehow. Birds of a feather also go down together.


  10. @10:13
    You mean the ex superintendent,right!


  11. @11:02 Yes sir/mam you are correct. I should have described this trash as the ex-superintendent. This ex-sup should have never gone or been invited to be at this sup meeting. Says a lot about our sups and our kids education at the hand of these sups.


  12. By MW:

    Rather than getting a high ranking and high paying job with the city of Hayward, Dobbs should have put his efforts into originally obtaining a job of similar rank and pay with Alameda County government itself.

    More specifically, the way it works in AC government is if one of the big boys is accused of outrageous conduct, and such as for instance including embezzlement and/or awarding contracts in exchange for under the table bribes, first they have the charges “looked into” by a team of sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals hiding behind law licenses from the DA's office and/or County Counsel's office, and who then engage in a scripted, choreographed, and prearranged “investigation,” or more accurately a whitewash, “proving” that: one, Mr. Bigboy is “innocent;” and also two, the whistleblowers are stupid and/or liars.

    However once in awhile the media makes a big deal about the transgressions of Mr. Bigboy, and which then puts the County in a situation in which it is forced to “fire,” or at least temporarily, Mr. Sleazy Bigboy.

    In other words, and even though Mr. Sleazy Bigboy has been “fired,” once the media attention dies down, and which is generally in a few months or less, the BigBoy who has been “fired” is quietly given another job of similar rank and pay, and sometimes even higher pay, in another department in AC government.

    But let's see if the old boys club, and perhaps in Hayward, or maybe somewhere else in the Bay area, or even out of state, eventually finds another very high paying job for their good buddy Dobbs. To summarize, the highest ranks of government have largely become a sleazy organized crime ring of parasites and rip off artists who pretend they are “experts,” and therefore supposedly worth the huge salaries they are paid.


  13. I don’t see where anybody is talking about him giving his friends jobs. People who work inside the district office know that if you are not in his clique you can be fired or not get promoted or tortured into quitting. The Hensen part of the report is only the surface of what goes on there for workers. Management jobs have been created with top pay only to be handed to his friends. Personnel agenda Jun-17-15 $179 grand for Benson to work from home plus $125 a day if she has to come into the office. To do what? Create professional development plans for classified staff from her couch? What programs are those? Did anybody notice any classified professional development courses going on? CBO job posting $150 grand to $185 grand and only his ONE friend ended up on the ranking list? Another job also “A1” range pay like Benson’s had 7 people ranked, but only ONE ranked for a CBO job? Then her deal was sweeter than the job ad $187 grand plus a minimum 12 months pay if she’s let go or the rest of her 3 year contract whichever is greater. Did the CBO before her get that deal? No. Did any employee get that type of contract but her? No. Check personnel agenda Jun-29-15. Director of Institutional Advancement, communication coordinator – all big money jobs, all friends. What do you think the coalition is to replace the board members? If he gets his people in place and then he comes back by miracle, sorry for us, sorry for the supplies the kids won’t get. School districts have money, you see where corrupt leaders put it. So yea, I can see why everyone is trying to be his friend.


  14. Well said, @10:41pm. School districts sure in the hell DO have money, which makes the fact that HUSD doesn't pay one DIME towards medical insurance to its employees pretty disgusting. For those who don't know, all HUSD offers towards a medical plan to its employees is a “group” plan. For a single person, that “group” plan costs an average of 850.00 a month. You'd have to be earning at least 100K a year to afford that, which the average classified HUSD employee doesn't earn.

    HUSD has been hit with a fine for not providing affordable medical coverage to its employees, yet makes each employee prove they have medical coverage each year to keep their jobs. The employees suffer, the children of HUSD suffer, while the district creates these deep pockets positions that go to (SURPRISE) the one candidate for the position and the whole ugly mess floats on easy street.

    I guess I'm different when it comes to the clique mentality though. When I see that someone is an asshole, I don't want to be in their goddamned clique, even if being in the clique would provide protections and other perks.

    I would never want an asshole like Dobbs as a “friend”. Some friend.


  15. By MW:

    Even if al the old boys network does not eventually give Dobbs another high paying job, it will very likely give him and/or one or more of his close relatives large sums of money in some other way, and such as for instance thru lucrative consulting or services contracts.

    But regardless, government, and especially in the Bay area, has turned primarily into a sleazy mafia of insiders and parasites, and whose primary purpose is to rip off as much as possible.


  16. This is the same reason why Stan “dancing” Dobbs got fired from Dominoes Pizza. Each time after he delivered the 1st pizza he refused to leave the customer house for the next delivery. Too many complaints just too many complaints on refusing to leave.


  17. To 6:51 am…. Regarding health care coverage… The district did get hit with a fine by the State because the district did not provide health coverage – either all or a portion as required. However, let's look back at the true reason behind the district's actions. Year's back, the unions, YES – I said the unions….. chose to have the cost of health care added to an employee's salary over the district paying it because the employees wished to have the $$$ added to their annual salary which in turn would hike their retirement benefit for the higher wages earned. So… anyone that desires to BASH the district for not making payments on behalf of the employee's – it is already lumped within the salary schedule for each position. So – – if the district should choose to pay the health coverage, are you willing to “give up” the added $$$ you see in your paycheck that the district has added for health coverage so the district may make a payment on your behalf? Maybe the district should separate salary and health stipend they are paying to each employee.

    It's public record that the unions voted this in. It's possible you are working along side an employee that voted to have the $$$ included in their paycheck. Ask your union steward and president. They are not innocent in why the district does what it does. I oversaw health benefits for many years at HUSD and know this as fact. Check the history on this subject before slamming the process. Granted, don't get me wrong… I know the district has screwed around on many fronts and deserve the verbal bashing they are getting here. However, please check with others on this topic of health coverage. You will discover what I am saying is true.

    As a former administrator, the individual that stated overpaid administrators… uh um… I was one of them that was not overpaid. My salary was a flat based $ amount. I did not get OT for the extra hours I worked every day. When I divided the hours against my annual salary, I made less than $15 an hour. Several teachers that had over 20 years of dedicated service earned more than I did with the “added” stipends and added benefits for longevity, degrees, loyalty, extra curricular activity leadership they performed. Many made in excess of $20,000+ over what I did as a salary employee. I don't recall any teacher stopping by the district office at midnight when I was still working away in my office. I believe the employees of HUSD do bust their behind in getting the job done. They are the backbone of the district. I truly believe this. Otherwise, the district would be in a whole different situation than it is in. To the employees that bust your behind in doing your job…. pat yourself on the back. There are a few of us that appreciate the hard work you do in your day to day jobs in supporting the education of youth within the community. From me to you: Thank you!


  18. You'r right..Reynoso is smart man, because he know how to kick ass on right time , he did that on his second term election , now he try to do it again ( during his eight year trustee in the HUSD.. he made HUSD got worse) . This is time we need to clean the whole house …( Reynoso, Walker , Taylor) NEEDS TO GO
    I am a Asian American parent in the HUSD..As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades,
    How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.


  19. @dzzuy you are completely wrong. I am a teacher and I can tell you that if it was not for Dr. Reynoso I would not have a job today. He has stood up for so many teachers and for classified staff too for 8 years, He has not changed . He is still the same sole voice against corruption. So , I guess the person above is right and I don't know you but you must be corrupt too.


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