CA17: Newsom rallies Khanna supporters

Ro Khanna and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom at a
campaign rally in Cupertino Thursday.

Ro Khanna’s first run for Rep. Mike Honda’s seat three years ago began at De Anza College. His final sprint toward Election Day this time around returned to the same quad, with Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in tow.

With intermittent drizzle falling in Cupertino, Newsom offered a short stump speech in support of Khanna, calling him the “personification of the word ‘leader.’”

“I’m here as a fan. I’m here as a supporter,” said Newsom. “I’m here as someone desperate to see this region get the kind of leadership it deserves. To see someone shake things up in Washington D.C. and see someone that speaks the language of technology—understands we’re living in a world where the whitewaters of change are all around us.”

Congress, of course, is not exactly the most admired segment of government. Newsom, however, said, “We are the problems in Washington, D.C., but we’re also the antidote to those problems. We’re the solutions to those problems if we change behaviors and the spirit of this campaign is change,” he said.

With 12 days until Election Day, Khanna said he’s confident. “I think we’re going to win,” he said.

When asked about the high-profile contrast between Newsom’s appearance Thursday afternoon and Honda’s get-out-the vote event this week featuring actor Danny Glover, Khanna said, “If you want to go back to the 80’s, vote for Mike Honda. If you want to go with Gavin and the future, you vote for me.”

Khanna also shrugged off concern over the Honda lawsuit alleging cyber theft of its confidential fundraising data. “I’m not worried about it, at all,” he said.

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  1. How could a guy who let Kimberly Guilfoyle get away have any credibility about anything. Come on Gavin , what were you thinking?


  2. Yo, Fatso–he's about as straight as a $3 bill. She left him because she didn't want to continue being his 'beard!' Jenny Newsance was paid off by the Gettys to be his ongoing beard. The real question is who the hell is the biological daddy of those kids, as Newsance can't even fire blanks, except with his boyfriend.


  3. By MW:

    Even though I strongly prefer Khanna to Honda, still I normally would not give a hoot, or even one tenth of a hoot, who Newsom or virtually any other politician, celebrity, or bigshot recommended or endorsed. In other words, I normally make up my mind which candidate I prefer, and without any “help” or “assistance” from Newsom or anyone else.

    However I do find it extremely interesting that Newsom, and who is one of the very highest ranking members of the Democratic Party establishment, has OPENLY and STRONGLY abandoned Honda, and who is also another member of the Democratic Party establishment.

    So it would seem that the very biggest boys in the top leadership of the Democratic Party have decided that Honda has become far too much of an embarrassment, and that therefore they are very much hoping he will retire, OR HAVE THE VOTERS RETIRE HONDA.

    And that is even far more interesting, since Honda as a high ranking government official – and even at his very best was nothing more than a wishy washy useless joke – is a friendly and likeable person, and therefore probably did not have a lot of enemies in the DP establishment. In other words, and even though as far as qualifications and abilities I would not even slightly consider hiring Honda to be even the very lowest ranking shift manager at a fast food joint, he still would probably make a wonderful next door neighbor, and perhaps also a great brother, uncle, or grandfather, since in some ways he does seem like a very nice person.

    However even some years ago, and when he was still in his prime, he was nothing more than a wishy washy politically correct idiot. But now that Honda seems to also be at least fairly senile, most likely the big boys in the DP, and including Gavin Newsom, do not want Honda continuing to very publicly shoot off his big mouth, since he would only cause great embarrassment to the DP. In other words, they want Honda gone, and just as some years ago they wanted Pete Stark gone.


  4. By MW:

    With more and more items coming out in regard to the Clintons, and including e-mails linking Huma, Anthony Weiner, and Hillary, it shall be interesting to see how much longer such characters as Gavin Newsom, Jerry Brown (Gavin's boss), Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer, and so forth will continue to back Hillary, since sooner or later they will decide that in an attempt to keep a least a tiny shred of their own credibility, they have no choice but to abandon Hillary.

    However Hillary is not nearly as sleazy as the image portrayed of her by right wing talk radio – ACTUALLY, SHE IS AT LEAST ONE THOUSAND TIMES WORSE.

    In other words, just wait until the full facts come out in regard to: one, the phoniness and sleaziness of organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar-Switzerland & Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence; and two, the extremely close relationships the Clintons had with Lawrence.

    NOTE: Altho Lawrence was as organized crime connected as could be, however since he and his associates were major sources of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, therefore a lot of the big boys, and including in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Washington DC, pretended Lawrence was a legitimate businessman.

    However once the full facts come out in regard to Lawrence, the general public will know many times more about the real “standards” of high ranking politicians, and especially the big boys in the Democratic Party, in other words the creatures who pretend they are great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    By going to Wikipedia, a person can read a tiny bit about the lies, phoniness, and sleaziness of M. L. “Larry The Liar” Lawrence. (Last time I checked, Lawrence's entry in Wikipedia was under “M. Larry Lawrence,” and with the “M” standing for Maurice.)

    However Lawrence was so extremely sleazy, that therefore condemning him only for the item that got him bounced out of Arlington National Cemetery, in other words the truth finally coming out in regard to his “history” as a great “was hero,” would have been similar to prosecuting Al Capone only for double parking, and while intentionally ignoring all of the murders he committed and arranged.

    But since Lawrence had been such an extremely important source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, therefore the big boys in the DP, and including the Clintons, went along with the charade that supposedly Lawrence had been a legitimate businessman.


  5. @ MW

    I dont know what “top leadership” you're referring to since Newsom is really Ro's only notable endorser outside of Jimmy Carter, who is really irrelevant.

    Meanwhile Honda has:

    Leon Panetta
    Norm Mineta

    Not to mention a ton of congress and assembly members AND the California Democratic Party


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