After decisive victory, Khanna offers an optimistic future for region, country

Ro Khanna mobbed by the media and supporters
Tuesday night in Fremont.

Two years after falling short of his goal, Ro Khanna registered a decisive victory in his rematch against Rep. Mike Honda in the 17th Congressional District. Khanna issued a stunning 20-point victory Tuesday night over Honda, an eight-term congressmember from the South Bay and Fremont district

Speaking to hundreds of supporters and admirers in Fremont, Khanna issued a uniquely optimistic vision for the diverse district and the country.

“Here in Silicon Valley we have new communities that have something to offer,” said Khanna. “Activists who want to give back new young voices who want to answer the call for service. We do not seek to diminish the past. What we sought to do is to prepare for the future.”

Much of Khanna’s victory speech centered on the region’s multitude of growing racial groups and their urgings for acceptance and opportunities for adding value to the America Dream. “In America, anything is possible,” said Khanna. “Their story is a story of a community that will add its voice to the American chorus.”

Many in the audience share Khanna’s heritage, along with a notable presence of young children running around the banquet hall, adding a measure of hope to his words.

“That the son of Indian immigrants could run against a survivor of Japanese internment shows just how far American has come,” said Khanna. “I don’t think my parents could have ever imagined it. I don’t think they would have imagined it when they stood in line at J.F.K. airport waiting to have their passport to be stamped. I don’t think they would have imagined it when they took the oath of citizenship. Only in America can the middle-class son of a school teacher and a chemical engineer, who came to this country with no money, grow up to represent the most powerful economic district in the world.”

Earlier, Khanna took a moment to thank Honda for his service and strong support over the years for a host of racial groups, in addition, to the transgender community “even when it was not popular.” Khanna said he plans to reach out to Honda in coming days.

But Tuesday night was about the future. Khanna said he will advocate the region’s tech industry while helping to “lift up those left behind by the tech revolution.”

“I believe years from now when people will look at this room, they will say I glimpsed the future of America. I glimpsed the future of the first nation in history that has people from every part of the globe bounded by a commitment to build a more just and peaceful world. Is that not a brilliant future?”

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  1. Where is Glen the Plumber? *crickets*


  2. By MW:

    Even at his best Mike Honda was at the most very mediocre. And I think the biggest reason that this time he did not merely lose in his battle for re-election, but also got beaten very decisively, was that a lot of the voters suspected he had had become extremely senile, and therefore totally worthless.

    In other words, he was probably sunk by the same phenomenon that a few years ago caused the voters to decide it would be better if we retired Pete Stark.

    And also very likely the icing on the cake as far as a dump Honda movement was his position on issues related to such items as unisex restrooms. More specifically, I think most voters consider the latest craze of the phonies that pretend to be liberals, in other words the push for unisex restrooms, to be outrageous, but most people are afraid to openly and publicly voice their objections and disgust to the idea, since they realize that if they do, then the politically correct phonies that pretend to be liberals will call them backward and stupid.

    And if Donald Trump had strongly described the push by the “liberals” for unisex restrooms and locker rooms as: one, the stupidest, totally outrageous, and most ridiculous thing he had ever heard of; and two, the kind of garbage that only “liberals” and high ranking members of the Democratic Party could come up with and support – the final voting totals would not have been a virtual tie, but instead he would have won in one of the biggest landslides of all time.


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